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Check out all the exciting action from the annual nerdfest

Shaun Harrison
1 of 22 Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Fox


Simpsons creator Matt Groening poses with life-size versions of his creations at the animated show's panel.
2 of 22 Robert Benson/WireImage.com


Lost's Matthew Fox and Heroes' (and soon-to-be Spock) Zachary Quinto pause for a quick photo at a Comic-Con party.
3 of 22 Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Fox

Eliza Dushku made plenty of fanboys happy by signing autographs at the Dollhouse panel.

4 of 22 Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Fox


24's Tony and Jack (Carlos Bernard and Keifer Sutherland) took an "hour" off to sign a few autographs for fans.
5 of 22 Robert Benson/WireImage.com


Sexy Amber Heard (who can be seen next in Pineapple Express with Seth Rogen and James Franco) pauses for photos.
6 of 22 Robert Benson/WireImage.com


Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff looks out of this world in this little black number. Who says Kara Thrace is a tomboy
7 of 22 Robert Benson/WireImage.com

Stargate: Atlantis' Christopher Judge was all smiles while he walked the red carpet.

8 of 22 Robert Benson/WireImage.com


Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer is seen here doing what she does best on the show: looking too hot to be human!
9 of 22 Robert Benson/WireImage.com

Heroes' Masi Oka took a break from saving the world to attend one of the Comic-Con parties.

10 of 22 Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Fox


Fringe creator J.J. Abrams looks as though he has a question at the show's panel. Um, J.J., we think you're supposed to be fielding the questions.
11 of 22 Robert Benson/WireImage.com


Writer/director Frank Miller walks the red carpet before taking questions about his latest project, The Spirit.
12 of 22 Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Fox


Fringe's Joshua Jackson gets a little silly and tries to hide behind costar Anna Torv as the pair sign autographs.
13 of 22 Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Fox


Joss Whedon pauses for a quick snapshot while signing autographs for fans in the Dollhouse booth.
14 of 22 Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Fox


Is that Rambo No, it's just Thomas Dekker posing with his Sarah Connor Chronicles costars Garret Dillahunt, Shirley Manson, Summer Glau and Lena Headey.
15 of 22 Robert Benson/WireImage.co


Samuel L. Jackson gives a cool grin while speaking on The Spirit panel. We were hoping for a flashier outfit from the guy who plays The Octopus!
16 of 22 Michael Buckner/Getty Images


That knife was as close as actor Robert Englund came to his classic Freddy Kruger outfit at the Ludacris Party.
17 of 22 Robert Benson/WireImage.com


Paris Hilton fields questions regarding her new movie, Repo! The Genetic Opera during a panel discussion.
18 of 22 Robert Benson/WireImage.com


Spider-Man creator and Marvel Comics mastermind Stan Lee poses with his guest at the William Morris Party at the Hard Rock Hotel.
19 of 22 Robert Benson/WireImage.com


Carmen Electra and Kim Kardashian sex up the signing booth for Lionsgate's upcoming genre-spoofing release, Disaster Movie.
20 of 22 Mike Blake/REUTERS

A shot from above the convention floor catches all the eager fans around the DC Comics booth.

21 of 22 Mike Blake/REUTERS


It wouldn't be a convention without fans in costume! Here we have V from V From Vendetta and a, um, modern version of Raggedy Ann (Just kidding - she's Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas.)
22 of 22 Michael Buckner/Getty Images


Why so serious This Batfan chose to attend the festivities as the summer's most-talked-about villain, the Joker.