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See the plot twists that excited us the most so far this season

1 of 21 Fox

Quinn gets hit by car on Glee

Of course! Now that Quinn has been accepted into Yale and gotten her life on track — e.g. she stopped hanging with the skanks and tried to snatch her baby back from Shelby — of course Glee would send her careening into some other disaster. So in the final moments of the show's winter finale, "On My Way," she paid the price for texting while driving by being hit by a rather large truck. Bam! No baby, no prom queen, no Puck, Finn or Sam... Jeez, will Quinn ever catch a break?
2 of 21 Ron Tom/ABC

Orson sent Bree those letters on Desperate Housewives

When it was first announced that Bree's ex-husband would be rolling back onto Wisteria Lane for the final season, no one could have guessed he would play such a significant role in the big mystery. Instead of just dropping by for a one-episode farewell, it was revealed that Orson — while stalking Bree from afar — had seen her and the other ladies bury Alejandro and subsequently blackmailed her to get his ex all to himself. His reasoning makes little sense, but in a season where so much seemed predictable, finding out that Orson was behind the creepy notes was a genuine shock worthy of the show's glory days.
3 of 21 Jeffrey Neira/CBS

Will gets suspended on The Good Wife

How do you write a legal drama when one of the main characters isn't allowed to practice law? That was the question on every viewer's mind when, after avoiding a grand jury indictment, Will Gardner's ruthless actions finally caught up with him. Now that he's in the middle of a six-month suspension for borrowing money from a client, will the former gambler really start to play it safe? Can Will finally learn how to balance his personal life and his career? Only time will tell, but we're excited to see the results of this sudden and daring left turn.
4 of 21 Colleen Hayes/ABC

Sophia reveals Rick's dad may have been in the CIA on Castle

Don't you hate it when an ex-girlfriend comes back into your life and potentially wrecks things with your current love interest? That's just how Rick Castle felt when CIA agent Sophia Turner, his former muse, ends up leading a federal case Castle and his current inspiration, Detective Beckett, stumble upon. The only thing worse than the icy stares and uncomfortable group brainstorms? The fact that Sophia is actually a Russian spy who lets it slip that Castle's father — who the mystery writer never knew — may have ties to the CIA. Is she lying? We'll have to wait to find out, since she was shot just moments later. We can't wait to watch the curiosity eat Castle alive.
5 of 21 NBC

Sarah loses the last five years of her memory on Chuck

Happy endings are sometimes hard to come by. Although uber-nerd Chuck Bartowski and sexy spy Sarah Walker long ago ended their will-they-won't-they dance, in the final hours of the show's last season, Sarah downloaded the malfunctioning Intersect program into her brain, which then began to make her lose all memory of her time with — and love for — Chuck. How could the series finale fix such a betrayal of the fairy tale? It didn't. The final scene ended on a hopeful kiss, which may or may not have magical properties to return Sarah's memories
6 of 21 Giovanni Rufino/The CW

Blair chooses Dan over Chuck on Gossip Girl

With all due respect to Dan-Blair fans, we didn't see this coming. We didn't think for one minute that the writers of "The Princess Dowry" would let Blair just forget all about running away with Chuck not that long ago or how she made a deal with the Lord to save his life. So Blair and Dan like the same books and movies, and so she discovered he secretly wrote Prince Louis' wedding vows — would she really fall for such a doormat because he's always been there for her, like a pet puppy? Apparently, yes. Color us shocked.
7 of 21 Jennifer Clasen/Fox

Chase gets stabbed on House

Dr. Gregory House's brash methods have often gotten him into hot water, but never more so than when a patient experiencing a psychotic episode stabbed Dr. Chase in the heart. Although Chase's colleagues were able to repair his damaged ventricle, a blood clot nearly paralyzes him from the waist down, forcing the hospital to formally evaluate House's process in order to place blame. House eventually escapes the hearing unscathed, but the biggest shock comes when he accepts responsibility and apologizes to Chase for his misfortune. If the show's final episodes can live up to the quality of this hour, the Fox drama's swan song will be quite memorable.
8 of 21 CBS

Robin's pregnancy fake-out on How I Met Your Mother

Leave it to How I Met Your Mother to drop not one, but three twists in its two-parter, "The Rebound Girl" and "Symphony of Illumination." After a one-night stand with Barney, Robin abruptly tells him, "I'm pregnant." But it turns out she only thought she was with child (why she didn't take a pregnancy test first, we'll never know). In the second half, which Robin narrates to her supposed future children, Ted-style, she learns that she can never have kids. That must be great news for someone who never wanted kids, right? Nope. Robin becomes overwhelmed with sadness, as we learn that Robin never became a mother. Those kids? Merely figments of her imagination, who vanish once she accepts her infertility.
9 of 21 AMC

Walt poisons Brock on Breaking Bad

Gus' half-disfigured face on Breaking Bad's Season 4 finale, "Face Off," gets all the buzz, but it's the episode's final image that has lasting repercussions. The shot — a lily of the valley plant in Walt's backyard — reveals that it was Walt who poisoned Brock, the son of Jesse's girlfriend. It was all part of Walt's elaborate plan to convince Jesse that Gus had poisoned the child so that Walt and Jesse could go after the meth kingpin. It worked like a charm, but most importantly, it cemented Walt's transformation into his ruthless, conscience-free alias Heisenberg. Indeed, Walt is the one who knocks.
10 of 21 Showtime

Brody turns Carrie into the CIA on Homeland

After going off her bipolar medication, CIA agent Carrie goes on a manic flight, during which she outlines Abu Nazir's entire terrorism timeline by color. But when she can't figure out why Nazir went radio silent during a "yellow" period, she calls on her former suspect-turned-lover Nick Brody to ask him what he might remember about Nazir during that time. Even though we know at this point that Brody is working with Nazir because a U.S. bombing killed his son, we were still shocked when Brody, after agreeing to meet with Carrie to work through her dilemma, confesses their affair to the CIA instead and effectively ends her career with the Agency. Cold, bro. Cold.
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12 of 21 The CW

