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The Tyra Banks reality show will always be on top in our hearts.

1 of 29 The CW

Elyse's rant

Only two episodes in, and Elyse was already fed up with her fellow contestants, letting off an epic rant in which she read her housemates one by one. This included insulting Robin's religion, calling Gisele a "worthless c---'," bemoaning Adrienne's obsession with Jay and Silent Bob and calling everyone "f---ing bitches."

2 of 29 The CW

Robin refuses to pose nude

Robin's holier-than-thou attitude got her in major trouble after she refused to pose for a nude photo shoot. But Tyra Banks was quick to call out Robin's hypocrisy, saying that she saw Robin shimmy her bare breasts at Mr. Jay. "I saw them go round and round and up and down," Tyra declared, before sending Robin packing.

3 of 29 The CW

Shandi cheats

Shandi may have had a longtime boyfriend, Eric, but that didn't stop her from sleeping with a random man in Italy. Riddled by guilt, Shandi called Eric the next day to admit her indiscretion, prompting him to wail in a high-pitched voice that will haunt us forever.

4 of 29 The CW

Camille's signature walk

Camille's loud mouth tended to get her in trouble, but it was this ridiculous statement she made at a go-see that made Camille truly iconic.

5 of 29 The CW

"Shake Ya Body"

As many before and after her have done, Tyra attempted to use her reality show to jump-start a music career. Proving her benevolence, Ty Ty even granted some Cycle 2 contestants the honor of co-starring in the "Shake Ya Body" music video as part of that week's challenge.

6 of 29 The CW

Yaya and the hat

During an incredibly tense judges' panel, one of the guest judges accused Yaya of being "overbearing" with her African-ness, even though Yaya chose to accessorize herself with a cowboy hat and not the Kente cloth hat. But rather than call out the guest judge, Tyra accused Yaya of getting defensive. She decided to resolve the issue by forcing Yaya to apologize to the hat.

7 of 29 The CW

The mutilated brownies

When Cassie left a mess after making her precious $6 low-carb brownies, Ann and Eva carved "clean your sh--" into the dessert with a knife. Cassie then lost her damn mind and the incident quickly spiraled out of control.

8 of 29 The CW

Cassandra's haircut

After freaking out during the makeover episode, Cassandra eventually gave in and let them give her a pixie cut. However, when Tyra wanted to take an extra inch off the following week, Cassandra hit her limit. The pageant girl threw a hissy fit and quit the competition. But don't feel bad for Cassandra. She later married to Arrow star Stephen Amell.

9 of 29 The CW

The bar fight

Back when the girls were allowed to go to bars, a stranger began to heckle the models. It was somehow decided that they would settle the dispute by having Tiffany and the woman participate in a dance-off. However, this ended quickly after the rando poured beer on Tiffany's weave, starting a full-on bar fight.

10 of 29 The CW

Eva cries over the tarantula

Eva may have put on a tough façade throughout the competition, but she quickly broke down in tears after discovering she would have to pose with a tarantula. Eva never quite managed to pull herself together, but she at least got a great shot.

11 of 29 The CW

Rebecca faints

During judges' panel, Rebecca's eyes rolled back into her head and she fell flat on her back. Apparently, this is something that happens to her a lot, but that didn't stop Rebecca's faint from being one of the most genuinely scary moments on the series.

12 of 29 The CW

Michelle's flesh-eating bacteria

When Michelle woke up with a few scabs on her face, the other women became convinced that she had a deadly flesh-eating bacteria. After she's finally allowed to go to the dermatologist, Michelle is diagnosed with the (non-fatal) disease impetigo and all the girls feel salty as hell.

13 of 29 The CW

Tyra yells at Tiffany

Maybe the most iconic Top Model moment, Tyra's infamous freak-out on Tiffany after her elimination is truly one for the books. Tiffany attempted to defend herself, but her excuses only enraged Tyra more until the host reached her "I've never yelled at a girl like this before" level of angry.

14 of 29 The CW

Lisa pees in a diaper

Lisa, who somehow won the all stars season, made Top Model history when she became the first contestant to purposely wet herself. During a shoot with the Wild Boys, Lisa put on a diaper, peed and then did a celebratory dance for no reason at all.

