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Bye-Bye Crazy Cat Lady! These stars make loving cats cool

Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift

The pop princess hasn't written songs about her cats, but maybe that's because Tay Tay's true love is expressed through photos and video. Just check the singer's Instagram feed, scroll past all the "Bad Blood" fierceness to see images of Meredith Grey (who isn't grey but named after the Grey's Anatomy muse) and scene-stealer kitty Olivia Benson, who demands she gets carried around instead of slumming it in a carrier. Who's the real master here?

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Ian Somerhalder

The Vampire Diaries star is basically a Crazy Cat Lady in disguise, and it was good enough to fool Nikki Reed, who is now his wife and fellow cat servant. Together, the animal activists have more fur babies than we can keep track of, but Ian's ginger kitty Moke is obviously his favorite judging by this photo shoot.

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Katy Perry

The "Firework" singer has a cat named Kitty Purry. Because obviously. Also, in her divorce from Russell Brand, she got custody of Krusty, in honor of their couple moniker.

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Kristen Stewart

The Twilight star revealed to People that she and her kitty Max "have a really strong, really weird codependent, almost Bella/Edward relationship. I'm going to be a crazy cat lady one day, I'm sure." We hate to break it to you...

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Jakc McBrayer

Not only has the 30 Rock alum starred in Cats and Dogs 2: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, but he will be a speaker at CatCon LA. (Yes, it's a real thing!) There, he will host a sit-down with Internet celebri-cat Lil Bub. We didn't make that up either.

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Mayim Bialik

Not to be left out of the CatCon LA shenanigans, The Big Bang Theory star will be holding a seminar titled "Hello Gorgeous! Debunking the Cat Lady Myth," meet and greet fans, and explain why she's working with PetSmart Charities. At home, a good-looking hairless cat named Esau clearly wears the metaphorical pants in the relationship, eating all of her challah and causing the actress to write worshipful posts on Facebook.

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Jesse Eisenberg

The Social Network star has bowed down to his feline overlords his whole life and continues to this day: He fosters cats that need to find more permanent lodgings, and has proven to be a worthy minion to the tuxedo-wearing Mr. Trunkles, who made him film this really involved "Team Cats" video.

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Lea Michele

Is that wedding bells we hear? No, the Scream Queens star isn't about to tie the knot, but her tortie Sheila (named for her fave character from Hair, natch) will soon be padding down the aisle with Brian, the cat who stole Glee co-star Chris Colfer's heart. Expect a big spread in People.

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Nicole Richie

The TV personality also owns dogs (traitor!), but her Abyssinian cat Gypsy made headlines once when she fell from her 10th-floor balcony and broke her leg. We're sure she made Nicole pay for her negligence in tuna and scratches.

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The "Tik Tok" singer dedicates much of her Instagram to Charlie, Mr. Peeps (who has his own Twitter handle) and Mr. Fluffy Pants, and has even been known to have a furry companion on the red carpet. But Kesha will ratchet her devotion to the next level when she starts her "cat cult" that has a really unappetizing membership requirement.

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The British singer is a die-hard vegetarian and PETA spokesperson whose love of all things feline has inspired its own Tumblr. So there's that.

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Russell Brand

Wouldn't you know it, the comedian named his cat Morrissey, who is also a bit gloomy. Like any fan, Brand has taken the requisite selfie with Morrissey and even made a cat video for his visit to Ellen DeGeneres.

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James Franco

Last we counted, Franco had four cats: Sammy (named for What Makes Sammy Run), Zelda (named for The Great Gatsby character) and the more recently adopted Lux and Max, who doubled to play the cat from his film Homefront. His love for cats runs in the Franco family as you can see from this video on Ellen, who also presented him a special cat calendar, which is alas fake.

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Ricky Gervais

The comedian and Derek star adores his Siamese Ollie, who is often featured on his Instagram. Our favorite by far has to be this catchy Christmas carol.

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Evan Rachel Wood

There's nothing like a cat to cuddle after a breakup. After her split from Marilyn Manson way back when, Wood adopted a cat she named Nicodemus after the wise rat (ah, irony) from The Secret of NIMH. The tuxedo cat appears to have an equal loathing for neighborhood walks and airport security (which, to be fair, no one loves).

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Michael C. Hall

The Dexter star and his ex Jennifer Carpenter adopted two cats -- Preacher and Ford -- from the Los Angeles Kitten Rescue together, but after they split he got custody of his two boys. "I spend a lot of time with my cats," Hall told People. "They're my four-legged friends.

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The actress and singer found her fluff-tastic cat Mr. Big (a Sex and the City fan, are we?) 16 years ago while on tour, and he's been owning her heart and Instagram feed ever since.