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Shaun Harrison
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10) Jessie: He's gone from house leader to nominee in just a few short days, with head of household Keesha saying his arrogance landed him on the block. Will the houseguests take their chance to rid the house of Jessie's self-loving
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9) Michelle: Perhaps she placed so low because of her affiliation with Jessie. Or maybe it's because she balked at the opportunity to help backdoor Libra last week. Either way, she needs to make some major changes in her strategy to stick around.
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8) Renny: Aside from her part in the shouting match with Libra, Renny has kept a low profile. She has managed, however, to bond with Keesha just as she became HOH. Nice timing!
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7) April: It was a quiet week for April, who is basically being dragged  through the game at Libra's side. Until she makes some moves on her own, she'll probably be stuck in the middle of the pack.
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6) Ollie: Much like his "friend" April, Ollie hasn't made much of an impression lately. (Maybe that's because what we've heard about his antics on Big Brother After Dark can't make it to CBS.) But again, make a move already!
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5) Angie: Angie joined up with Jessie and Memphis this week in a secret alliance. However, Keesha put a damper on the party by nominating Angie and Jessie. Are alliance lines being more clearly drawn
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4) Dan: His "throw competitions to make eveyone think I'm weak" plan hasn't worked well for houseguests in the past, but it managed (presumably) to keep him off the block this week. Time will tell if he can actually win competitions when the time comes.
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3) Libra: Last week's top vote-getter dropped a couple places in the rankings this week. She's still playing the game behind her puppets, but perhaps the divisions forming amongst her "alliance" show that her foundation is crumbling.
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2) Keesha: This week's big mover, Keesha siezed power in the house by winning HOH. Her nominations left us scratching our head, but she definitely is playing less like a floater. (Even if we think she chose to stand on the wrong side.)
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1) Memphis: After boldly branching out and forming his own alliance, Memphis earned the top spot in this week's rankings. But his "secret" may've been sniffed out, as two of his allies are on the chopping block. Will his plan survive this week's eviction