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Which Mother moments were our readers favorites

Shaun Harrison
1 of 11 Monty Brinton\CBS


11) "The Pineapple Incident": After a bender, Ted wakes up next to a strange girl and an even stranger piece of fruit. We figure out what happened with the girl, but, as Kdowner86 says, "Like Marshall, I really want to know the story behind the pineapple!
2 of 11 Cliff Lipson/CBS


10) "Spoiler Alert": When the gang breaks the news to Ted that his new girlfriend never seems to shut up, everyone starts harping on each others' annoying habits, like Marshall's made-up songs and Lily's "cufflinks up a vacuum cleaner" chewing style.
3 of 11 Bill Inoshita/CBS


9) "Slutty Pumpkin": In a spoof of It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, Ted attends the same party every Halloween hoping to see a girl he met there four years earlier. Wkemp says, "I love Barney in the hall in the Top Gun costume!"
4 of 11 Ron P. Jaffe/ CBS


8) "The Limo": Things don't go as planned when Ted books a New Year's limo and drags his friends around town in search of the night's best party, all to the tunes of Barney's classic-rock mix. Well, at least he got to kiss Robin!
5 of 11 Cliff Lipson/CBS


7) "Arrivederci, Fiero": When Marshall's car dies, the gang reminisces about his beloved Fiero. Fans see some bad college hair, hear The Proclaimers a few hundred times and watch "Barney trying to drive one of my all-time favorite scenes" (Randomlove).
6 of 11 Robert Voets/CBS


6) "Single Stamina": We learn more about Barney's past when his gay, black brother comes for a visit. But the real controversy about James Stinson He's in a committed relationship! "Wayne Brady totally matched NPH's brilliance," says Canthardlyreadit.
7 of 11 Monty Brinton\CBS


5) "Showdown": The gang sees Barney's vulnerable side when he goes on The Price Is Right and reveals his belief that Bob Barker is his father. As Nowaxmefunfeets says, "The idea that Barney needed someone to be proud of him was sweet."
8 of 11 Monty Brinton/CBS


4) "Lucky Penny": After missing a flight to Chicago, Ted and Robin try to figure out what went wrong in a series of hilarious retellings and flashbacks. Reader Gradyboy37 compared the story structure to "a human Rube Goldberg machine."
9 of 11 Monty Brinton\CBS


3) "Slapsgiving": Lily and Marshall's first Thanksgiving as a married couple goes bad when Marshall and Barney's slap war gets in the way. It's reader Thistletat's favorite episode "solely for Marshall's face when Lily says he may issue the slap."
10 of 11 Cliff Lipson/CBS


2) "Slapbet": Truly legendary. This episode introduced the world to the slapbet and Robin Sparkles. But why do our readers love it "Best secret ever to be revealed on TV" (Randomlove); "One of the best 30-minute sitcom episodes I've ever seen" (Famin).
11 of 11 Monty Brinton\CBS


1) "Swarley": In a surprise upset, this episode tied "Slapbet" for the No. 1 spot, garnering 26 percent of the vote. Maybe our readers can relate to "crazy eyes" - or maybe they just like watching Barney squirm with his new nickname. - Michelle Heller