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See who TVGuidecom readers think is playing to win

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7) Jerry: Still at the bottom of our list, Jerry's fate in our poll matches that of his fate in the house, as he's up for eviction for a second week. Is it time for gramps to retire, or does he still have some fight left 
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6) Michelle: She's still yet to earn any support from our readers, yet her quasi-alliance with Ollie paid off this week. Well, at least at first. If she (somehow)survives her surprise nomination, the two could become a force to be reckoned with.
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6) Ollie: Ollie hung on just long enough to earn HOH power - though he didn't actually win HOH. Ollie's stepped up his game up in the post-April era, but he was still double-crossed by Dan. Can he take down a whole alliance
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4) Keesha: She hasn't been in the mix as much since her HOH reign, but she's forging an alliance with Dan and Renny. If Dan can ride out the storm he's currently in, that trio could be a formidable group to keep an eye on.
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3) Memphis: Thanks to alliance member Dan's boneheaded move, Memphis found himself in danger this week. Though it seems to have worked itself out thanks to the POV, coul Memphis' distrust of Dan return down the line and danger the alliance
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2) Renny: Refusing to be bullied as HOH, Renny set her sights on April and sent her packing. Now that she's alligned with HOH Dan, will she keep making her own moves or what's best for the group
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1) Dan: He gave away most of his HOH power in his "act weak" plan and put himself in hot water with Memphis. Then, he upset Ollie by not honoring the other half of his deal. He will need some help from his friends to survive the next couple of weeks.