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Can't get away this summer? Live vicariously by remembering some TV's best vacations

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The Brady Bunch

Vacation Destination: Hawaii This is the vacation episode by which many others are measured. Mike is sent to Hawaii for a construction project, and somehow the whole family and the maid Alice tag along. When Bobby finds and an ancient tiki with a curse on it, bad things start to happen, including Greg getting injured in a surfing accident. At one point, a crazy professor holds the boys hostage, but Mike straightens everything out, and they all go and celebrate with a luau. The special three-part vacation extravaganza also boasted famous guest stars Don Ho and Vincent Price.
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Vacation Destination: London, England London calls the Central Perk gang, save for a pregnant Phoebe, over for Ross and Emily's hastily planned wedding. Well, Rachel doesn't head over initially until she realizes she's in love with Ross and flies there to tell him, which is always a good idea. Not! He notoriously says Rachel's name in his vows instead. Luckily, everyone else has better stays. Chandler and Monica, of course, have their own secret fun, hooking up for the first time. And although he gets homesick later, Joey is the only one who enjoys London's sights — he even meets Fergie (this one) while looking for Buckingham Palace. Can we borrow that pop-up map for the Olympics this summer?
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Everybody Loves Raymond

Vacation Destination: Rome, Italy Ray Barone manages to turn just about any experience into a miserable one — even a trip to Italy. Marie treats the entire family to a two-week getaway in Rome, and everyone excitedly embraces the culture… except Ray, of course. He gets sick, complains and is ultimately ignored by the entire family. But during his alone time, he begins to see the beauty of his surroundings and ultimately tries to give Debra the romantic vacation she deserves, even if it means clumsily injuring Debra several times. Turns out Ray is a klutz all over the world.
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The Good Wife

Vacation Destination: Road trip from Oregon to Chicago It may have been a little hard to find cell reception on Alicia's cross-country trek with her brother Owen, but the trip was definitely worth it. In a rare episode that took Alicia away from her work, her kids, her estranged hubby and Jackie, Alicia was free to drink a little too much red wine and confess about the mysterious voicemail “Mr. Georgetown” (aka Will) left her and mock his annoying girlfriend, Tammy. The trip pushed Alicia to confront Will about the voicemail — finally — and also brought the hilarious and brutally honest Owen to Chicago permanently. We'll drink to that.
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Vacation Destination: Bahamas The Sacred Heart gang goes to the tropics to attend Janitor's wedding, and as an homage to the famous The Brady Bunch in Hawaii episodes, J.D. and Turk wear tiki necklaces. Turns out that they might really be bad luck after all when all the couples begin having relationship problems. Also, besides getting the chance to see the ladies in bikinis, fans also had the unfortunate luck to catch The Todd in a banana hammock!
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Royal Pains

Vacation Destination: Cuba As if the Lawson brothers didn't have it good enough in the Hamptons, Hank and Evan enjoyed a last-minute trip to Cuba on Boris' private jet. However, while Evan went scuba-diving with a beautiful Canadian tourist and enjoyed some of the nation's famous cigars, it was hardly fun and games for Hank, who had to help Boris through his experimental treatment and cure a sickly Cuban dissident who accidentally kidnapped poor Evan. Talk about a summer bummer!
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Full House

Vacation Destination: Disneyland The Tanners vacation to the happiest place on earth, but the trip quickly turns disastrous when Michelle runs away after overhearing everyone complain about her bossiness. She later returns and grants Stephanie her "Princess for a Day" wish, and the whole family gets to be a part of fun as they ride with her on Mickey's float. The happy ending gets even better when Danny proposes to girlfriend Vicky underneath the fireworks.
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Modern Family

Vacation Destination: Hawaii After the show became a hit, ABC splurged and sent The Pritchett and Dunphy families on a big vacation. But a few of the characters couldn't enjoy it. Afraid of dying from poor health like his father, Jay refused to relax, much to the frustration of Gloria. Meanwhile, Phil and Claire, who hoped to use the trip to make up for their lack of a proper honeymoon, had to deal with Hayley drinking for the first time, and the disastrous results that came with it. Realizing Claire is stressed, Phil surprises her with another wedding ceremony. All's well that ends well, right?
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Saved by the Bell

Vacation Destination: Hawaii Zack and the gang head to The Hawaiian Hideaway, hotel run by Kelly's grandfather. And who should they run into at the airport? None other than Mr. Belding, who's leading a group of principals on a tour of the islands. Though the two groups vow to stay away from one another, when Kelly learns her gramps has no customers, Zack convinces Mr. Belding to change hotels and to let the kids be their tour guides. Meanwhile, a greedy businessman plots to buy the Hideaway — but only so he can raze it to make room for a new development. But it's OK — because some native islanders believe Screech is a god (!), the Hideaway is saved because it's built on sacred ground.
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Vacation Destination: New York Sure, this is now Rachel's new home, but when the glee club ventured to the Big Apple in the Season 2 finale for Nationals, it was pure magic. From Rachel and Kurt's breakfast at Tiffany's to sneaking onto the stage of Wicked to sing "For Good," we were psyched for what Glee could be — and hopefully will be — next season. Plus: Rachel and Finn's cute Central Park date — with the male glee clubbers crooning "Bella Notte" — felt like just Lady and the Tramp.
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The Facts of Life

Vacation Destination: Sydney, Australia In the second Facts of Life made-for-TV movie, Beverly Ann accompanies Blair, Jo, Tootie and Natalie on a trip to visit their sister boarding school in Sydney. It winds up being a "down under" learning experience to say the least. The girls befriend an aborigine! Blair and Jo become involved with a jewel thief! Beverly Ann rekindles a romance with an old flame! We're surprised they came home.
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Sex and the City

Vacation Destination: Los Angeles Carrie Bradshaw & Co. quickly learn "there's no place like home" when they venture from the Big Apple to the city of Angels. While the episode featured a ton of fun cameos from Hugh Hefner, Matthew McConaughey and Carrie Fisher, the best guest performance came from Vince Vaughn who played a Hollywood assistant pretending to be a bigwig to impress Carrie.
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Ugly Betty

Vacation Destination: The Bahamas The Mode staff jet-sets to the Bahamas for what is supposed to be a fabulous photo-shoot, but things don't exactly pan out for Betty. Her jealousy of Matt and Amanda's romance reaches an all-time high and she is tasked with keeping tabs on the models — who all go missing. The good news? Shakira and Christy Brinkley guest star!
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Covert Affairs

Vacation Destination: Stockholm, Sweden Annie finally takes some downtime for a sister getaway with Danielle in Stockholm, except work never escapes a CIA agent! She gets roped into a mission that just so happens to be in the Swedish capital, much to Danielle's chagrin. But all is forgiven after Danielle gets mistaken for Annie and finds herself in a very dangerous predicament. Annie comes to the rescue, naturally — and she kills someone for the first time. You know, just your typical vacation.