15 of 29 The CW


After someone stole Bre's granola bar, the entire house collectively went insane. Thinking it was Nicole, Bre dumped out all her Red Bulls. When Kim witnessed Bre do this, Bre tackled her and issued some Godfather-worthy threats. The mystery of who stole Bre's granola bar remains to this day the most pressing question in Top Model mythology.

16 of 29 The CW

Tyra faints

Tyra loves to inspire fear in her contestants as much as she likes to inspire them. During one meeting with the girls, Tyra pretended to pass out, before popping up and shouting: "Today, you guys are going to learn about acting!"

17 of 29 The CW

Jade's CoverGirl commercial

Jade might think that she's an incredible actress, but her CoverGirl commercial tells a different story. But while we all laugh at her cheesy attempts at improvisation, Jade really does have the last laugh, since her commercial is the only one we're still talking about years later.

18 of 29 The CW

The ridiculously high heels

Back when Top Model still used to have judges' tests, Tyra forced the women to walk the runway in insanely high heels. As a result, Danielle fell twice and sprained her foot. The wannabe supermodel then had to spot the oh-so fashionable accessory of crutches for a few weeks.

19 of 29 The CW


When asked to come up with a model name for herself, Dionne went with Wholahay. As if the name wasn't weird enough, Dionne said she choose the name after seeing a news story about a teenage girl named Wholahay who was married off to a middle-aged man. Tyra (rightfully) vetoed the name Wholahay and (wrongfully) renamed her Brown.

20 of 29 The CW

Tyra, the kangaroo

Tyra always loves to reveal where the models are traveling to in a bizarre way, but the best had to be when she bounced into the room in a kangaroo costume followed by a real kangaroo.

21 of 29 The CW

Celia tattles on Thalia

First rule of Top Model: Never talk back to Tyra. Celia learned this the hard way when she attempted to stop Kortnie from being eliminated from the competition. Celia argued that Tahlia (who had earned best photo that week) should be eliminated instead, since she had told the other girls that she's ready to go home. Tyra remained stone-faced and shut Celia down like a true G.

22 of 29 The CW

Allison's blood obsession

During Allison's audition, she confessed to Tyra that she has "a really big fascination with blood." She even created an artistic rendering of Tyra with a bloody nose after the host confessed to getting a lot of nosebleeds as a child.

23 of 29 The CW

The blackface photo shoot

On the short girls cycle, Tyra had the contestants participate in a "biracial" photo shoot, in which the contestants were made up to look like different races. Tyra later apologized, saying "It's my number one passion in my life to stretch the definition of beauty."

24 of 29 The CW

Alexanda gets knocked off the runway

Top Model is always thinking of inventive new ways to make the simple act of walking feel like a high-stakes obstacle course. In Cycle 14, Tyra forced the contestants to walk a runway featuring two giant pendulums swinging across it. And not only did Alexandra fall down the stairs walking to the catwalk, but then one of the pendulums knocked her clear off the runway.

25 of 29 The CW

Pot Ledom

After the middling success of her own Top Model music video, Tyra decided to up the ante by forcing contestants to make their own music videos. The twist: Each model had to incorporate YouTube star Keenan Cahill and the phrase "pot ledom" (that's top model backwards) into the video. We all be like whoa.

26 of 29 The CW

Phil's hug fail

Phil and Jiana's dysfunctional relationship came to an end in truly epic fashion when she was eliminated by only a tenth of a point. Phil attempted to comfort her with a hug, but an oblivious Jiana merely slid through his arms into a crying crouch. The result: one of the greatest GIFs of all time.

27 of 29 The CW

The beard weave

The show's makeovers (or "tyovers" as Tyra calls them) are known for turning regularly attractive people into mockeries of good judgement and taste. The most memorable of all these is when Tyra forced Denzel to have a lacefront sewn onto his face. Yup. She gave this poor man a beard weave.

28 of 29 The CW

Nyle DiMarco

Literally everything about Nyle, the show's first deaf contestant, is iconic. But mainly those eyes and those abs.

29 of 29 The CW

Every time Tyra smized

Smize has become such a commonplace term that it's easy to forget it's just an idiotic portmanteau Tyra Banks invented on a UPN show. Tyra has since attempted to replicate smize's success with flawsome, H2T, booch, tooch and beautytainment.