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See how TVGuide.com readers rank the remaining houseguests

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Kevin (tie)

As one of only two remaining members in his alliance, Kevin may have floated as far as he can float in the game. And the fact that he's on the chopping block doesn't help much either. Will Kevin's last-ditch effort to forge a new alliance with Jeff and Jordan keep him alive another week?
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Natalie (tie)

Most of the houseguests think of her as a threat, but our readers don't think she has any real shot of taking the top prize. Maybe it's because she's won absolutely zero competitions when it counted.
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She's made few enemies in the house, and she's won competitions when she had to. The big question mark in Jordan's case is whether her showmance with Jeff will hold up until the end of the game. We don't see her making it to the finals without him.
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He's dominated the game ever since using the power of coup d'etat, even winning head of household this week. He's proven to be a strong competitor, but his mental game is also strong — he's contemplating breaking a partnership with Russell at the perfect moment to get his biggest threat out of the house.
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She's benefitted from Jeff and Jordan ruling the house and has mostly laid low after being repeatedly attacked in recent weeks. Her plan hasn't fully been revealed, but our readers think this master schemer still has some tricks up her sleeve.
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He's been a favorite to win the game all season, and our readers are still betting on him to take the cash. But could his shaky alliance with Jeff be dealt its final blow this week? Worse still, could it spell the end of Russell's game?