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Catch up with the cast of the sci-fi classic.

1 of 33 NBC

A decade ago, we couldn't get enough of Battlestar Galactica

Ten years after the last of humanity fought against the sexy, deadly Cylons, Battlestar Galactica has entered the ranks of sci-fi classics like Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who. How have the crews of the Galactica, Colonial One and Cylon Basestar fared since then?

2 of 33 NBC

Edward James Olmos as Admiral William Adama

Having served as Admiral (and father figure) William Adama of the Colonial Fleet, Olmos has had several supporting and recurring roles in indies and action movies like 2 Guns as well as TV shows such as Dexter.

3 of 33 ABC / Marvel

Edward James Olmos

While still involved in social activism and his production company, he's also set to appear in a mysterious role on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

4 of 33 NBC

Mary McDonnell as President Laura Roslin

Having led the remains of humanity to several sanctuaries as President Laura Roslin, McDonnell continued her TV streak, guest-starring on Grey's Anatomy and recurring on The Closer.

5 of 33 TNT

Mary McDonnell

Mary McDonnell's performance as Captain Sharon Raydor on The Closer eventually led to her own spin-off series, Major Crimes, which continues to air on TNT.

6 of 33 NBC

Tricia Helfer as Number Six

Best known for her multiplicitous performance as the Number Six Cylon model, Helfer credits Battlestar Galactica as her first breakout acting gig.

7 of 33 Syfy

Tricia Helfer

Now a staple in TV's roster of solid character actors, Helfer's credits include Suits, The Librarians, Criminal Minds and Syfy's mini-series Ascension.

8 of 33 NBC

Jamie Bamber as Apollo

Bamber, born and raised in England, reverted back to his natural accent for post-Galactica projects like Law & Order: UK and firefighting drama The Smoke.

9 of 33 The CW

Jamie Bamber

On our side of the pond, Bamber has appeared on NCIS, Rizzoli & Isles and the short-lived Monday Mornings. He was also featured on The CW's apocalyptic series, The Messengers.

10 of 33 NBC

Grace Park as Number Eight

No one suffered the consequences of Cylon life like Sharon Valerii/Number Eight, played by Grace Park.

11 of 33 CBS

Grace Park

Since shedding her Cylon skin, Park joined the casts of The Cleaner and Canadian crime drama The Border. She found renewed success with the reboot of Hawaii Five-0, playing the surfing HPD rookie Kono Kalakaua.

12 of 33 NBC

James Callis as Gaius Baltar

After his role as Gaius Baltar, the slimeball genius with a penchant for staying alive against all odds, Callis has steadily worked on American, British and Australian television.

13 of 33 CBS

James Callis

Callis's recent TV series appearances have included Eureka, Midsomer Murders, CSI, Arrow and The Musketeers.

14 of 33 NBC

Katee Sackhoff as Captain Thrace

Since playing brash viper pilot/harbinger of death Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, Sackhoff has branched out to a variety of genres including horror (Oculus), crime drama (Longmire) and sci-fi (Riddick).

15 of 33 Netflix

Katee Sackhoff

When she's not starring in Power Rangers fan films, Sackhoff works alongside fellow BSG alum Tricia Helfer as co-founder of their charity organization, Acting Outlaws.

16 of 33 NBC

Richard Hatch as Tom Zarek

The original Captain Apollo- turned-freedom fighter/terrorist/vice president, Tom Zarek continues to fly the BSG flag, hosting and appearing at conventions and Galactica-related events.

17 of 33 Splash

Richard Hatch

Following BSG, Hatch led and online indie docu-series called Who the Frak. He also ran acting workshops. In February 2017, Hatch passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

18 of 33 NBC

Lucy Lawless as Number Three

Lawless proved she could be more than a warrior princess as D'Anna Biers a.k.a. Cylon model Number Three. But what is she up to these days?

19 of 33 NBC

Lucy Lawless

Lawless found more success on TV in such varied roles as the fiery social climber Lucretia on Spartacus and the stoic yet sweet single mother Diane on Parks and Recreation. Most recently, Lawless has joined Salem's second season.

20 of 33 NBC

Michael Hogan as Colonel Saul Tigh

After channeling major curmudgeonly vibes as Colonel Saul Tigh, the veteran actor has made an impression in his many TV, film and video game appearances.

21 of 33 Corbis

Michael Hogan

Hands down, Michael Hogan's most memorable recent role is werewolf hunter Gerard Argent in Teen Wolf.

22 of 33 NBC

Aaron Douglas as Chief Galen Tyrol

Douglas raised our spirits and broke our hearts as the good-natured yet tortured Chief Galen Tyrol. When BSG ended, we couldn't wait to see him in another role. And boy did he give us a number to choose from!

23 of 33 Netflix

Aaron Douglas

Since Battlestar Galactica, Douglas appeared in the short-lived crime series The Bridge, supernatural horror series Hemlock Grove and the third season of The Killing. As if that wasn't enough, he's also in several "undead" shows, iZombie and The Returned, and did a guest spot on The Strain.

24 of 33 NBC

Kandyse McClure as Officer Dualla

As Officer Anastasia "Dee" Dualla, McClure had the thankless job of helping Lee shed his post-occupation weight gain (aka his terrible fat suit). Let's just say things got even more exciting for her after Battlestar Galactica.

25 of 33 Netflix

Kandyse McClure

While starring in Season 1 of Netflix's Hemlock Grove, McClure also costars in the so-bad-it's-good supernatural movie Seventh Son with Jeff Bridges and recent Oscar winner Julianne Moore.

26 of 33 NBC

Tahmoh Penikett as Karl Agathon

Following his role as Karl "Helo" Agathon, the square-jawed father of the first Cylon-human hybrid, Penikett has further explored to the sci-fi/fantasy genre.

27 of 33 The CW

Tahmoh Penikett

Penikett appeared in Joss Whedon's Dollhouse, Syfy original movie Riverworld, sci-fi romance Star-Crossed, and The CW stalwart Supernatural. If you were paying close attention, you probably noticed his super-quick part in Man of Steel alongside fellow Galactica alum Alessandro Juliani.

28 of 33 NBC

Mark Sheppard as Romo Lampkin

Besides his memorable role as lawyer Romo Lampkin on BSG, Sheppard is known for serving as a mainstay of sci-fi and fantasy TV.

29 of 33 The CW

Mark Sheppard

From Firefly and Dollhouse to Chuck and Warehouse 13, Sheppard is the man to call for a colorful guest role. That being said, sci-fi fans know him best as the likable yet evil demon Crowley on Supernatural.

30 of 33 NBC

Nicki Clyne as Cally

After portraying the naive yet scrappy crewman Cally, Clyne has kept a relatively low profile. The projects she has done, however, have been pretty cool.

31 of 33 Syfy

Nicki Clyne

Clyne sometimes hosts Syfy Online Network's Blastr TV and regularly attends the annual BSG convention, Galacticon. She's also very active on Twitter.

32 of 33 NBC

Michael Trucco as Samuel Anders

Whether he was playing resistance fighter Samuel T. Anders on BSG or a How I Met Your Mother crush, this heartthrob drove us to check our pulses every time he was on screen.

33 of 33 ABC

Michael Trucco

Trucco has recurred and guest-starred on many shows post-BSG, such as Castle, Revenge, Criminal Minds and, most recently, Scandal.