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Catch up with Stifler, his mom, and everyone else

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Oh, to go back to those innocent days of hormone-charged, high-school depravity... What are the stars of American Pie up to now? Let's take a look.

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Jason Biggs, then

In Pie, Biggs is Jim Levenstein, the guy who just can't help himself around fresh-baked pastry. To this day, his characters continue to have issues with self-control.

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Jason Biggs, now

Biggs appeared on the first two seasons of Orange Is the New Black as Larry, Piper's ultimately unfaithful fiancé.

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Seann William Scott, then

Scott steals the show as Steve Stifler, the jerky jock who (thinks he) knows everything -- except for what's really in that beer.

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Seann William Scott, now

Scott was among the biggest breakout Pie stars. He and his killer smile went on to headline the big-screen comedies The Dukes of Hazzard, Role Models, Goon and more.

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Chris Klein, then

In the late 1990s, if you wanted a jock who was sweeter than Stifler, you got Klein's character Chris "Oz" Ostreicher. (Klein also played a similar role in Election.)

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Chris Klein, now

So, yeah, Rollerball was a dud, and, yeah, his audition for Mamma Mia! was viral fodder, and, yeah, his engagement to Katie Holmes was doomed. But Klein's still acting (Wilfred) and, as of 2016, expecting a child with wife Laina Rose Thyfault.

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Thomas Ian Nicholas, then

Nicholas plays Kevin Myer, Pie's guy with the plan: Must. Lose. Virginity. By. Prom. Night. It wasn't the last time he'd play a guy with creative vision.

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Thomas Ian Nicholas, now

In 2015's Walt Before Mickey, Nicholas plays budding genius Walt Disney.

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Eddie Kaye Thomas, then

Thomas' character Paul Finch appreciates fine liquor, private restrooms and Stifler's mother. These days, the actor continues to excel at playing discerning types.

11 of 33 Taylor Hill, Getty Images

Eddie Kaye Thomas, now

Thomas has starred as expert behaviorist Toby Curtis on CBS' Scorpion since 2014.

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Tara Reid, then

In Pie, Reid's character Vicky Lathum looks for love and orgasms as Kevin's girlfriend. Career-wise, the actress was about to face a tougher road.

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Tara Reid, now

Reid veered from Robert Altman (Dr. T & the Women) to rehab to the Sharknado movies and reality TV (Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars).

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Alyson Hannigan, then

Hannigan's band-camp girl Michelle Flaherty is savvier than she seems. Today, the actress brings that same sweet-but-not-naive vibe to her more recent characters.

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Alyson Hannigan, now

The next stop for TV vet Hannigan (pictured with daughter Keeva Jane) is a small-screen version of the divorce primer The First Wives Club.

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Mena Suvari, then

The same year Suvari starred as Heather - the choir kid who duets with Oz - she also played the sexy, sexualized teen cheerleader in Oscar winner American Beauty.

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Mena Suvari, now

Suvari has yet to have a career year like 1999. Of late, she's played doomed aspiring actress Elizabeth Short, aka "The Black Dahlia," on American Horror Story.

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Shannon Elizabeth, then

The criminal exploitation of Elizabeth's exchange-student Nadia via a primitive computer cam is played for laughs in Pie. Today, conversely, the actress is a crusader.

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Shannon Elizabeth, now

Elizabeth founded the nonprofit Animal Avengers, originally a cat-and-dog rescue that has broadened its mission into work with Africa's endangered wildlife.

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Natasha Lyonne, then

In the movie, Finch pretends to be a wise-beyond-his-years-teen, but Lyonne's sex-tip-dispensing Jessica is the real deal. Since then, the star hasn't lost her touch.

21 of 33 Jessica Miglio, Netflix

Natasha Lyonne, now

On Orange Is the New Black, Lyonne's recovering heroin addict, Nicky, is one of the best parts of the show.

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Jennifer Coolidge, then

In Pie, Stifler's mom (Coolidge) gives Finch the eye, and then some. More recently, the comic actress has kept right on playing the absurd.

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Jennifer Coolidge, now

A favorite of director Christopher Guest (Best in Show), Coolidge currently gets laughs as Max and Caroline's neighbor on CBS' Two Broke Girls.

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Eugene Levy, then

You can almost see Levy push Jason Biggs to the brink of breaking character -- and breaking into laughs -- as Biggs' patient, porn-supplying father. In the years since, the SCTV vet hasn't stopped the quest for yucks.

25 of 33 Vincent Sandoval, Getty Images

Eugene Levy, now

Levy's latest comedy is the acclaimed series Schitt's Creek.

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Chris Owen, then

In Pie, the all-talk Sherman -- or "Shermanator" -- gets what he deserves. In real life, the actor was unfairly ridiculed.

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Chris Owen, now

In 2013, Owen, whose credits include two of the Pie sequels, and the Pie spin-off American Pie Presents: Band Camp, was mocked by a gossip site for working as a waiter.

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Eric Lively, then

In Pie, Albert (Lively) is ready to go on in place of Oz at the big singing competition. In 2014, Lively was ready with a camera to document a big celeb moment.

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Eric Lively, now

Lively went on to star on The L Word and in The Butterfly Effect 2. He also snapped the photo that doubled as a pregnancy announcement for his sister Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds.

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John Cho, then

It's not that Cho doesn't have a big role in Pie; it's that he doesn't really have a role at all. Luckily for him, he was about to break out.

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John Cho, now

The Harold & Kumar star is about to embark on his third big-screen mission as Sulu in Star Trek Beyond.

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Casey Affleck, then

Affleck's Pie cameo is uncredited, but crucial: He leads his brother Kevin to the Kama Sutra of East Great Falls High. Nowadays, Affleck is about to go on a great journey himself.

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Casey Affleck

The Oscar-nominated actor has been tapped to star in an epic, Tom Hanks-produced HBO miniseries, Lewis and Clark, about the explorers who mapped out the West.