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Without these guys your fave characters would be nothing

Shaun Harrison
1 of 12 20th Century Fox/Everett Collection


Robin (Batman) Sidekick to: BatmanThe "Boy Wonder" was always by the Caped Crusader's side, and chock full of ridiculous helpful exclamations. Plus, how would these heroes ever save the day without knowing if the turbines were up to speed
2 of 12 Everett Collection


Barney Fife (The Andy Griffith Show)Sidekick to: Andy TaylorIn Mayberry, it's OK if your deputy's a bit looney. The important thing is that he was always willing to use his bullet (once he got it out of his pocket) to nip trouble in the bud.
3 of 12 Fox


Waylon Smithers (The Simpsons)Sidekick to: Montgomery BurnsSmithers is the quintessential assistant for one of the world's worst bosses. Though his admiration for Burns goes unnoticed, Smithers stays true to his (self-proclaimed) best friend.
4 of 12 Everett Collection


Eddie Haskell (Leave It to Beaver)Sidekick to: Wally CleaverSure, he was an ungenuine brown-noser and often got his buddies into trouble. But who doesn't like hanging out with the guy who knows how to have all the fun
5 of 12 Cartoon Network


Shaggy (Scooby-Doo)Sidekick to: Scooby-DooShaggy was definitely a little dim-witted (he is the only entrant on our list that plays sidekick to an animal, after all), but he always overcame his fears to help Scoob and the gang save the day.
6 of 12 ABC Archive/Retna


Fred "Rerun" Stubbs (What's Happening!!)Sidekick to: RajOne of a sidekick's roles is to make his pal look better. As the red beret-wearing brunt of every joke, Rerun pretty much had that nailed. 
7 of 12 Alan Zenuk/USA Network


Burton "Gus" Guster (Psych)Sidekick to: Shawn SpencerUnlike others on this list, Gus is often reluctant to blindly follow after Shawn. But that reluctance often provides a voice of reason that  keeps his buddy from making a fool of himself.
8 of 12 Paramount/Everett Collection


Spock (Star Trek)Sidekick to: Captain James T. KirkAll libido and swagger, Captain Kirk definitely knew how to travel the universe in style. But it was his logical first officer who got him out of sticky situations time and again.
9 of 12 Justin Lubin/NBC


Dwight Schrute (The Office)Sidekick to: Michael ScottDwight has a bit of a man crush (or at the very least, hero worship) for his tragically lame boss Michael. But, he's got Michael's back, especially if it means utterly humiliating himself.
10 of 12 Fox


Chloe O'Brian (24)Sidekick to: Jack BauerJack wouldn't make it through his drama-filled days without nerdy computer tech Chloe. We've got to give her props for putting up with Jack ("Dammit!"), even when it could cost her a job.
11 of 12 Claudette Barius/HBO


Turtle (Entourage)Sidekick to: Vinny ChaseWhen you're trying to navigate the shark-infested waters of Hollywood, you want to have someone you trust by your side. Turtle is trustworthy, loyal, up on trends and is always good for comic relief.
12 of 12 Paul Drinkwater/NBC


Ando (Heroes)Sidekick to: Hiro NakamuraWhen you have the power to stop time and teleport, why would you need a sidekick You really wouldn't, unless of course you - like Hiro - don't know how to drive.  Where would the world be without Ando