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What do the Idol hopefuls want in their makeover and what should they get instead when Tommy Hilfiger comes on as their image advisor?

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It's about time that American Idol hired an image advisor. Now, even if not all the contestants sound like stars, they could maybe look like them! But before designer Tommy Hilfiger works his magic, we asked what the Idol wannabes thought about their style and offered our own thoughts on the upcoming Top 12 makeovers. Whose image needs an overhaul? Who just needs minor tweaking?
2 of 13 Michael Becker/FOX

DeAndre Brackensick

He says: I'd wear a bald wig if you want me to, but I can't get rid of my hair. The hair is just me. I can't do it... And I'd look horrible [with straight hair]. I'll put it in a bun if I need to. We say: We agree: Keep the hair but style it loose, in a ponytail or perhaps a single braid. But for the love of Sanjaya, don't overdo it. No fauxhauwks, please! Since DeAndre's hair is so iconic, we'd keep his clothing simple and youthful, but elevate it a little so he doesn't look sloppy. Perhaps skinny ties with fitted vests and lightweight blazers paired with dark jeans. Solid neutrals with a pop of color.
3 of 13 Michael Becker/FOX

Hollie Cavanagh

She says: I'm up for anything when it comes to clothes and style and shoes, but I do love my stilettoes and sparkles on my dresses. We say: We'd ease up on the sparkles or at least use them sparingly. Since Hollie is so tiny, she tends to look like a little girl playing dress-up as a tiny old lounge singer. Play up her age with a lighter color palette and maybe go for a mod '60s-style silhouette. Slap on those heels she wants and then add something unexpected: a colorful belt? One of those connected bracelet-ring combos?
4 of 13 Michael Becker/FOX

Colton Dixon

He says:: My hair is a mullet-faux-mohawk... it's a faux-mullet. We say: Colton's punky skunk spot lends to that rocker vibe he already has working for him. We might dress up the jeans slightly, add more color, fingerless gloves, perhaps even a jacket with a camo print or embroidery. And we wouldn't want this for every performance but it'd be fun if he'd occasionally channel Bowie and throw on some guyliner.
5 of 13 Michael Becker/FOX

Heejun Han

He says: I hope they can get some clothes that actually fit me, because it's been tight the whole night. The pants being tight, I feel really bad for my sperms. We say: We love Heejun, but the snoozer clothes he's been wearing in the performance shows don't come close to matching his fun personality. Lose the boring dark suit jackets and give him some color and a more relaxed style. Let him wear beanies; that's how we first got to know and love him. We see him in layers, interesting color combos but still classic. While we're at it, let's get Jimmy Iovine to control Heejun's song choice. The boy needs help there, too.
6 of 13 Michael Becker/FOX

Jermaine Jones

He says: If it's beneficial to my career and it doesn't make me look like a cartoon character, I'm down for [a makeover]. We say: What does the Big & Tall store have to offer again? Jermaine has a big personality and an even bigger voice, so let's stick with strong and bold colors: black, white, red, blue and purple. Snazz him up with a suit; we're thinking Boardwalk Empire-esque smart that will give him some swag.
7 of 13 Michael Becker/FOX

Skylar Laine

She says: I'm open to all kinds of suggestions, but if I really don't like something, I will tell them. I really want to stay true to my roots and stay true to who I am and keep it that country Southern rock. [The other] night I wore a prom dress, so it was crazy and it went with the song. We say: No. Absolutely not. No one, we repeat, no one should be wearing prom dresses on the Idolstage. Her follow-up outfit with the snakeskin-print leggings and white shoulder-padded monstrosity has got to go too. We get it; Skylar has pep and personality, but that should not translate into tacky. Keep her in denim and khakis but add bright and/or sequined tops, crazy boots, fun fringe or oversized earrings — but not all at once! Her energy should never have to overcome her outfit.
8 of 13 Michael Becker/FOX

Joshua Ledet

He says: I'm kind of low-key on the fashion. I just like the blazers and the jeans and not really nothing big, glitz and glam. We say: We partially agree with his simple aesthetic, especially with the smart, fitted cuts. But they tend to read a bit "safe" and judging from the first week's vote, it's clear his amazing singing ability won't save him. He needs to be remembered, and that means more personality. Move away from too conservative and give him an unusal jacket color or a print that won't strobe on TV. Small touches like chic, two-tone shoes or a hat would bring out that cool, Louisiana musician's vibe we know he has in him.
9 of 13 Michael Becker/FOX

Shannon Magrane

She says: I would like the stylist to keep my youth, being a 16-year-old girl, in mind adding some hipness to my appearance. I still wear heels and try to accentuate my tallness. I'm proud of being tall. It makes you stick out but the disadvantage is when you try to find yourself a boyfriend. All the boys are so much shorter than you. We say: Stay away from the pageant gowns from the first week of competition and the following week's Jazzercize Barbie look. We do agree with keeping her covered because of her youth, and she looks good with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. Like a model, she'd look good in most styles, but since Hilfiger is her consultant, why not steal from his equestrienne collection? Fitted pants and smart jackets are casual but still elegant and the knee-high boots will emphasize her height but not make her tower too much over Ryan Seacrest.
10 of 13 Michael Becker/FOX

Phillip Phillips

He says: I'm just in t-shirts and jeans and pants and all that. I don't like being about image. I just want the music to speak to everyone. We say: Phillip knows what works for him, so we'd just oomph it up a bit. Add a denim jacket layered over a hoodie or a graphic-print t. Also, why not accessorize the guitar with a colorful strap?
11 of 13 Michael Becker/FOX

Jessica Sanchez

She says: They're only looking out for the best for me, so I'm open to suggestions. But I don't want to be provocative and showing skin and all that. Got to keep it young but also new and fresh. We say: Although Jessica looked pretty in her blue gown, let's give her a little more casual variety. She won't be singing divalicious torch songs every week (we hope). She has an urban music side to her, so dresses should be slightly shorter, but not showgirl-short. Jewel-toned tops over leggings or skinny jeans with booties or wedges would be fun, but stay away from too casual (i.e. t-shirts) because that would make her look too immature.
12 of 13 Michael Becker/FOX

Elise Testone

She says: My style is earthy, fun, colorful and I'll take chances. We say: We're feeling her hippie vibe, and think it's a good fit. She just needs to be careful or it could read too old and eccentric. That hat she loves to wear all the time needs an update, and her clothes should be more fitted and less flowing: shorter jackets, more tailored skits and pants, but touches like fringe or an embroidered dress.
13 of 13 Michael Becker/FOX

Erika Van Pelt

She says: To tell you the truth, I've had every haircut imaginable, I've had every color of the rainbow. I am not afraid. They can do whatever they want with me. If they want, they can shave my head. I can go with the whole Sinead O'Connor look. I'm kind of a rocker chick, I like to go out on a limb. We say: Really, Idol? Erika is that open and adventurous and you stuck her in that depresssing, confusing, red Miss USA-reject gown? For shame! We see her in bold tunic tops with some razzle dazzle around the neckline and sleeves, straight-leg jeans and some killer heels or boots. Have fun with her hair and give her streaks and mini-accents. And if you want to go classy, a deep purple wrap dress will show off some cleavage (but not too much lest there be wardrobe malfunctions) or a simple empire-waist gown with an A-line skirt would be flattering.