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Check out the shows that celebrate the drama in the hallways

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As Friday Night Lights returns, we decided to look back at other series that conjure up old memories of heartbreak and hall passes.
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Beverly Hills, 90210 We watched and secretly dreamed of living life as a teen in the super-swanky zip code with a group of pals and very little parental involvement. Plus, it's always fun to see beautiful people playing hooky to hook up.
3 of 13 ABC Archive/Retna


My So-Called LifeFull of teen angst, this show depicted real issues we all faced. But really, who didn't want to stare into Jordan Catalano's dreamy eyes for an hour, even if it meant suffering through Angela's love-struck torment
4 of 13 courtesy Everett Collection


Saved by the Bell We were never buddies with our principal, but this show did combine two aspects of our high school memories: chasing a sweetheart and doing ridiculously stupid things. We owe every day we sat in detention to our inner Zack Morris.
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Buffy the Vampire SlayerJoss Whedon's use of demons, vampires and other beasties as metaphor for high school angst and other teenage issues was pure genius.
6 of 13 The CW/Everett Collection


Veronica Mars High school can be murder, and on this smart, noir-ish series, we mean that literally. Over its three-season run, gumshoe Veronica (Kristen Bell) investigated her best friend's brutal killing and the deaths of a  busload of classmates.
7 of 13 Giovanni Rufino/The CW


Gossip GirlOK, this is nothing like the high school we went to, but isn't escapism fun While we were typing up that overdue paper on Macbeth, these kids are worried sick about not booking the best Manhattan venue for their party. High school is tough!
8 of 13 courtesy Fox


The O.C.Just like in real life, this high school's two prettiest students, Ryan and Marissa (pictured), were destined for each other. And just like no high school in America, nerdy Seth gets his dream girl Summer.
9 of 13 ABC Archive/Retna


Welcome Back, KotterThis class of intelligence-challenged nitwits called themselves the Sweathogs, which was funny in the '70s
10 of 13 courtesy Everett Collection


Degrassi HighBack when TV teens still had acne, bad haircuts and pained social relations, this Canadian series tackled heavy issues.
11 of 13 courtesy Everett Collection


Square PegsNearly 20 years before Freaks and Geeks, this groundbreaking 1982 series dared to move the wallflowers of Weemawee High front and center. Hard to believe that one of those freaky geeks was Sarah Jessica Parker.
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DariaSarcastic and cynical, Daria was a breath of fresh air on airwaves. While other shows and characters obsessed over every detail of high school life, Daria couldn't care less and saw no need to fixate on such banalities.
13 of 13 Courtesy MTV


Laguna BeachWho would have thought a small reality soap opera would turn a few rich high schoolers squawking over boys and, well, boys into household names