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1 of 11 Michael Becker/Fox

Paige Miles

Although she made strides last week (while battling laryngitis), Paige still ended up in the bottom three and is still at the bottom of our rankings. She's going to need a serious "wow" performance if she hopes to last.
2 of 11 Michael Becker/Fox

Tim Urban

His reggae version of the Rolling Stones' "Under My Thumb" earned the judges' ire and put Tim in the bottom three. His stiff singer-songwriter approach just doesn't appear to be connecting with our voters either.
3 of 11 Michael Becker/Fox

Andrew Garcia

After his strong start during Hollywood Week, Andrew has sputtered week after week, culminating in a "Gimme Shelter" rendition that was as emotionally empty as it was out of tune. Will he get back that magic spark?
4 of 11 Michael Becker/Fox

Casey James (tie)

His vocals were passable last week and his guitar playing added a much needed jolt to a generally snoozy performance show. However, if Casey wants to hang around, he's going to have to do much more than pluck his ax.
5 of 11 Michael Becker/Fox

Aaron Kelly (tie)

Aaron finally made an emotional connection during his simple but well-sung version of "Angie." Even so, our voters don't seem to believe that he's a serious contender.
6 of 11 Michael Becker/Fox

Katie Stevens

Her "Wild Horses" cover seems to have earned some extra support from our voters, as she climbs a few spots in our rankings. Will that translate to more time in the competition as well?
7 of 11 Michael Becker/Fox

Didi Benami

Didi also rose in our rankings after her intense, powerful performance of "Play with Fire." We still want to see her lighter side, but the emotion she poured into this song may have sealed her status as this season's dark horse.
8 of 11 Michael Becker/Fox

Michael Lynche

Big Mike's R&B stylings on "Miss You" stood out among the other Stones songs, but the judges criticized his hammy dancing. Our readers may not have loved the performance, either: Michael slipped a couple notches.
9 of 11 Michael Becker/Fox

Lee Dewyze

His stripped-down "Beast of Burden" was a disappointment given his earlier rockier performances, but he did give his best start-to-finish vocal performance so far. Our voters took notice: Lee cracked the top 3 in our poll.
10 of 11 Michael Becker/Fox

Siobhan Magnus

With a wildly entertaining version of "Paint It Black" — complete with an Adam Lambert screech — Siobhan has cut the early front-runner Crystal Bowersox's lead to a few percentage points. A few more performances like that and it will be Siobhan's competition to lose.
11 of 11 Michael Becker/Fox

Crystal Bowersox

Crystal gave "You Can't Always Get What You Want" her own unique twist, but the whole thing felt familiar following her earlier performances. She clearly still has voters' support, but we're hoping for her to take some chances and mix it up.