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Shaun Harrison
1 of 12 CBS

Jerry, 75, a retired Marketing Executive from Magnolia, Texas via Willkes Barre, Pa.

2 of 12 CBS


11) Keesha: She was at the center of the season's first catfight, but otherwise she did a whole lot of floating. It will be interesting to see which (if either) side of the house she chooses to stand with as the game goes on.
3 of 12 CBS


10) Renny: She survived a week on the block, but only because Brian's master plan took the heat off of her. She's yet to show herself as a serious threat, and her lack of intelligence might just earn her a few extra free weeks in the house.
4 of 12 CBS


9) Angie: She didn't earn many votes in our poll, but she did make a few (perhaps costly)  moves by campaigning for Memphis to keep Brian. Unlike Keesha, she's clearly chosen a side, but did she burn bridges in the process
5 of 12 CBS


8) Dan: He was the right-hand man of mastermind Brian, so he may have inherited some ideas. But, his loyalty to Brian definitely made him a target. If he does have plans, he must first find a way off the chopping block this week to put them in motion.
6 of 12 CBS


7) April: Her relationship with Ollie kickstarted the movement to remove Brian from the house, but April seems to merely be following Libra's playbook. Is her show-mance part of a plan, or will her fling with Ollie end up being her Achilles' heel
7 of 12 CBS


6) Jessie: There's no doubt of his physical strength, but his reign as HOH this week may prove just how capable his mental game really is. (Though, his nominations smell of Libra's influence, so perhaps he's not very capable at all.)
8 of 12 CBS


5) Michelle: She earned lots of votes for someone who seemingly did nothing. She seems fully entrenched in her alliance with Libra and April, which appears to be making the moves right now. Perhaps her chances of winning are increased by association.
9 of 12 CBS


4) Ollie: The preacher's son was one of the first to go back on his word, betraying alliance member Brian. A bold move to be sure, but that betrayal may keep others from working with him down the line.
10 of 12 CBS


3) Steven: This gay cowboy kept his homosexuality quiet at first, and he tried to do the same with his gameplay. However, his support of Brian last week has resulted in his being nominated for eviction this week. Time to make a new gameplan!
11 of 12 CBS


2) Memphis: Mastermind Brian has already put his money on Memphis, and apparently, so have many of our readers. Memphis appears to have the right combination of brains and brawn, and so far remains well-liked by the house. That's a pretty deadly combo.
12 of 12 CBS


1) Libra: Ollie may have taken the credit for leading the revolution against Brian up to Jerry's room, but Libra was smart enough to let him. Libra is every bit the pupetteer that Brian was, and so far, all the strings she's pulled have paid off.