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Check out our carefully groomed list of awesome mustache-wearers

1 of 17 Joe Viles/Fox


Bradley Whitford returns to TV with an awesome mustache in Fox's The Good Guys. To celebrate, we turned to Jon Chattman, author of Sweet 'Stache: 50 Badass Mustaches and the Faces Who Sport Them, to carefully groom the following list of the best TV 'staches. Click ahead for Chattman's commentary on all those who made the cut.
2 of 17 courtesy CBS/Landov

Dick Van Dyke, Diagnosis Murder

"Van Dyke is one of those guys who was an icon before the mustache, but there's just something about Dick Van Dyke with a Mark Twain mustache hanging out with Scott Baio as a doctor that resonated. I don't think anyone under 75 watched the show, but if they did, they would see kind of a new Dick Van Dyke."
3 of 17 courtesy PBS

Roscoe Orman, Sesame Street

"The real star of Sesame Street isn't Cookie Monster or Big Bird. It's Orman, who puts the street cred in Sesame Street. With a 'stache as badass as Shaft but as child-friendly as Mr. Whipple, Gordon's facial growth is grand with a capital G. You can trust the Gorton's fisherman if you want, but I put all my faith in the coolest cat on Snuffy's block."
4 of 17 courtesy Everett Collection

Wilfred Brimley, Our House

"It's thick and is kind of an old-school Western mustache. You can tell a lot about a man by his mustache. Brimley's mustache is rough around the edges, and he is rough around the edges. It's kind of gruff and has the same personality of Wilfred Brimley. He's just a cranky old dude who pimps oatmeal. It changes color sometimes, but it's always there. I don't think I've ever seen his lips."
5 of 17 courtesy ABC/Retna

Dennis Franz, NYPD Blue

"He went with the thinner mustache. Seems like all cops have a mustache at one point or another. Whether he was throwing out racist barbs or showing his bare ass for no apparent reason, he always had an arresting mustache."
6 of 17 courtesy The Kobal Collection

Alex Karras, Webster

"He did more for Gabe Kaplan's mustache than Gabe Kaplan did. He really has a Welcome Back Kotter mustache. In any case, the mustache was commanding because it personified TV dad in the '80s. While he's giving advice to Webster, the mustache made me feel better."
7 of 17 Darryl Estrine/The Kobal Collection

Jeffrey Tambor, The Larry Sanders Show

"He might have been the second banana on Larry Sanders, but he was really the star of that show. His mustache looked like a furry pickle, but he stole scenes from Garry Shandling, and the mustache stole scenes from everyone."
8 of 17 courtesy Retna

Ted Lange, The Love Boat

"Like Alex Karras, Ted Lange did more for Lou Gossett Jr.'s mustache than Lou Gossett Jr. did. It takes a lot of balls to wear a white tuxedo on a cruise ship with Carol Channing, but the mustache was always very authoritative. He was very calm, very cool. It was like you expected him to be in a Colt 45 commercial. All the ladies wanted Ted Lange."
9 of 17 courtesy Everett Collection

Alex Trebek, Jeopardy!

"It's been a good 15 years since he shaved his mustache, but you watch SNL and Will Ferrell still does his impression with the mustache. Seeing Alex Trebek without a mustache is like seeing Blanche from The Golden Girls without a younger man in her bedroom. I used to always watch Jeopardy!, but the second he shaved it, we stopped watching."
10 of 17 Heidi Gutman/ABC

John Stossel, 20/20

"He's such a credible journalist on paper, but a porn star in person. When I see him interviewing someone, I picture him without his shirt on. His mustache is so gratuitous. He's basically Mark Spitz in a suit. But he's another guy who doesn't get the credit. He's had a mustache forever and no one talks about it."
11 of 17 Isabella Vosmikova/USA

Ted Levine, Monk

"Tony Shalhoub keeps winning Emmys for Monk, but Ted Levine's mustache keeps stealing scenes from him. It's so thick, and he looks like a 1970s police warden. It's like he's smuggling a poodle between his nose and lip. But the best thing about that mustache is that it's the antithesis of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. After that role, he probably wants to look like a tough guy all the time."
12 of 17 courtesy ABC/Retna

Christopher Hewitt, Mr Belevedere

"Mr. Belevedere was a proper, sweet older man — basically the male equivalent to Mrs. Doubtfire. And his mustache was so perfectly groomed that not even those annoying kids could mess with it. His mustache was worthy of a Bob Uecker play-by-play."
13 of 17 courtesy CBS/Landov

Rob Reiner, All in the Family

"If you shaved Rob Reiner's mustache from the '70s, it could fill his head today. It would almost be a mullet. A lot of people had mustaches at the time, but the name Meathead was appropriate because his mustache was so thick it looked like a slab of meat under his nose. It was almost a throwback to a Wyatt Earp mustache. It looked like a hairy hot dog."
14 of 17 courtesy Vh1

Hulk Hogan

"I grew up watching wrestling. Hulk Hogan is known for the leg drop, but his mustache — especially in the wrestling world — was so iconic. I call it a Bridge Over Two Twinkies. His mustache is so intimidating. It's so thick, they should have tested it for steroids."
15 of 17 Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Jason Lee, My Name Is Earl

"I really credit Jason Lee with bringing the mustache back into the mainstream. He didn't have to have a mustache, but he brought back the 1970s cop mustache. It's the best sitcom mustache since Meathead. The mustache really took a break in the '90s, like Duran Duran. Without Jason Lee, you wouldn't see Brad Pitt sporting a mustache now. Lee made it OK. "
16 of 17 courtesy Everett Collection

Geraldo Rivera

"Geraldo is the Shangri-La of TV mustaches. It takes real guts to have a mustache your entire career. But he knows that if he shaved off his mustache, he might basically become unrecognizable. He's been dedicated to the mustache for so long. He's half-Puerto Rican, half-Jewish, but all mustache."
17 of 17 courtesy CBS/Landov

Tom Selleck, Magnum, P.I.

"Lots of people have mustaches, and many of them can't pull it off. But to pull it off and be a sex symbol — who else has done that besides Tom Selleck? He hasn't always committed to it, but when he's on the money, no one has a better mustache. But he's more than the mustache. He's become an icon because of the mustache."