Nikita's old mentor in unveiled as the founder of Division

Our titular hero is horrified to learn that the bloodthirsty powers that be at Division, the organization that trained her to be an assassin, are now after Carla Bennett (Fame's Erica Gimpel), the mother figure who had taken Nikita off the streets and gotten her clean 10 years ago. But just as she attempts to save Carla from the Division agents closing in, Nikita learns that not only does her old mentor know evil Percy and Amanda, but Carla was one of the founders of Division. Whom can Nikita trust now?
13 of 21 NBC


Dwight turns out to be Angela's real baby-daddy on The Office Just when it seemed the off-the-wall love story of the beet farmer and the uptight cat lady had finally come to an end, the writers found a way to keep Dwight and Angela's will-they-or-won't-they flame burning by revealing that her child is Dwight's — not the senator's. Will Dwight and Angela make it work? Should they? We're just happy this gives Rainn Wilson something to do besides be a power-hungry assistant. The one thing we know for sure? That is going to be one socially awkward offspring.
14 of 21 NBC

Tom and Ann start dating on Parks and Recreation

When Leslie spied Ann sneaking off to have a drink with Tom, our jaws dropped. Wha? But then we thought, well, why not? As April so rightly noted in "Operation Ann," Tom may not be the most obvious choice, but he is super amusing and super into trying to romance the ladies. (Also, who wouldn't want to hang with DJ Roomba?) And Ann could use a pick-me-up after having been dumped by Chris and turning (temporarily) into the town slut. Now if only Tom would sing about it…
15 of 21 Colleen Hayes/ABC


Tyler — not Daniel — is revealed as the dead guy on the beach on Revenge Fans had been waiting since the first episode to find out who actually died on the beach outside of Daniel and Emily's engagement party, with most of the audience praying Daniel would not end up as fish food. Fortunately, it was psychopath Tyler who met his demise just moments after planting the seed that Emily is not who she says she is. The episode's title, "Chaos," seemed to be just a precursor for what's to come.
16 of 21 Adam Larkey/ABC

Dallas files for divorce on Suburgatory

And they say nothing exciting ever happens in the suburbs. After finding another woman's panties in her husband's pocket, Chatswin's premiere housewife shocked everyone when she decided to file divorce papers and go it alone. Considering Jay Mohr played the adulterer in question, we would have liked to see their marriage play out a little bit longer, but her new single-lady status makes the possibility of a hook-up with George all the more realistic.
17 of 21 Bob Mahoney/The CW


Stefan had a one-night bromance with Klaus back in the day on The Vampire Diaries By the end of Season 2, Stefan had pretty much sold his soul to Klaus in order to save his brother Damon's life. But it wasn't until the third episode of Season 3, "The End of the Affair," that Stefan — and viewers — learned why Klaus was so obsessed with having "ripper Stefan" by his side. Through a flashback, we learn that Stefan shared a wild night out with Klaus and his sister Rebekah, and the men even toasted to friendship. By the end of the night, police raided the speakeasy, forcing everyone to run. Klaus compels Stefan to forget they had ever met — but not before thanking him for reminding him what it was like to have a brother.
18 of 21 Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Beverly wins Last Chance Kitchen and returns to Top Chef

Sure, it wasn't that surprising to us since we knew about Last Chance Kitchen — a Redemption Island-like online series in which eliminated chefs cook head to head to earn a spot back on the show — but the remaining cheftestants had no clue it was going on. And just like that, the Top 4 turns into the Top 5 again when LCK champ Beverly returns and unpacks her knives in "Mentors at Work?" She ends up making the final four, depriving Ed of the spot he thought he had earned. Although Bev's return is short-lived (in the next episode, she gets edged out by one of her season-long nemeses, Sarah), it was a nice comeuppance to the mean girls who bullied Bev all season long.
19 of 21 STARZ

Glaber kills his father-in-law on Spartacus: Vengeance

Going into the second season of Spartacus, Gaius Claudius Glaber was set up as the most insufferable prat who was about to blindsided by his wife Ilithyia. Provided she had an abortion, Ilithyia's father, Senator Albinius (Kevin J. Wilson), would grant her a divorce, freeing her to marry a much more powerful man. Glaber discovered her plan the day the Capuan arena collapsed, and unseen amidst the rubble, Glaber crushed his father-in-law under a heavy stone beam. Ilithyia, her unborn child — and most importantly, the power — would remain Glaber's.
20 of 21 Gene Page/AMC

Zombie Sophia comes out of the barn on The Walking Dead

"Pretty Much Dead Already" was the perfect title to encapsulate The Walking Dead's midseason finale, in which a zombified Sophia came stumbling out Hershel's barn following Shane's massacre of Hershel's private stock of walker friends and loved ones. Although the group spent most of the first half of Season 2 trying to track down the lost child, she was actually just feet from them the entire time. Watching Rick take out his gun to put her down? Just rip out our hearts, why don't you?
21 of 21 USA Network

Neal cuts his anklet and flees the country on White Collar

The White Collar writers have never shied away from pulling the rug out from under viewers (see also: the killing of Neal's long-lost love Kate), but they pulled off a real doozy when, in the Season 3 finale, Neal cut off his police anklet and fled the country with Mozzie to avoid becoming permanently attached to Peter's sneaky, demanding mentor, Kramer. After three seasons of Neal being strapped to a desk, we're intrigued to see one of New York's most infamous con men on the loose once again. But really, we're just dying to know how Neal and Peter will find each other again despite their places on the exact opposite sides of the law.