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See who TVGuidecom readers think is playing to win

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5) Jerry: The man without an alliance has survived several weeks on the block, only to rebound by winning HOH. Even so, he still doesn't have reader support, and is probably on his way out next week unless he steals a friend quickly.
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Your Take: "I have to say that for a split second, I felt a little bit bad for lonely Jerry, but then I remembered how mean and nasty he's been and quickly snapped out of it." (k4lakers)
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4) Renny: After Memphis saved Dan from the block, Renny became the replacement nominee. Unfortunately, Renny's vendetta against Memphis this week may cost her, as the boys should most likely vote to keep Keesha instead.
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Your Take: "I think now it is time for Renny to go home." (kaekaewane)

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3) Keesha: If she survives this week, she's almost guaranteed a spot in the FInal 3, unless Jerry wins the POV next week. Can she beat out the boys If not, will one of them betray the other and take her to the end
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Your Take: "Heck I am not afraid to say that I would love Keesha in a bikini 24/7. I probably will root for her to win it all." (speedy1383)
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2) Memphis: He saved Dan from the chopping block, providing the Renegades a 2-against-1 chance to win the next HOH. But will their alliance survive if one (or both) realize they have a better chance of winning against a lesser player
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Your Take: "Memphis is playing a great game. He may not have won HOH, but he's won some Vetoes and the car. The main thing is he's laid low, made good strategic moves and hasn't talked horrible crap about the others the way [some] have." (Ðarclyte)
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1) Dan: Even though he broke his word, Dan came out the other end of the Michelle-Ollie double eviction smelling like a rose. If he continues his streak and makes it to the end, will his backstabbing ways keep the jury members from giving him their votes
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Your Take: "Dan could beat anyone at that point, but I am sure he would rather take a chance on a lesser player. He's the best player but that may be because he hasn't been outplayed yet. If Dan makes final two he will win easily." (joe-cool)