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Check out your favorite celebs with their favorite animals

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Jessica Chastain

"The love of my life is Chaplain. He was hit by a car before I got him. He plays fetch better than any dog I've had. He's an acting dog. His namesake is Charlie Chaplain. He's in my new film — it's his first part. I think he wants to be a big old movie star because when I was on Broadway, he jumped on stage in the middle of a performance." — Chastain, telling The View co-hosts about her three-legged rescue dog

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Amanda Seyfried

"There are so many animals in need it almost doesn't make sense to breed and support that. I can't even believe how many animals get killed every day in shelters because there's no room. I feel like people just need to be more aware of the fact that they can find a perfectly healthy happy animal at a shelter or a foundation." — Seyfried on why she chose to rescue her dog

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Ashley Greene

"She was meant to be mine. I wasn't looking for a dog, and I happened to see her picture online, and I was like, 'I have to have that dog.'" —  Greene on her dog Marlow

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Hoda Kotb

"He was not a dog I thought I’d select. “But when you know, you know" — Today anchor Kotb on her rescued Cockapoo Blake, who she named after country music singer and The Voice star Blake Shelton

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Kristiin Chenoweth

"I finally became one of those New Yorkers that got a little white fluffy dog. I never thought that she'd take over my life, but she's given me such joy and she's made me so happy. I love show business, but this dog basically reminds me of what's important." — Kristin Chenoweth

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NIkki Reed

"Nothing compares to 5-week-old puppy breath." — Reed, seen here jogging with her now-grown dog.

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Aubrey O'Day

"I think that dogs have this beautiful innocence. I think that they wake up every morning and they are excited about life and their day. And when you aren't excited, they make you feel it too. My dogs are my family. I can 100 percent, forever, say I love them unconditionally." —  O'Day on her dogs

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Blake Lively

"Her name is Penny, and she's a little tiny teacup frilly dog. So, people come on set and are like 'Oh, whose dog is that?' And we say 'It's Penn [Badgley's] dog.' … And then they say, "Oh, what's its name?' And we say 'Penny,' which makes him seem like this narcissistic Paris Hilton dude." — Lively on her dog

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Kelly Osbourne

"I've been glued to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. My dog Sid's parents were champion dogs and he's got the best bone structure! I feel like a mum — I'd love to put Sid in a show but don't want to pressure him into anything he might not want to do.'' — Kelly Osbourne

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Krysten Ritter

"Mikey has pretty much taken over my own Twitter account. I feel like because he's so new right now, I am a total psycho. It's novel and it's new, and every moment is documented. I hope I don't start a Twitter for him. I feel like then I will be one of those crazy people. Although by the time this comes out in March, who knows? Maybe he'll have his own TV show." — Ritter on her dog

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Richard Belzer

"He has total freedom on the set. We'll all be working hard, and then he'll walk by and everyone will be like, 'Awww, Bebe!' All these big, tough guys get mushy around him; he can change the moods of 120 people on set. .. I think Bebe and I connected based around the fact that Bebe was abused and abandoned. He's a survivor. Besides all that, we connected based around the fact that he is incredibly cute, has an amazing personality, and is really smart." — Belzer telling Cesar's Way Magazine about his terrier mix, who he rescued in France.

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Ashley Tisdale

"Maui's my best friend. She's the best dog in the world. She's so cute. She knows what kisses are. She's so good and so loving." — Ashley Tisdale

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Lauren Conrad

"She'll go through our purses and find chewing gum. She chews it and then spits it out. I always know when she's been chewing it — she has minty breath!" — Conrad on her dog Chloe

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Taye Diggs

"When a dog is really, really young, you have to really look after it. And a lot of times, in the beginning stages, caring for a baby can be a little bit easier because you don't have to take it out. A baby just goes to the bathroom in the diaper." — Taye Diggs

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Martha Stewart

"He gets along with pretty much everybody. I have never seen him mad. I have never seen him agitated; I have never seen him having a bad day." — Stewart on her dog Genghis Khan

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Michael Weatherly

"Oriana is the belle of the ball, and that's the nice thing about her. She's very passive and easy-going, which is nice, because I would love to say it reflects on us well." — Michael Weatherly

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Miley Cyrus

"He was left in a box in front of Wal-Mart. I don't understand how people can be so cruel. That's why we named him Happy." — Cyrus on adopting her dog

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Nicole Richie

"My mom let me get a dog and I had brought it to the studio, so my dad was a little bit flustered. I had gotten a dog without asking him, so that means it was coming home with us and the dog was running around. I was like, 'Why aren't you playing with the dog with me?' He was like, 'I'm writing a song right now' ... I was really young." — Richie, seen here with her dogs Foxxy Cleopatra and Honeychild, on getting her first dog.

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Ricky Gervais

"Ollie was so pleased to see us when we got back from [the] U.S. that she meowed her self hoarse till she quacked like a duck. Cutest sound ever!" — Ricky Gervais

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Sharon Osbour

Osbourne describes Mr. Chips, a teacup Pomeranian named by her husband, as the "most gorgeous creature from the land of Poms." [He's] the "snuggliest of them all and spends most of his spare time being carried around like a baby by everyone in the house!"