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The Idol stylists finally get their hands on the Top 13. Whose makeover was the most dramatic?

Shaun Harrison
1 of 14 Michael Becker/Fox


Let's be real: American Idol isn't just about singing. It's about finding a star, someone who both sings and looks like one. Were any of the Season 10 contestants up to snuff? Check out what happened when the show's stylists finally got their hands on the finalists. Whose makeover was the most dramatic? Who still needs their image tweaked?
2 of 14 Michael Becker/Fox; Ray Mickshaw/Fox

Casey Abrams

From Gimmicky to GQ: The Idyllwild native previously kept his clothes mellow and understated, but accessorized with quirky props. Melodica or a bed, anyone? His new look still keeps things simple — all black — but with chic touches like the flipped up collar and fob. Sweet or Sour Note? Sweet. The stylists streamlined his silhouette knowing that it's his voice that stands out. Also, they wisely did not mess with the cuddly Seth Rogen hair and beard.
3 of 14 Michael Becker/Fox; Ray Mickshaw/Fox

Naima Adedapo

From Blinding to Bedazzled: Naima is a girl who adores her accessories and never abided by the "remove one item before leaving the house" rule. Surprisingly, her new look is still busy, adding on even more jewelry, gloves, layers and sparkles. Sweet or Sour Note? Sweet and sour. Don't get us wrong, we like Naima to have flair, but not a whole TGIFriday's worth of trimmings. At least they muted her palette from Technicolor to sepia.
4 of 14 Michael Becker/Fox; Ray Mickshaw/Fox

Lauren Alaina

From Adolescent to Adult:At 16, Lauren's fashion sense is still developing, ranging from rainbows and animal prints to smudgy eyes and tousled hair. The makeover tones down the hair and makeup and gives her grown-up accessories. Sweet or Sour Note? Sweet. Lauren's look still needs some work, but her image is more focused without sacrificing her fun personality.
5 of 14 Michael Becker/Fox; Ray Mickshaw/Fox

James Durbin

From raw to rocker: James already knew what worked for him and his huge voice — spiked hair, bandanas, vests, fingerless gloves and simple jewelry. His new look is just a refinement or rock 'n roll, taking the hair down a notch, giving the vest a muted design and adding a fringey scarf. Sweet or Sour Note? Sweet. This is a more pulled-together James, so the transformation isn't really a 'wow,' but it works. We’ve got to admit though that we kind of miss the tail.
6 of 14 Michael Becker/Fox; Ray Mickshaw/Fox

Ashthon Jones

From Skintight to Senior: Ashthon of the big hair and tiny clothes always knew how to set off her slim but curvy form. When the stylists Diana Ross-ed her, however, she slipped into a looser and more draped gown. Sweet or Sour Note? Sour. Sure, we get that retro vibe they were going for, but this miserable gown — from the fit to the color — aged her. Old-school Diana Ross would be supremely unhappy.
7 of 14 Michael Becker/Fox; Ray Mickshaw/Fox

Stefano Langone

From Dull to Disneyland: Stefano doesn't really have a personal style. His clothes have always been rather neat, generic and unmemorable. For his makeover, he gets a few bits of flavor — fun sneakers, an untucked shirt with contrast sleeves, skinny tie and (pleather?) vest. Sweet or Sour Note? Sour. Once again, he looks okay, but it's still Youthful Generic. Maybe he can't help it with that baby face of his, but the clothes don't exactly scream "Stefano." It shouldn't be so apparent that someone else dressed him.
8 of 14 Michael Becker/Fox; Ray Mickshaw/Fox

Jacob Lusk

From Preppy to Powerhouse: Since Day 1, the Compton native has been put-together with head-turning vests and fitted dress shirts. Now that he's on the big stage, those vests and dress shirts have advanced to tailored suits and eye-popping ties. Sweet or Sour Note? Sweet. Jacob's old-school vocal style and larger-than-life personality lends itself well to suits and bright colors.
9 of 14 Michael Becker/Fox; Ray Mickshaw/Fox

Scotty McCreery

From Country Bumpkin to Country Superstar
10 of 14 Michael Becker/Fox; Ray Mickshaw/Fox

b>Paul McDonald

From Hick to Hipster: Don’t even try to take away the Alabama native's jackets. Since he first stole the show with his rose-adorned white coat, stylists have only added to his variety of jackets, throwing in a black blazer and a navy blue confederate-style jacket to make him more mainstream. Sweet or Sour Note? Sweet. Paul's style is still eclectic. And let's face it: whatever attire he's wearing comes a distant second to those blinding pearly whites.
11 of 14 Michael Becker/Fox; Ray Mickshaw/Fox

Thia Megia

From Bohemian to Beauty Queen: The California girl had a style all her own, mixing tank tops and cargos, with lacy pieces and funky accessories. But when she hit the top 13, it looked like she left her style at home. A long white and purple gown and zero accessories? Sweet or Sour Note? Sour. Thia is the competition's first-ever 15-year-old and the stylists should be working harder to help her embrace her youth (think 14-year-old Hailee Steinfeld at the Oscars) rather than hide it.
12 of 14 Michael Becker/Fox; Ray Mickshaw/Fox

Haley Reinhart

From Simple to Sexpot: The 20-year-old has never been one to shy away from showing a little skin, whether in a halter top or black mini-dress. The makeover kicked things up a few notches with a strapless (and very low) navy evening gown, paired with funky feather earrings. Sweet or Sour Note? Sour. There are enough females in the competition going the prom-dress route week after week (looking at you, Pia and Karen) and Haley displays a distinct personality and singing style that deserve a more original look.
13 of 14 Michael Becker/Fox; Ray Mickshaw/Fox

Karen Rodriguez

From Eclectic to Evening: The New York native mastered street chic with cropped leather jackets, fitted dresses, tights and cute boots. Post-makeover, Karen is dressed to impress with sparkling one-pieces, statement jewelry (dangling earrings and bedazzled bracelets) and slicked-back hair Sweet or Sour Note? Sweet. There's no question Karen can grab the spotlight with her new look, but here's hoping her curls make a comeback.
14 of 14 Michael Becker/Fox; Ray Mickshaw/Fox

Pia Toscano

From Glitz to Glamorous: Out of the top 12 finalists, her style has undergone the least revisions, and with good reason. Since her first appearance, the make-up artist has always played to her strengths: figure-hugging (but not over-the-top) dresses, smoky eyes and highlighting her gorgeous dark locks. Sweet or Sour Note? Sweet. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Pia knows how to strike a balance between steamy and classy.