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See the most memorable and outrageous TV nuptials

Shaun Harrison
1 of 22 ABC


After years of will-they-won't-they stalling, numerous near-death experiences and one failed trip down the aisle, the Castle and Beckett finally made it down the aisle. How did the Castle nuptials compare to others? Click ahead to see some of our favorite TV weddings of all time.
2 of 22 Patrick McElhenney/FOX

Booth and Brennan, Bones

Say what you will about the long and winding road that led to the wedding of Bones' Booth and Brennan, but the simple ceremony was pitch-perfect. Not only were the crime-solvers' respective vows lovely and completely in character, but Brennan's also solved a mystery from the show's second (!) season. Revealing what she wrote in what she thought might be her final note while buried alive, Brennan tells Booth that, despite his exasperating irrationality and blind faith, he's made her life better by forcing her to look at the world differently. "If I ever get out of here, I will find the time and a place to tell you that you make my life messy and confusing, and unfocused and irrational... and wonderful," she reads from her letter, before looking at Booth and adding, "This is that time. This is that place." Can someone pass the Kleenex?
3 of 22 Ali Goldstein/NBC

Liz and Criss, 30 Rock

Liz Lemon really can have it all! After running into her ex, Dennis Duffy (who's now married with a kid), Liz decides to take the plunge and tie the knot with Criss — twice! When their first ceremony — at City Hall, with Liz wearing a sweatshirt because "it's not the most important day of my life" — turns out to be a bit of a letdown, Liz pulls out her trusty Princess Leia costume to exchange vows. Mazel tov!
4 of 22 Tyler Golden/NBC

Leslie and Ben, Parks and Recreation

Even though Leslie and Ben's wedding was thrown together last minute, it was perfect in every way. From the rings made by Ron to the dress Ann made out of important documents from Leslie's career — we loved it and we liked it. Of course, Councilman Jamm tried to ruin the festivities, but instead he only made it better by forcing to venue to change to Leslie's favorite place: City Hall. But we are a little sad we never got to hear Tom's monologue from Hitch.
5 of 22 Richard Cartwright/ABC via Getty Images

Callie and Arizona, Grey's Anatomy

It's was a bumpy road to the altar for these two! After a near-fatal car crash, the couple collectively known as Calzona decides they want to take their relationship to the next level. Despite some family drama on their wedding day that nearly forces them to call off the ceremony, Callie and Arizona finally make it down the aisle with Bailey officiating and their newborn daughter, Sofia, among the guests.
6 of 22 Dana Edelson/NBC

Stefon and Seth Meyers, Saturday Night Live

While it's hard to imagine leaving Anderson Cooper at the altar, we can't fault Stefon for jilting his fiancé when Seth Meyers stormed in. In front of Hobocops, Furkels and Black George Washington, the Weekend Update favorites finally got their happily ever after. Yes, yes, yes, yes!
7 of 22 HBO

The Red Wedding, Game of Thrones

Must we reopen the wound? We're still not over the trauma of the Red Wedding, or more accurately, the Red Wedding Reception, during which the elected King in the North, Robb Stark and his bannermen are ambushed and slaughtered by Walder Frey's men. The inexorable event begins with the first notes of the ominous "Rains of Castamere" and only ends after Catelyn watches her son Robb die and has her own throat slit. Shocking and heartbreaking at once, these events make us wonder if any of our heroes will survive to win the Iron Throne.
8 of 22 Chris Haston/NBC/Getty Images

Dwight and Angela, The Office

There are lots of reasons the long overdue nuptials between Dunder Mifflin's longtime assistant (to the) regional manager and the company's biggest wet blanket were so memorable. Besides the crazy Schrute family traditions, the beet farm setting and the fact that the wedding took place in the series finale, it was Dwight's last-minute best man replacement that really made the day one to remember. After months of denials that former star Steve Carell would return for the last hoorah, Michael's surprise appearance at the ceremony brought tears — and laughter, courtesy of Michael Scott's best and final "that's what she said" joke ever. We're so glad he came too!
9 of 22 Ray Mickshaw/Fox

Burt and Carole, Glee

Backed by Bruno Mars' "Marry You," the wedding party danced down the aisle with moves no doubt inspired by a certain YouTube video. If you made it through the vows without shedding a tear you have no soul.
10 of 22 Byron Cohen/NBC/Getty Images

Jim and Pam, The Office

The entire Dunder Mifflin crew traveled to Niagra Falls to witness the long-awaited nuptials of Jim and Pam. The episode also featured a more direct interpretation of a certain YouTube video, which Jim warned Michael & Co. not to recreate. Luckily, Jim predicted they would anyway, so he and Pam actually snuck away prior to the service and were married on the Maid of the Mist IV ferry boat. Very sneaky. Cute, but sneaky.
11 of 22 Ron Tom/CBS

