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Check out all the stars sporting moobs in Hollywood

1 of 11 Jordan Strauss/WireImage

Jeremy Piven

Piven may go overboard with sushi, but he doesn't with soy milk — or so says his rep. The Entourage star reportedly blamed his pert pecs on the estrogen in soy milk, but his flack says his comments were made in jest to a British magazine. Jokes may get lost in translation, but moobs don't.
2 of 11 Henry Flores/BuzzFoto/FilmMagic.com

Alfred Molina

We don't know about you, but schlubby moobs don't exactly scream "villainous." Still, we give props to Molina's acting chops for bringing forth a textured evil Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2 so that we didn't get completely hypnotized by his saggy chest.
3 of 11 Lalo Yasky/WireImage.com

Jack Black

The portly comedian has always been proud of his large bust. "If my boobs were on a girl, guys would be going mad for them," he once said. "But they are all mine, and that means I can enjoy them anytime I want. I don't need a woman for my squeezing needs anymore!"
4 of 11 Homero Tercero - Harris Bebey/BuzzFoto/FilmMagic.com

Arnold Schwarzenegger

He was pregnant in Junior and the Governator finally has the boobs to prove it. The former body builder may have had a rock-hard bod at one point, but suffice it to say, those days are long gone.
5 of 11 Donato Sardella/WireImage

Philip Seymour Hoffman

If you want to see just how frumpy Mr. Frumpy Manboobs is, check out his unsexy sex scene with Marisa Tomei in Before the Devil Knows You're Dead. Actually, wait, don't.
6 of 11 George Napolitano/FilmMagic.com

Jack Nicholson

Can you handle Jack's moobs? Like Jack Black, the three-time Oscar winner is not ashamed of his flabby pecs. Who can forget him lounging shirtless with a bunch of ladies in the Mediterranean while chomping on a sandwich?
7 of 11 Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage.com

Simon Cowell

The acerbic American Idol judge's chest has seen bigger days and though Cowell's slimmed down a bit, you can still spy his perky moobs in his signature tight tees.
8 of 11 Bruce Gifford/FilmMagic.com

Mickey Rourke

Oh, Mickey. Your pumped-up moobs blow our minds — just look at them trying to bust out of that shirt.
9 of 11 Christopher Peterson/BuzzFoto/FilmMagic.com

Kevin Federline

It's hard to say what has expanded more in the past two years — K-Fed's waistline or his bust-line. In any case, remember these moobs while you can because the ex-Mr. Spears is cutting the fat on the new Celebrity Fit Club.
10 of 11 Bobby Bank/WireImage.com

Kevin James

You know your moobs are big when your baby mistakes them for a source of food. "[My daughter will] roll over and look at me. I'm like, 'No, no. These don't function,'" James said of his newborn daughter Shea in 2007. "She doesn't believe me. She's just looking at me like, 'If you don't want to give me any, that's fine. Those are bigger than mom's.'"
11 of 11 Mark Weiss/WireImage.com


MeatloafMeatloaf took man boobs to a whole new level with his role in Fight Club. A new classification for moobs was formed: If you've seen the movie, you know what we're talking about.