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The 11 Most Notorious Villains in The Bachelorette History

Villains gonna vill!

Chad Johnson, The Bachelorette
1 of 12 Craig Sjodin/ABC

Villiains Gonna Vill!

Villains are just as important to The Bachelor and The Bachelorette as the wifeys. Sometimes they're almost as important as the stars. Every season has one or two who bring the drama and give viewers someone to talk about. These are the 11 rudest, crudest, most nefarious Bachelorette suitors you love to hate.

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11. Kasey (Season 6)

Krazy Kasey wasn't devious or cruel, he was just annoying. But sometimes that's enough to make you into a villainous figure on The Bachelorette. And getting an ill-advised tattoo in an attempt to manipulate someone into falling in love with you is a villainous if idiotic move.

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10. Alex (Season 12)

Alex's villainy is clearly borne out of insecurity -- he's short, and he has a chip on his shoulder because of it. That his aggression comes from a place of pain is a mitigating factor, but he still seems unbearable to be around.

4 of 12 Craig Sjodin/ABC

9. JJ (Season 11)

No one except his "Brokeback Bachelor" buddy Clint liked JJ, especially not guest star Amy Schumer, who called him a "turd." But he was self-aware enough to coin the excellent catchphrase "villains gotta vill," and he'll always have a special place in our heart for that.

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8. Ryan (Season 8)

Ryan told Emily Maynard to her face that she would be a great "trophy wife" for him, which was the straw that broke the camel's back in terms of arrogance and entitlement. He was too openly campaigning to be the next Bachelor, when everyone knows that the Bachelor never openly campaigns to be the Bachelor.

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6. Ian (Season 11)

Ian's arrogance was his undoing. He bragged about his education and thought he was better than everyone else, even Kaitlyn Bristowe, whom he called shallow and promiscuous. But then he used his limo ride to the airport to talk about how he needed to have sex like yesterday, so pot meet kettle, y'know?

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6. Justin "Rated R" (Season 6)

The professional wrestler had a girlfriend at home, and the revelation of that fact led to one of the funniest moments in the history of The Bachelorette. Ali Fedotowsky tried to confront him about Not Being Here for the Right Reasons, and rather than talk to her, he ran away. Well, hobbled away, since his foot was in a cast. And his facial hair is atrocious.

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5. Craig (Season 6)

Craig was only on for two episodes, but he made a big impression in that time. He was called "dangerous" by a competitor he had been mercilessly bullying. He was also too clearly not into Ali. At least act like you want to be there!

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4. Wes (Season 4)

Wes was openly just there to promote his music career and had a girlfriend back home. And he was proud of it! He bragged that he was "the first guy on The Bachelorette to ever make it to the Top 4 with a girlfriend." Classy!

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3. Kalon (Season 8)

Kalon referred to Emily Maynard's daughter as "baggage." That is not a winning sentiment. He was eliminated later that night.

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2. Bentley (Season 7)

Bentley openly disliked Ashley Hebert, and would put her down on-camera every chance he got. "I would literally rather be like, swimming in pee than trying to plan a wedding with her," he memorably said. At least he had the decency to quit rather than stick around and try to milk his 15 minutes.

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1. Chad (Season 12)

Chad rewrote the rules for what it means to be a villain, doing things we've never seen anyone do on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette -- namely, eat and point out how silly it is to act like you're in love with someone you don't know. He was also rude (and funny) and always on the verge of punching somebody in the face. The show is isn't the same without him.