Lily and Marshall, How I Met Your Mother

Nothing goes right before Lily and Marshall walk down the aisle. Lily's former flame Scooter tries to unsuccessfully win her back, the wedding flowers don't arrive, the photographer is, Lily's veil is ruined and the harp player goes into labor. But nothing tops Marshall's freak out when, after accidentally getting frosted tips in his hair, Marshall shaves off the top of his head in one fell swoop. But all's well that ends well: Marshall and Lily end up getting married in front of their close friends outside in the park.
12 of 22 Chris Haston/NBC/Getty Images

Crosby and Jasmine, Parenthood

After spending most of Season 3 apart, fans were overjoyed when a disastrous camping trip put Jabbar's mom and dad back together. Their impromptu nuptials were utterly charming and heart-melting. Who needs a fancy venue when you can say "I do" at the Bravermans' gorgeous, rustic Berkeley abode? Crosby and Jasmine's wedding also proved fruitful for Sarah, who was proposed to by boyfriend Mark on the dance floor, and Drew, who lost his virginity to his girlfriend Amy just up the stairs from the reception.
13 of 22 ABC Archive/Getty Images

Trista and Ryan, The Bachelorette

Over 26 million viewers tuned in to watch the first reality TV wedding that was the culmination of the show's three-part special. Not only did the very pink affair go off without a hitch, but more than 10 years later, the couple is still together.
14 of 22 HBO

Sansa Stark & Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones

As political marriages go, joining House Lannister and House Stark is the perfect match to ally King's Landing and the North. Unfortunately, the wedding day is far from perfect. The much older Tyrion can't help feeling like a dirty old man next to his reluctant teenage bride Sansa. Also, the bratty King Joffrey is audibly snickering because of the bride and groom's height discrepancy and then later threatens to rape the bride. Is it any wonder that The Imp gets rip-roaring drunk, blurts out treasonous comments and then sleeps alone on the couch on his wedding night? Seven hells!
15 of 22 Paramount/Everett Collection

David and Donna, Beverly Hills, 90210

Nothing was more fitting for a series finale than officially uniting two of the show's original cast members. The episode also featured fun returns from Andrea, Valerie, Brandon (via video) and even Mrs. Teasley! Plus: Who could forget when the cast dancing to "Celebration" turned into the memorable theme song?
16 of 22 Bob D'Amico/ABC

Luke and Laura, General Hospital

The soap cleaned up in the ratings as 30 million guests — including Elizabeth Taylor's uninvited Helena Cassadine — attended the 1981 union of these star-crossed lovers.
17 of 22 Oliver Upton/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

Ross and Emily, Friends

While many readers love Monica and Chandler's nuptials and Phoebe walking down a snow-covered aisle, there's just no topping this one. In the land of Big Ben, the groom committed a big blunder by vowing — to Emily — "I, Ross, take you, Rachel." It's all in the details, Geller!
18 of 22 ABC Archive/Getty Images


Amanda and Prince Michael, DynastyViewers thought they RSVP'd for a regal, Charles-and-Diana-esque ceremony... set in fictional Moldavia. Instead, they witnessed a terrorist massacre (and, worse, one that only felled a minor player or two).
19 of 22 CBS/Landov

Rhoda and Joe, Rhoda

This one is more memorable for the "run-up" to the actual ceremony. When Rhoda's ride forgets to pick her up, she runs through the Bronx in her wedding dress, hanging on to her veil for dear life. Fortunately, she arrives just in time. And despite her huffing and puffing, she had enough air to say "I do."
20 of 22 Michael Desmond/ABC

Kevin and Scotty, Brothers and Sisters

This wedding broke ground as Brothers & Sisters became the first network television show to depict a same-sex marriage between series regulars. Although the simple and sweet ceremony was touching, the big day was almost ruined because Scotty's parents boycotted the wedding. Kevin made a plea to change Scotty's father's mind, and although it failed, Scotty's father did give his son a pair of cufflinks to wear on the big day.
21 of 22 ABC Archive/Getty Images


Mike and Carol, The Brady BunchThe story of a lovely lady, a man named Brady and their blended bunch started with a mishap-filled wedding day. This series-starter truly took the cake — or at least plopped it on Mike's lap.
22 of 22 Paul Drinkwater/NBC/Getty Images


Turk and Carla, Scrubs Only for the Sacred Heart crew could a wedding that went wrong in every way (an MIA groom, food poisoning at the reception) wind up so right, as the wannabe marrieds' are wedded by an ordained patient.