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See how TVGuide.com readers rank the remaining houseguests

Shaun Harrison
1 of 11 Sonja Flemming/CBS


She still hasn't performed that well in any competitions, and after being forced to eat a food of the viewers' choosing, she said, "You suck, America." Gee, we wonder why she's in dead last.
2 of 11 Sonja Flemming/CBS


Kevin seems to be riding the coattails of clique mate Lydia, who is riding the coattails of Head of Household Jessie. Kevin is starting to get some screen time, so that's no longer an excuse. He's got to step up and make some moves to advance in the game and our poll.
3 of 11 Cliff Lipson/CBS

Natalie (tie)

She's a member of the house's most powerful team, but she also comes off as a bit of a brat. Now that she and Lydia are fighting for Jessie's attention, she's become even less tolerable. But even if our readers don’t like her game, we don't see her going anywhere soon.
4 of 11 Sonja Flemming/CBS

Ronnie (tie)

Even after double-crossing the entire house, Ronnie finds himself safe for now. Love him or hate him (and obviously, our readers aren't necessarily in his corner right now), the fact that he's still sitting pretty in the house says something.
5 of 11 CBS

Jordan (tie)

She's survived nomination once, but finds herself right back on the block again this week. She did manage to not lose in the "Have or Have-Not" competition, but does she have what it takes to be a real contender?
6 of 11 Sonja Flemming/CBS

Lydia (tie)

Her feud with Natalie will hurt her more than Natalie, if only because she doesn't have the athlete muscle on her side. She better play nice or she could find herself walking out the front door sooner than she thinks.
7 of 11 Sonja Flemming/CBS


She finally goes and gets herself some screen time, just in time to get nominated for eviction. We know she has the brains, but will she be able to step up and take herself off the block?
8 of 11 CBS


We have to admit: He's playing a better game than he did last year. As long as he can keep his ego somewhat in check and make moves that are best for himself rather than his greedy teammates, he has a shot to go far.
9 of 11 Sonja Flemming/CBS


His laid-back attitude has come across well on TV, and just as he's made friends in the house, he's made an impression with our voters. Still, Casey is on Natalie's radar, and if the athletes continue to win HOH, it's only a matter of time before Casey's alliance is picked off one by one.
10 of 11 Sonja Flemming/CBS


His natural charm has won over most of the house and voters in the poll. It even seems he's patched things up with the athletes' clique. However, his being cozy with Jordan could cause him headaches, as nobody likes to play against couples in this game.
11 of 11 Cliff Lipson/CBS


He wasn't calling the shots this week, but he still almost won the veto competition and made his presence known to Ronnie. He also showed some smarts by playing nice with the opposing side of the house. Look for him to have deals with everyone before too long.