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See who TVGuidecom readers think is playing to win

1 of 8 CBS


4) Jerry: His nomination came as a surprise to no one, and his future in the house rests solely on whether or not he wins the power of veto and/or his ability to make a case for being carried to the Final 3. Either way, it's not looking good.
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Your Take: "My birthday is Tuesday and it would be a really great birthday gift to see Jerry get sent to the jury house. Ah, a girl can only dream." (idgitlovesheroes)
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3) Keesha: Though she's safe for now, she could easily find her fate in the hands of the veto winner. Though she has been tight with Dan and Memphis, could the boys team up with Jerry for an all-male Final 3
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Your Take: "So now we're down to Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Keesha better put the wine bottle down and get her mind right for the POV comp." (bobby-j)
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2) Memphis: He took a risk by having alliance member Dan nominate him, hoping to put some doubt in the other players' minds. While that plan worked for now, a surprise veto win for Jerry or even Keesha could backfire and spell the end of Memphis' game.
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Your Take: "Memphis has showed a lot of class and tolerance and, besides Dan, has probably said the least amount of nasty things about others. He tends to try to keep things in perspective and not make them personal." (Ðarclyte)
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1) Dan: He's been a winning machine lately and even has the chance to woo a juror during his day out of the house. He's guranteed a chance to play for the Final 2, but has be angered too many evictees to win it all
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Your Take: "If Dan doesnt win this, I will never watch another season of Big Brother." (Pyro13)