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How TVGuidecom readers rated the 15 best performances

1 of 15 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 15) Michael Johns' "We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions":  Michael re-created some of the magic of his Hollywood-week performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody" with these Queen songs. "For me it was all Michael Johns!" (Geets226)
2 of 15 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 14) Carly Smithson's "Here You Come Again": "Carly Smithson sounded good every week, but Dolly Parton week was her shining moment for me. I remember she looked really great and gave a really lovely performance." (veghead731)
3 of 15 Ray Mickshaw/Fox


No. 13) Carly Smithson's "Come Together": Earning the the same number of votes as her Dolly performance, it's clear fans enjoyed the Irish lass' work. "Carly gave the best performance of the year with 'Come Together.'" (fieldspa)
4 of 15 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 12) Syesha Mercado's "One Rock 'N' Roll Too Many": "Syesha's best performance was definitely Broadway week. She finally showed the audience all she has to offer. She's gonna rock out on Broadway when all this is through." (veghead731)
5 of 15 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 11) Carly Smithson's "Jesus Christ, Superstar": This rocking performance during Broadway week may have been Carly's swan song, but for many of our readers, it was a triumphant exit.
6 of 15 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 10) Michael Johns' "It's All Wrong, But It's All Right": He delivered tons of high-energy performances, but this soulful, stripped-down version of Dolly's hit was a smash with judges and fans alike.
7 of 15 Ray Mickshaw/Fox


No. 9) David Cook's "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face": Though it was one of his last songs in the competition, it was also among his best. "[This song was] the highlight for me. [It] can only go downhill from there." (maryb889)
8 of 15 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 8) Jason Castro's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow": This sunny version of the classic played to Jason's strengths and won over many fans. "I downloaded all his performances and made a great CD." (cgreif1955)
9 of 15 Ray Mickshaw/Fox


No. 7) Brooke White's "Let It Be": "The best performance of the year was Brooke White's rendition of "Let It Be." This heartfelt rendition...resonated with me and others who may have dreams yet to be fulfilled." (jughead122)
10 of 15 Fox


No. 6) Michael Johns' "Bohemian Rhapsody": "I have been a fan of Michael Johns since 'Bohemian Rhapsody' during the Hollywood week. I am still disappointed he was voted off." (rosetvguide)
11 of 15 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 5) Jason Castro's "Hallelujah": Jason sang this touching ballad early on, and its popularity called for an encore in the season finale. "This actually made me go out and buy Jeff Buckley's CD!" (ValkyrieX)
12 of 15 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 4) David Cook's "Hello": For some, it was clear early on that Cookie would be the Idol champ. "'Hello' was the point in the season when you realized he could win the entire thing." (CJKatl)
13 of 15 Michael Becker/Fox


No. 3) David Archuleta's "Imagine": While some found it "hard to pick because there are too many great ones" (veghead731), others had no problem at all. "Uh, hello. 'Imagine.' Duh!" (heartoftx) 
14 of 15 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 2) David Cook's "Always Be My Baby": "That performance was what this show is supposed to be about. It was original, entertaining and very memorable. I really believe this will be a big hit for him." (cookiefan)
15 of 15 Frank Micelotta/Fox


No. 1) David Cook's "Billie Jean": "Hands down [the best]. I have it as my ringtone now! I would say it was not only the best Idol performance this season but the best Idol performance ever!" (MrsT1040)