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We re-examine the Top 10 and predict this season's winner

Shaun Harrison
1 of 11 Cliff Lipson/CBS


After only three weeks of competition, this season of Big Brother has already featured a lot of strategy — some good, some bad. Now that the dynamic duos have been split up and everyone is playing for his or herself, we decided to look at each of the remaining 10 houseguests' pros and cons, and who has the best shot at winning.
2 of 11 Bill Inoshita/CBS


Best Move So Far: Partnering with Dominic, who was able to save the duo from eviction after winning the Power of Veto in Week 2. Worst Move So Far: Partnering with Dominic, whose gameplay made him and Adam targets for eviction two weeks in a row. Will He Win? Although his love for Beverly Hills, 90210 is as charming as his obsession with heavy metal is as annoying, Adam hasn't been much of a player. He's well-liked enough to ride some coattails, but unless he starts winning competitions, he'll never make the finale.
3 of 11 Cliff Lipson/CBS


Best Move So Far: Uncovering Daniele's alliance with Dominic and sending Dominic home. Worst Move So Far: Not winning Head of Household after betraying Daniele, who nominated Brendon for eviction. Will He Win? He could save himself by winning the veto, but short of that, he has to be the main target this week. His eviction would make his partner Rachel implode but, more importantly, it would remove one of the best physical competitors in the game.
4 of 11 Sonja Flemming/CBS


Best Move So Far: Nominating Brendon and Rachel for eviction. Worst Move So Far: Pushing Rachel to backdoor Jeff in order to save her secret partner Dominic. The move basically removed Daniele from the veterans' alliance. Will She Win? As a former runner-up, she's got a good shot. She may have played too hard too early, but if she can get Brendon out, we predict she may try to team with Rachel to make a run for the finals.
5 of 11 Bill Inoshita/CBS


Best Move So Far: Calling out Rachel for smack-talking Jordan. Cue the now-infamous scene of Rachel crying in the bushes. Worst Move So Far: Calling a house meeting, during which Daniele and Dominic's master plan to backdoor Jeff was outed. Will He Win? Although he's a strong player (and a fan favorite), he will most likely become a major target once Brendon is gone. He's probably going to have to broaden his alliance in order to guarantee his continued safety.
6 of 11 Cliff Lipson/CBS


Best Move So Far: Partnering with Jeff, much like the season she previously won. Worst Move So Far: Allowing Cassi to be evicted instead of backdooring Rachel or Brendon. Will She Win? We don't expect a repeat performance. Although she's well-liked, she missed the one chance she had to make a bold move that would have earned her some respect from the newbies. How far she goes will most certainly be tied to how long Jeff remains in the game.
7 of 11 Cliff Lipson/CBS


Best Move So Far: Teaming with the veterans to evict Keith in Week 1. Worst Move So Far: Partnering with Lawon, who has done absolutely nothing, thus diminishing the duo's screen time. Will She Win? She's clearly got a sly streak and some brains, but we won't be convinced until we see where she lands after this week's presumed elimination of a veteran. Also, we have to give her props for going so long in the Head of Household endurance competition against Daniele.
8 of 11 Cliff Lipson/CBS


Best Move So Far: Um, he said "boom goes the dynamite" in one of his goodbye messages? Worst Move So Far: He joined the newbies' secret "Regulators" alliance. He is the only remaining member of that alliance in the house. Will He Win? Not a chance. He is simply floating back and forth between sides, depending on who is in power. At some point, his positive attitude won't be enough to keep him around.
9 of 11 Sonja Flemming/CBS


Best Move So Far: Cutting a deal with Rachel to earn the first golden key. Worst Move So Far: Winning the first golden key. Will She Win? Because she's basically been sidelined since Week 1, we're not really sure what she has to offer as a gameplayer. But of the remaining newbies, we think she has the most promise. Time will tell, though, if hitching her wagon to Rachel is a good move.
10 of 11 Cliff Lipson/CBS


Best Move So Far: Winning Head of Household twice and evicting Dominic. Worst Move So Far: Successfully campaigning to eliminate Cassi. (If she had let Dominic go the week before, she wouldn't have had his blood on her hands and been subject to Daniele's vengeance.) Will She Win? It all depends on who she aligns herself with in the likely event of Brendon's eviction. We like her chances, given how well she performs in competitions, but she's made a few enemies as well.
11 of 11 Cliff Lipson/CBS


Best Move So Far: Mixing it up and voting against the newbies to evict Keith in Week 1. Worst Move So Far: Not fighting harder to make a deal that would save her partner Cassi. Will She Win? Even though she went out on a limb early in the game, her biggest role in the house has been that of dishwasher. We think she understands the mental aspects of the game, but she'll need to back it up by winning some challenges in order to go far.