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We rounded up the most lovable brainiacs on the small screen

Shaun Harrison
1 of 16 Ron Tom/ABC


Ned, Pushing Daisies - Ned is the guy you want to take home to mombut he's nerdy because he's a loner, a pie maker, and clueless when it comes to women's emotions.
2 of 16 Mitch Haddad/Warner Bros.


Alan, Two and a Half Men - He combs his short hair back, wears tucked-in shirts and matching belts, and lets his ex-wife walk all over him. However, he's sweet and funny.
3 of 16 Mitchell Haaseth/NBC


Dwight, The Office - Dwight is a typical nerd who has limited social skills but also believes himself to be an expert at everything. His co-workers are constantly playing pranks on him because he is such an easy target.
4 of 16 Hopper Stone/NBC


Chuck, Chuck - On the outside he seems goofy and harmless, but on the inside his brain is full of government secrets making him an accidental CIA agent.
5 of 16 Justin Lubin/NBC


J.D., Scrubs - He daydreams, his main goal in life is to get a hug from Dr. Cox, he calls his best friend "Chocolate Bear" and he's super sweet.
6 of 16 Sergei Bachlakov/The CW


Justin, Aliens in America - The hairdo alone is great nerd fodder and his voice has been known to crack. But he sticks up for his sister and has become best friends with Raja, his exchange student.
7 of 16 Nicole Rivelli/NBC


Kenneth, 30 Rock - Although Kenneth works in NYC's famous 30 Rock location, his nerdy innocence is always obvious, like when he became addicted to coffee after the first taste.
8 of 16 Ron Batzdorff/Warner Bros.


Leonard and Sheldon, Big Bang Theory - Leonard and Sheldon are two ubernerds who share an apartment and an appreciation for quantum physics - and a crush on their cute-but-ditzy neighbor.
9 of 16 Cliff Lipson/CBS


Marshall, How I Met Your Mother - He's goofy, lumbering and seems like he spits all over his cast mates. But, he's the light of Lily's eyes, and he's won us over, too.
10 of 16 Discovery Channel


Adam and Jamie, Mythbusters - These ultimate nerds set up very elaborate, scientific experiments to test life's biggest myths.
11 of 16 Sergei Bachlakov/The CW


Sam, Reaper - Sam is badass because he captures escaped souls and sends them back to Hell, but he is definitely a nerd since he would much rather be hanging with his best friend Sock while working at the Workbench.
12 of 16 Dean Hendler/NBC


Morgan, Chuck - You might guess that he lives with his parents and he's a total dufus around hot girls, but he's won over a co-worker with his scratchy, bearded charm.
13 of 16 Les Stone/SCI FI Channel


Jason and Grant, Ghost Hunters - Plumbers by day, Ghost Hunters by night, these guys are on the lookout for spooky noises with their extensive ghost-hunting equipment. I think that just about sums up their level of nerdiness, no
14 of 16 Ron Tom/ABC


George, Grey's Anatomy - George is bumbling, unsavvy, and insecure, but he makes up for it with his fierce loyalty and puppy dog eyes.
15 of 16 Eric Leibowitz/The CW


Dan, Gossip Girl - He's a well-read book nerd, who talks a mile a minute but has won us over with his romantic side.
16 of 16 FOX


Stewie, Family Guy - Just because Stewie looks like a baby doesn't mean he acts like one. He is constantly trying to take over the world with his extensive vocabulary.