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See who TVGuidecom readers think is playing to win

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7) April: Also up for eviction, April is most certainly the houseguest the other players would like to send home this week. Without a POV win by her or Ollie, that couple's "showmance" (and dream of 500,000) should be shattered.
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6) Michelle: She successfully took out a huge threat in Libra, but her flip-floppy ways still haven't earned her much viewer support. When it comes time to take a stand, will she be on the right side of the house
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5) Ollie: What do you know! He finally opened his mouth to discuss game play, and managed to con his way out of being nominated alongside "bed-buddy" April. But now that his alliance is in danger, will he be able to do more than just talk
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4) Keesha: Keesha breezed safely through this week thanks to her No. 1 ally Renny holding the power as HOH. But her relationship with Memphis has given Renny some doubts about her allegiance, potentially creating a rift down the line.
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3) Renny: The "Dawlin' from N'awlins" has surprised us week after week, this time by winning HOH. Though she should have put up Ollie and April side by side, she's proven that she's only interested in playing the game by her rules.
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2) Memphis: He has the trust of more players in the house than anyone else, but he's still yet to win a competition for power. His new alliance with Dan is his best move yet, but at some point he has to step up his physical game.
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1) Dan: Somehow turning every negative into a positive, it's hard to believe that a week ago he had Jerry calling him "Judas." By teaming with Memphis, he may just earn the loyalty of others and perhaps be forging a final-two alliance.