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See our Favorite Complicated Romances

Shaun Harrison
1 of 15 Aaron Spelling Productions/Everett Collection

Brenda, Dylan and Kelly, Beverly Hills, 90210

Paris is the city of love — and also heartache in Brenda's case. During her summer overseas, beau Dylan and BFF Kelly hooked up and kept their tryst secret until after Brenda dumped him later. Unfortunately, this triangle met a premature end when Shannen Doherty left the series, but that only paved the way to another longstanding 9-0 triangle: Dylan, Kelly and Brandon.
2 of 15 Art Streiber.The CW

Damon, Elena and Stefan, Vampire Diaries

In 1864, the Salvatore brothers both fell in love with Katherine, so it's no surprise that 150 years later they both share feelings for her doppelganger, Elena. For now, there's nothing coming in between Stefan and Elena, but eternal Delena fans would love to see that change soon.
3 of 15 Sheryl Nields/ABC Archive/Getty Images; Andrew Macpherson/ABC Archive/Getty Images

Sydney, Vaughn and Lauren, Alias

After taking an eternity (OK, two seasons) to get together, Syd and Vaughn were promptly driven apart when she went missing for two years and he wed evil double agent Lauren. Luckily, Vaughn quickly came to his senses when Syd reemerged.
4 of 15 Warner Bros./Everett Collection

Ross, Rachel and Joey, Friends

Ross and Rachel's 10-year-long, on-again, off-again relationship hit one final speed bump in the last two seasons when Joey also fell in love with Rachel... who later reciprocated the feeling. They tried to give it a go, but thankfully it didn't work out since everyone knows Rachel's lobster is Ross.
5 of 15 John P. Johnson/HBO

Eric, Sookie and Bill, True Blood

Eric didn't become a third wheel until Season 3, when he conveniently started developing feelings for Sookie after Bill's abduction. They get married in the book series, but will the same hold true on the small screen?
6 of 15 HBO

Big, Carrie and Aidan, Sex and the City

Though it took six seasons, we always knew Big and Carrie were "absof------lutely" going to get together, which made it even more difficult to watch her break Aidan's heart multiple times. Don't even get us started on their kiss in Sex and the City 2.
7 of 15 UPN/Landov; 20th Century Fox/Getty Images

Angel, Buffy and Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

OK, this wasn't a triangle per se since Buffy's dalliances with each vamp didn't overlap, but it's still not easy choosing between the brooding Angel and snarky Spike. Buffy ultimately picked neither, which is befitting our self-sufficient, butt-kicking slayer.
8 of 15 SyFy Channel

Starbuck, Apollo and Dee, Battlestar Galactica

Apollo may have married Dee, but she was well aware of her hubby's strong yet volatile attraction to Starbuck, who later suddenly married Anders and refused to divorce him. There is no happy ending for Dee: She commits suicide shortly after reconnecting with Apollo.
9 of 15 Mario Perez/ABC

Sawyer, Kate and Jack, Lost

The good doc vs. the bad boy. Jack got the girl in the end, but Kate and Sawyer's cage romp is still tops. Plus, we don't think Sawyer's complaining about meeting Juliet for coffee.
10 of 15 Justin Stephens/CBS

Will, Alicia and Peter, The Good Wife

Love triangles aren't always about lust and passion. In a battle of head versus heart, Alicia, with her family in mind, has for now chosen the former, asking Will in the Season 1 finale, "What's the plan?" We hope he shows her one soon.
11 of 15 Adam Rose/Fox; Miranda Penn Turin/Fox

Rachel, Finn and Quinn, Glee

The high-strung diva or the lying cheerleader? If we were Finn, we'd choose neither. Look out for yourself first, dude, especially since you thought you knocked up Quinn without having sex.
12 of 15 Columbia TriStar Television/Getty Images; Warner Bros./Getty Images

Dawson, Joey and Pacey, Dawson's Creek

Lifelong besties Dawson and Joey hooking up was inevitable — and so was her ultimate romance Pacey, with whom she always had more effortless chemistry. In the end, Dawson had to settle for being Jo's childhood soulmate. We hope he's still not crying about it.
13 of 15 ABC

Meredith, Derek and Addison, Grey's Anatomy

There are enough love permutations at Seattle Grace to drive a mathematician mad, but we'll highlight this trio since all the drama kicked off with Der sleeping with Mer, unbeknownst to him that she's his intern. The bigger shock, though, was when Addison returns to give their marriage another shot, but she soon gets out of MerDer's hair to engage in her own intra-office romances down at Oceanside Wellness.
14 of 15 Touchstone Pictures/Getty Images

Ben, Felicity and Noel, Felicity

Felicity rewrote her whole collegiate plan to follow her crush Ben to New York, where she ended up hooking up with Noel first. Our curly haired co-ed repeatedly broke his heart every time Ben showed any interest, so it's no surprise that she chose Ben in the end. What was surprising was it took time travel for her to realize he was the one. (Yeah, we don't get the final four episodes either.)
15 of 15 Ed Araquel/The CW; David Gray/Warner Bros.

Chloe, Clark and Lois, Smallville

Oh, unrequited love. Has it ever been more painful than for Chloe, harboring her feelings for Clark all those years? She eventually came to terms with the fact that they're nothing more than best friends, just as Lois entered the picture. Clois' slow-burning relationship finally picked up the pace in the last two seasons, as they fly toward their canonical happily-ever-after.