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Nothing comes between Big Brother and a showmance.

Courtney Ennis
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WORST: Mike "Boogie" and Krista, Big Brother 2

Boogie and Krista's joint birthday crawfish dinner was probably the most charming part of their showmance. Everything else was legit awkward and corny, from Boogie making a mosaic for Krista to her winning a luxury comp and choosing to send flowers to him. But we're burying the lede here: He proposed to her on the finale. And she said yes. To a guy she fake-lived with for 33 days. Who lives on the other side of the country IRL. Obviously they didn't last.

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BEST: Jeff and Jordan, Big Brother 11 and 13

There is no showmance more sweet or all-around adorable than Jordeff. Sparks flew immediately their first season, which Jordan won, and Jeff won America's Favorite Player both times they played. After he popped the question on Big Brother 16, they secretly married in March 2016 and are expecting their first child.

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WORST: McCrae and Amanda, Big Brother 15

Season 15 was already awful with the rampant racism, but we will forever be haunted by McCranda having sex everywhere they could. They split six months after show, after McCrae revealed that he was only using Amanda to get ahead in the game. He also wrote a long apology to a girl he still had feelings for back home and publicly posted it. "That was the letter that ended us," Amanda tweeted. "Thank you for sharing it with the world @mccraechum. I'm done for today. Enjoy the drama."

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BEST: Drew and Diane, Big Brother 5

One of the better and most genuine showmances came to an abrupt end when Drew made the ice-cold move to evict Diane at the final three so he could have better chance of winning the $500,000 against Cowboy (he did, in fact, win). Diane was left in tears, but understood that it was strategic. They split up a few months after the show ended.

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WORST: Will and Shannon, Big Brother 2

This is less about Will and more about Shannon, who had a pitiful boyfriend at home. It was flawless how the evil doc worked Shannon, who grew more bitchy and entitled by the second. That, of course, culminated in the first classic Big Brother moment: She scrubbed the toilet with Hardy's toothbrush. Will and Shannon moved in together after the show, but broke up two months later.

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​BEST: Brendon and Rachel, Big Brother 12 and 13

BRENDONNNNN!! Look, Brenchel is an... acquired taste. But hate them or love them, you can't deny that they're MFEO, and it was kind of fun to see how crazy they drove everyone else. Nothing comes between Rachel and her man! Plus, they are arguably the first family of Big Brother, being the first showmance to marry and have a baby. Can't wait 'til Adora is on Big Brother 36.

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WORST: Liz and Austin, Big Brother 17

One of the best parts of houseguests being cut off from the real world is that they have absolutely no idea how they're coming off. Austin was absolutely convinced they were beloved and would go down as an all-time great showmance, but the only thing great was the delusion. It was creepy how Austin -- who had a girlfriend at home -- preyed on Liz, disappointing how Liz just gave in after he give her hickeys (!), and totally gross how he made out with her with tuna in his ponybeard. Then there was the time he threw food at her because she didn't like his chicken sauce. They dated for a few months after the show.

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BEST: Hayden and Nicole, Big Brother 16

These two are an anomaly because they took things super slowly inside the house (ahem, Boogie) and were the most aw-shucks cute flirtmance since Jordeff. They started dating after the show but have since broken up.

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WORST: David and Amanda, Big Brother 4

David and Amanda were both kind of awful, so of course they would hook up and go down as the first showmance to have sex in Big Brother history. To make the most of her last days in the house before her inevitable eviction, Amanda was given the key to the HOH room to spend time with David. Not like that secured a pity vote from him -- she was voted out unanimously.

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BEST: Eric and Jessica, Big Brother 8

Eric and Jessica were a nice tonic to all the Evil Dick craziness. They even traded "I love you"s, though not to each other's faces: Jessica told Julie Chen she loved him in her post-eviction interview and Eric dropped the L word in his goodbye message to her. They dated for three years after the show and hosted a love-themed HOH comp in Season 9.

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WORST: Clay and Shelli, Big Brother 17

Clelli were a showmance in theory, but judging by how she treated him, it was more like "overbearing mother and naïve, pushover son." (It also doesn't help that Clay was basically a doppelganger of her brother.) Everything about them was insufferable and juvenile -- she wouldn't kiss him on camera, flipped out because she thought James took Clay's shirt, and then couldn't understand why they were being put on the block together. Oh, and she yelled at him for trying to talk to her while she has no makeup on. It's their whole relationship in a nutshell.

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BEST: Will and Janelle, Big Brother 7

If you want to know what an extremely effective, strategic showmance looks like, this is it. Neither Will nor Janelle had any interest in actually dating each other, but they flirted up a storm, got close but not too close, and no feelings were hurt when Janelle became the only person in Big Brother history to evict Will.

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WORST: Daniele and Nick, Big Brother 8

When you're competing against your jackass dad whom you haven't seen in years, you need someone to turn to inside the house. Nick, who looked like he was made in an Abercrombie & Fitch factory, was that person for Dani, and they were nauseatingly cute on the show. Off the show was apparently a different story. Dani said in Season 13 that dating Nick IRL was a nightmare (we can see it), while Nick went on to date Jen from their season, as well as Big Brother 12's Kristen.

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BEST: Daniele and Dominic, Big Brother 13

Though we didn't get to see Dani and Dominic's friendly flirtmance develop since he was evicted in Week 3, the little we did get was sweet and charming. They started dating after the show and married in January 2013.

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WORST: Hayden and Kristen, Big Brother 12

Hayden and Kristen were that annoying flirtmance that tried to keep it a secret even though it was so obvious. Thankfully, it was short-lived, since Kristen was booted in Week 4 thanks to Hayden's Brigade alliance. But it goes down in infamy because Hayden's mom apparently hated Kristen and put the kibosh on any romance after the show.

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BEST: Zach and Frankie, Big Brother 16

Zankie isn't an actual couple, but they were the bromance to end all bromances. The two only had eyes for each other from the beginning, making a final two deal, and formed an lovable, cuddle-heavy, unbreakable bond that had Zach declaring, "I'm not gay, but the bond that Frankie and I share is so genuine and sincere, that I truly feel like he is my boyfriend."

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WORST: April and Ollie, Big Brother 10

It was already bad enough that these two were part of the worst alliance of the house that thought they were hot sh--. Ollie, the son of a minister, had just lost his virginity before entering the house. April had an insatiable sexual appetite, publicly declaring she wants it morning, day and night. And that was basically all we got from these two, including one very graphic hookup on the live feeds. In the words of Valerie Cherish, we don't need to see that.

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BEST: Will and Mike "Boogie," Big Brother 2 and 7

Before Zankie, there was Chilltown. Will and Boogie were nowhere as touchy-feely as Zankie, but the O.G. bromance - and one of the best alliances -- was just fun and entertainingly stupid, down to their ludicrous phone calls. Admit it: You teared up when Will couldn't answer Boogie's call after he was evicted in All-Stars.