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Emmy-nominated actor Chris Colfer reveals his Season 1 highlights, from the Lady Gaga shoes to that "Defying Gravity" roach broach

Shaun Harrison
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When does Chris Colfer think Kurt Hummel was at his most fierce? The Emmy-nominated Glee actor sat down with last month to reveal his personal highlights, from the Lady Gaga heels to "Defying Gravity."
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Performing Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" in the episode "Theatricality" "Lady Gaga. 10-inch heels. Dancing. Need I say more?"
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Joining Coach Sue's Cheerios in the episode, "The Power of Madonna" "Who besides Kurt would have ever thought he'd be a Cheerio? The Cheerios uniform has a certain fetish quality to it, too."
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Performing "Single Ladies" in the episode "Preggers"

"It takes a very secure person to dance in a leotard in front of millions of people... So how did I manage to?"
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Donning a Dolce & Gabbana See-Through Raincoat in the episode "Mash-up" "I wore a two-thousand dollar coat just to have it get ruined by a slushie."
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Grooving to "Hate On Me" in the episode "Throwdown."

"That Gucci sweater weighed seven pounds and I lost about ten after dancing in it."
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Pondering the "glist" in the episode "Bad Reputation."

"I wore that green Alexander McQueen sweater and people told me I looked like a model in it. People lie."
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Performing "Rose's Turn" in the episode "Laryngitis."

"It was one of the only outfits I put together myself! Lou, our costumer, was so proud."
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Performing "Defying Gravity" in the episode "Wheels"

"It was such a defining moment for Kurt, and he had the most crazy accessories. A roach-broach, for goodness sake!"