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TVGuidecom readers rate the remaining wannabes

1 of 14 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 7: Syesha Mercado was crazy enough to take on a mega-hit song by Fantasia and ended up at the bottom of our rankings with only 1.1 percent of the vote. Michael Johns took that last bullet for her, but has time run out for Syesha
2 of 14 Frank Micelotta/Fox


TVGuide.com readers rate Syesha: "Syesha, once AGAIN, picked a larger-than-life diva soul belter signature song and rightly felt the effects of such a poor choice." (Dianora)
3 of 14 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 6: Even though Kristy Lee got props from the judges for her appearance and singing, voters put her next to last at only 3.1 percent.
4 of 14 Frank Micelotta/Fox


TVGuide.com readers rate Kristy Lee: "Of course Kristy Lee should be gone about eight weeks ago, but I've long since accepted that the worst contestant stays on until at least sixth place." (JaySix)
5 of 14 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 5: Carly looked better this week, but Simon told her, "She'd be in trouble." Do you think his slam cost her the running tie she's had with Brooke She came in with only 6.1 percent of the vote this week.
6 of 14 Frank Micelotta/Fox


TVGuide.com readers rate Carly: "I really, really felt relieved about Carly staying, because she deserves a spot at least in the top 2." (alxsavage)
7 of 14 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 4: Brooke White has had a few off weeks, but remains the top female in our rankings with 6.8 percent of the vote.
8 of 14 Frank Micelotta/Fox


TVGuide.com readers rate Brooke: "Although I like Brooke, I don't see her as winning the whole thing." (jlittlejohn) 
9 of 14 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 3: The judges loved Jason Castro's "Somewhere over the Rainbow," and with Michael Johns gone, Jason scored 16.9 percent of the vote.
10 of 14 Frank Micelotta/Fox


TVGuide.com readers rate Jason: "Jason should go right after KLC. By the way, his performance the other night was not great. Average at best." (thebigone)
11 of 14 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 2: David Archuleta is still a huge fan (i.e. teen girl) favorite, but continues to trail David Cook by quite a bit. He scored 27.3 of the vote this week.
12 of 14 Frank Micelotta/Fox


TVGuide.com readers rate David A.:"Whether or not David A. messed up words or is "squinty-eyed and lip licking," the boy can sing. That's why he gets my vote." (catlovergirl)
13 of 14 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 1: Simon may call him smug, but maybe he has good reason! David Cook has been No. 1 four of the past five weeks. Now, he's racked up 38.6 percent of the vote.
14 of 14 Frank Micelotta/Fox


TVGuide.com readers rate David Cook: "I'm hoping Michael's fans go over to David C.'s side now and vote for him. It's time for A) a guy to win again, and B) let's hear it for some rock n' roll, dawg!!" (Tootsie2)