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Who's getting friendly with Captain Hook?

Shaun Harrison
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Back in the fairy-tale land that was, Red and Snow White are reunited.

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Ruby finds a kindred spirit in Anita, the mysterious leader of a pack of humans who, like Red, turn into wolves.
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But not everyone will welcome Snow into the fold.

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Ruby's fear about turning into a wolf during the first curse-free Storybrooke full moon is confirmed when one of the town's residents is viciously murdered and Ruby is the prime suspect.
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The rest of the town will be looking to keep Ruby at bay.

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Will Granny side with Ruby?

7 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC

It seems David hopes her red cloak will keep the beast at bay.

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But King George doesn't want to take any chances as he plans to smear David's name in hopes of getting control of Storybrooke.
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We'll finally get to see King George and Prince Charming go head to head in our world.

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Emma's past will finally be revealed in the upcoming Nov. 4 episode, which flashes back to when she was just 18 years old — and a thief.
11 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC

She apparently isn't a very good thief since she's being arrested.

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But before she's caught, she's on the phone with a certain someone. Could it be her partner in crime?
13 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC


It's the mystery man from the Season 2 premiere! In the episode description, he's a "fellow thief who wants to make an honest woman out of" Emma.
14 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC


But considering they have a knack for getting busted by the cops, it doesn't look like that will happen.
15 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC


So who is the mystery man? He kind of looks like Henry — whose father's identity is still not known — though he could also be Rumplestiltskin's missing son Baelfire. Or maybe they're one and the same!?
16 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC

Snow & Co. will discover that ogres have destroyed their safe haven on the island.

17 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC

But they'll find one lone survivor. He looks familiar, doesn't he?

18 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC

Snow will immediately be on alert. She looks pretty badass, right?

19 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC

And her worst fears will be realized when she discovers this.

20 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC


That's right, Captain Hook is the lone survivor of the ogre massacre — but was it really ogres? Or could it be pirates?
21 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC


The destruction of the safe haven weighs heavily on Aurora considering she previously lost her love and now is mourning the loss of her new home.
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As the producers promised, we'll meet Captain Hook this season, and boy is he dashing — and based on these photos, he still has both of his hands!
23 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC

Hook appears to be getting friendly with Rumplestiltskin's wife, Milah. Probably bad news.

24 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC

Rumple and son Baelfire don't look very pleased that Milah is consorting with pirates.

25 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC


In order to control magic, the residents of Storybrooke need fairy dust. Even Prince Charming will offer a helping hand.
26 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC

Yeah, we just wanted to show another shot of the sexy prince. You’re welcome.

27 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC

Though they're not swinging axes, Red and Henry show their moral support — and bring food!

28 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC

Could Red and Belle be bonding? Belle does need more friends than just Mr. Gold!

29 of 55 David Gray/ABC

After being locked up for 28 years, Belle finally gets to enjoy this new world

30 of 55 David Gray/ABC

But the world may not be what it seems.

31 of 55 David Gray/ABC

Considering this is a Hook-centric episode, could this be his sidekick Smee doing the kidnapping?

32 of 55 David Gray/ABC

If Prince Charming is making deals with Rumplestiltskin, we should all be worried!

33 of 55 David Gray/ABC


What's wrong with Red? Could she be battling transformations in the real world? And is she wearing red in hopes to prevent it?
34 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC

Can the residents of Storybrooke leave town now?

35 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC

The dwarves try to leave Storybrooke.

36 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC

Cora returns!

37 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC

We'll learn more about Regina and Mr. Gold's first meeting.

38 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC

Will Mulan and Aurora blame Show White and Emma for Prince Phillip's soul being lost?

39 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC

Get ready to meet Sir Lancelot!

40 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC

Lacelot and Mulan team up!

41 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC

Prince Charming teaches his grandson Henry how to sword fight.

42 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC

King George returns... in present day!

43 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC

Henry gets a little grandfatherly advice.

44 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC

Where is Henry going?

45 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC

Henry goes in search of Jefferson.

46 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC

Henry does make for a formidable prince.

47 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC


Now that the residents of Storybrooke remember that they're actually our favorite fairy tale characters, Regina will have a lot to answer for in the season premiere, "Broken," airing Sunday, Sept. 30 at 8/7c on ABC. The good news: Here's the Charming Family reunion we've been waiting for!
48 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC


Magic is back! But it doesn't look like Regina knows how to harness it yet. Will she be able to stop the oncoming onslaught of angry Storybrooke residents? "One of the themes of Season 1 [was]: Magic has a price," co-creator Adam Hororwitz says. "In Season 2, it is: What does that price mean in our world?"
49 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC


By the look on Regina's face, she may figure out the magic sooner rather than later. But the real question is: Why hasn't everyone been transported back to fairy tale land? "Is there even anything to go back to?" co-creator Edward Kitsis teases. "How do we know anything exists?"
50 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC


Charming and Snow's sweet embrace at the end of Season 1 will probably be short-lived. They'll be on the frontlines now that the curse has been lifted, but that's certainly not the biggest issue they'll face this season. "We felt like breaking the curse at the end of Season 1 should hopefully send a message ... that the show's not just about that," Hororwitz says.
51 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC


Now that Emma has made the choice to not only be Henry's mother, but to be the savior of Storybrooke, she'll certainly have her work cut out for her in Season 2. Plus: At Comic-Con the producers revealed that we'll definitely learn the identity of Henry's birth father.
52 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC


"You tell 'em, dad!" OK, so maybe Emma isn't actually saying that in this photo, though we'd like to hope she is! Still, the Charming family reunion will be worth the wait, especially between Snow and Emma. "Finding out that your mom is Snow White and that she's actually quite a bad ass and she's not the meek, little teacher that you thought she was, that's like you're meeting a whole new person," Kitsis says.
53 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC


Many of the Storybrooke residents' dual identities were revealed last season, but Dr. Whale's alter ego is still a mystery. However, the producers promised at Comic-Con that it would be revealed in Season 2.
54 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC


Technically, mother and daughter already live together, so maybe the whole Charming family will be moving into Casa de Snow? Let's not hold our breath, but here are some things we can look forward to: The return of August/Pinocchio, the introductions of Captain Hook, Sleeping Beauty, Mulan and Sir Lancelot, among others, and the possible returns of Bae, Maleficent and — crossing fingers — Sheriff Graham.
55 of 55 Jack Rowand/ABC


With the rumors that Emma and Snow will be off on their own for a while, this photo of Henry starring longingly at a photo of his mother and grandmother does not bode well. What does this mean? Tune in Sunday, Sept. 30 at 8/7c on ABC to find out!