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TVGuidecom readers rate the remaining wannabes

1 of 9 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 9: Even after Syesha Mercado's decent performance last week, she just can't seem to get out of the bottom three of our Power Rankings. This week she is the bottom, scoring a sad 0.6 percent of the vote. Could this spell the end for her
2 of 9 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 8: Poor Ramiele Malubay was sick last week, which made her power ballad a tough sell. She's garnered only a meager 0.8 percent of the power ranking vote. Will it be "Bye-bye, Malubay" this week
3 of 9 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 7: Kristy Lee Cook may have pulled her frying pan out of the fire by singing the patriotic "Proud to Be an American," but she's still in the bottom three of our poll.
4 of 9 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 6: Jason Castro's 4.2 percent ranking is his lowest to date. Have people had enough of his mellow, shy, aw-shucks routine
5 of 9 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 5: Carly Smithson's had a rough few weeks with some not-so-flattering comments from Simon, but Paula's continuing support keeps Carly in the middle of the pack for now.
6 of 9 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 4: Brooke White holds steady as the top-ranked female in the competition with 9.2 percent of the vote. But she needs to step it up a notch to even be in the same league as David C. or David A.
7 of 9 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 3: Michael Johns' Queen performance last week gave him a significant boost, with 11.1 percent of the vote.
8 of 9 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 2: Even though David Archuleta is in the No. 2 spot, his odd song choices and inconsistent performances have earned him only 18.7 percent of the vote. He will need another "master-class" performance to upstage on-fire David Cook.
9 of 9 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 1: David Cook: This rocker nabs the top spot after several weeks of strong and original-sounding performances. He's no longer the dark horse of the competition: He is the one to beat with a whopping 48.1 percent of the vote.