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TVGuidecom readers rank the remaining wannabes

1 of 10 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 5) Syesha Mercado landed in the last spot once again with only 3.8 percent of the vote. We'd like to know her super-secret power source that kept her on the show longer than Carly!
2 of 10 Ray Mickshaw/Fox


TVGuide.com readers rate Syesha: "I'm happy to see Syesha in for another week. Maybe after this good performance she will be able to express herself better." (Darcey) "Poor Syesha. Hoping her personality doesn't go back in hiding." (Rushmore)
3 of 10 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 4) Brooke White got a bit of a bump from Carly's voters and rose to 6.7 percent in our Power Rankings. Now if she can just get through a song without stopping....
4 of 10 Ray Mickshaw/Fox


TVGuide.com readers rate Brooke: "She's having a nuclear meltdown and what's with that stupid pouting and biting her lips" (mspisces) "Brooke had several extremely memorable and moving performances early on that built up her stock." (MahlerFan)
5 of 10 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 3) Jason Castro is still hanging on after his disastrous performance of "Memory." He comes in at third place with 12.7 percent of the vote.
6 of 10 Ray Mickshaw/Fox


TVGuide.com readers rate Jason: "There is no explanation for Jason continuing." (jtoo) "I love Jason. He has a great style and many people find it appealing." (Dixiebelle31)
7 of 10 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 2) Archie wowed Randy and Paula with his version of "Think of Me," but he still saw his biggest dip in our Power Rankings in over a month. He only garnered 20.9 percent of the vote.
8 of 10 Ray Mickshaw/Fox


TVGuide.com readers rate David A.: "His choices are seriously nauseating, made even more painful by his lack of depth." (Tmsassan) "I vote for David A. because I like him, and for no other reason." (angelcrossing)
9 of 10 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 1) David Cook is at the top of our Power Rankings once again with a huge lead: 55.8 percent! Is there any stopping this standout from taking the entire competition
10 of 10 Ray Mickshaw/Fox


TVGuide.com readers rate David C.: "David Cook, who I originally thought was obnoxious, is growing on me." (Carlaria) "I'm sorry, Randy, but David C. is the one to beat, not David A." (catmom)