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See which singers users believe have the chops to win it all

Shaun Harrison
1 of 13 Michael Becker/Fox

Naima Adedapo (tie)

Despite delivering a solid vocal on "Summertime," America didn't vote for Naima, leaving her to be thrown into the Top 13 as one of the judges' wild-card picks. Apparently, our readers still aren't buying what the judges are selling either because Naima tied for last place in our Power Rankings. Will she be able to mix up her style to appeal to the wider audience?
2 of 13 Michael Becker/Fox

Ashthon Jones (tie)

Ashthon's poor song choice on girls' night almost did her in, but her big diva voice and fierce attitude was enough to make the judges select her as a wild-card finalist. Let's hope she can choose a better song this week and work her way out of last place in our poll.
3 of 13 Michael Becker/Fox

Haley Reinhart (tie)

Haley delivered a solid (if somewhat growly) rendition of Alicia Keys' "Fallin,'" but our readers haven't completely fallen in love with her yet. Perhaps it's because she's sang that song a few times already this season. Maybe she'll do better with some fresh material?
4 of 13 Michael Becker/Fox

Stefano Langone

Although his smooth voice shone on Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are," his performance was pretty boring. He upped the intensity during the wild-card round, earning the judges' seal of approval. He'll have to keep it up if he hopes to improve in our poll, let alone take the title.
5 of 13 Michael Becker/Fox

Thia Megia

Thia impressed the judges with her quiet (sleepy?) take on "Out Here on My Own" from Fame. (Randy Jackson even said her tone reminded him of Michael Jackson.) However, her performance of the simple ballad didn't sound much like the Thia we fell in love with during the earlier audition rounds. Perhaps that's why she didn't connect with voters in our poll.
6 of 13 Michael Becker/Fox

Jacob Lusk

Jacob reigned in his dramatic vocals a bit on Luther Vandross' "This House Is Not a Home," and he was a no-brainer pick for the Top 13. It will be interesting to see how much Jacob stretches himself stylistically during the theme weeks and whether that will help him move closer to the top in our Power Rankings.
7 of 13 Michael Becker/Fox

Paul McDonald

Delightful performance of Rod Stewart's "Maggie May"? Check. Daffy stage presence, punctuated by a weird, one-arm chicken dance? Check. Smile that could light up your entire living room? Check. Time will tell if Paul's singer-song-writer style can stack up against the other contestants in the long-term, but he should coast through on nothing but his looks for at least a couple weeks.
8 of 13 Michael Becker/Fox

James Durbin

Who knew American Idol viewers were into Judas Priest? Durbin's crazy high vocal range has earned him countless comparisons to Adam Lambert, which might have something to do with his appeal with voters. For us personally, we're waiting for him to really impress us with some restraint.
9 of 13 Michael Becker/Fox

Lauren Alaina

Could the judges be any more behind this contestant? Randy even called her a mixture of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, the two bestselling artists the show has launched. Fortunately, she has the pipes to back it up. Our only concern is her age: The show has yet to have a young contestant that didn't ultimately flame out on the big stage.
10 of 13 Michael Becker/Fox

Casey Abrams (tie)

He's unlike any contestant ever seen or heard on American Idol, which is why we hope he sticks around for a while. We fear some of the theme weeks might be a challenge for him, but we hope his musicianship serves him well in creating original takes on some of the tired Idol catalog.
11 of 13 Michael Becker/Fox

Karen Rodriguez (tie)

If we're being honest, her spot in the Top 10 kind of surprised us. Clearly, viewers and voters loved her bilingual take on Mariah Carey's "Hero." Is it too early to declare her a dark horse?
12 of 13 Michael Becker/Fox

Pia Toscano

Never has one performance done so much. Pia didn't get as much screen time as other contestants during the audition rounds, but her show-stopping rendition of "I'll Stand By You" made everyone watching take note. (It also brought the judges to their feet for the first time this season.) She clearly won over many of our readers, but can she sustain the momentum, or did she pull her trump card too soon?
13 of 13 Michael Becker/Fox

Scotty McCreery

Baby lock them doors! This good ol' country boy barely edged out Pia for the top spot in our inaugural Season 10 Power Rankings. Country music is clearly popular, but how will Scotty's deep-voiced twang translate to other genres? No matter the outcome, we predict you'll be hearing him on country radio sooner rather than later.