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See who TVGuidecom readers think is playing to win

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8) Michelle: After proving her toughness in last week's HOH competition (and winning this week's) it's obvious Michelle's attitude is what's holding her back. Maybe now that she's out of the "unitahhhd," she'll shake things up with her power this week.
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7) April: Her nominations were weak, and her target didn't even get the boot. Now that she's on the other side of the Libra-Keesha alliance, it'll be interesting to see how long April survives. (Thankfully for her, she's become buddies with HOH Michelle.)
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6) Libra: Not always a fan favorite, she at least gets points for finally breaking up the house by shattering the alliance she created. Unfortunately, she's still yet to be in power, and as such, she finds herself on the block this week.
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5) Keesha: Joining in Libra's crusade landed Keesha up for eviction as well. She's already proven she's a threat who can win, but the house's dislike of Libra might keep her in the game another week.
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4) Oliie: Still riding the coattails of April, Ollie has somehow managed to be alligned with the people in power each week. As a result, he has yet to face elimination. Can he cut it when the time comes to stand alone
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3) Renny: She's playing with emotions, but she's not nearly the outburst machine that others are. If she keeps her low profile and continues making good strategic partnerships, she just might stick around longer than ever expected.
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2) Memphis: He survived a week on the block when the HOH wanted him gone. (He should thank America!) Now he finds himself safe this week, and he's the only player who might be able to still play both sides. Now, if only he could win a competition!
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1) Dan: Despite upsetting the whole house by carrying out his tasks as America's Player, Dan somehow finds himself safe this week. He's made plenty of enemies, but his nice-guy charm and "I'm weak" facade are paying off... for now.