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See how TVGuide.com readers rank the remaining houseguests

1 of 9 CBS

Chima (tie)

Even after she became head of household this week, our readers still have no love for Chima. She's placed dead last every week in our poll, so we really don't see her going the distance in the game.
2 of 9 Lisette M. Azar/CBS

Natalie (tie)

She's rarely been threatened in the game, but that's mostly because she has surrounded herself with other strong players. Her continued jealousy over Jessie's relationship with Lydia has lessened Natalie's appeal with readers, dropping her into a tie for last place.
3 of 9 CBS

Kevin (tie)

He's still floating by each week by cozying up to whoever is in power. He's going to have to pick a side and win some competitions to prove himself as a real contender.
4 of 9 CBS

Lydia (tie)

She finds herself on the block for third time this season, which rarely bodes well. If she manages to survive another week, she needs to make some changes in her game and make some alliances that might protect her moving forward.
5 of 9 Lisette M. Azar/CBS


Though he's playing a much smarter game than a year ago, Jessie's paranoia might be his undoing. Then again, his nervousness could be justified — we suspect his fear of being nominated if/when Jeff uses the mystery power could easily become a reality.
6 of 9 CBS


After spending several weeks on the chopping block, Jordan's managed to lay low long enough for her allies to take back some of the power. With her in-house boyfriend, Jeff, holding the mystery power, she should be sitting pretty for at least a while longer.
7 of 9 CBS


She's starting to play the game, but she suffers from Ronnie's disease — too many useless lies too often. Even worse, she panics when anyone calls her out and usually uses "bad memory" as an excuse. That kind of wishy-washy play won't last long.
8 of 9 CBS


Though he's got the biggest target in the house on his back right now, his secret alliance with Jeff might pay dividends this week. If Jeff does indeed save Russell, their secret will be out, but they will still be in a position to rule the house.
9 of 9 Lisette M. Azar/CBS


Even though he's not in the HOH room this week, he definitely holds all the power. We fully expect him to use the power of coup d'etat, but will he be up to facing down the enemies he'll make in the process?