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Online retail giant Amazon is more than just a one-stop shop for virtually everything -- it's also host to an ever-expanding slate of original TV programming

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Crisis In Six Scenes

The first television show written and directed by auteur Woody Allen, Crisis is the story of a middle class suburban family in the '60s and a surprising houseguest who turns their lives upside down.

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Fleabag is told through the point of view of a depressed, sex-crazed woman trying to cope with daily life in modern London. Writer and star Phoebe Waller-Bridge is lovable, hilarious and painful, all at the same time.

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One Mississippi

Tig Notaro writes and stars in this semi-autobiographical dark comedy series about returning to her small Mississippi hometown following the death of her mother.

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Good Girls Revolt

If you miss Mad Men, this period drama is for you. The series -- which showcases the talents of Anna Camp, Grace Gummer and Hunter Parrish -- explores the lives of employees of an American news magazine during the late 1960's.

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Billy Bob Thornton stars in this dark series that follows the life of a disgraced lawyer turned ambulance chaser and the case that could return him to glory.

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The Emmy and Golden Globe-winning dramedy Transparent focuses on Maura Pfefferman (Jeffrey Tambor) opening up to her family about her true identity and exploring what it means to live it. Her revelation is one of many that come to light, as the show is about all of the secrets we keep from others and from ourselves.

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Alpha House

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From the mind of Doonesbury comic strip creator Garry Trudeau, Alpha House is a political comedy that focuses on four Republican senators who live and work together in the capital city. Starring a great main cast and a smattering of high-profile guest stars, Alpha House has two highly-recommended seasons under its belt so far.

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The Man In The High Castle

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The Man in the High Castle is an adaptation of Philip K. Dick's alternate history thriller, set in 1960s America if the Axis Powers had won World War II.

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Mozart In The Jungle

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Gael García Bernal stars as flamboyant young conductor Rodrigo De Souza in this quirky dramedy based on the 2005 memoir of the same name.

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Hand Of God

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Ron Perlman's first post-Sons of Anarchy venture marks his first foray into online TV with the gritty drama Hand of God. The first season is available now and features Perlman as Judge Pernell Harris, a man with a dubious past who has found a new (divine?) calling to dole out vigilante justice.

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Based on crime author Michael Connelly's novel series, Bosch follows Detective Harry Bosch on his noir investigations through L.A.'s seedy underbelly. Bosch takes the best of police procedurals and adds the quality aesthetic viewers expect from an online series.

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Mad Dogs

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The American adaptation of the British dark comedy Mad Dogs features four buds who fall into trouble when they head to Belize to visit their retired, rich friend. Let's just say money, lack of accountability and sinister traditions make for an interesting show.

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The awkward techies and engineers in Betas are working on a dating app that they hope will make them rich and get them laid. The tech-based comedy serves as the perfect filler between seasons of HBO's Silicon Valley.

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Red Oaks

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Red Oaks is an '80s throwback that features a New Jersey teen working as a tennis instructor at a country club. In the vein of '80s coming-of-age movies, the series plays host to a solid, quirky cast, including Ennis Esmer, who plays the charming sleazeball Nash.

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The Brit-based comedy Catastrophe is anything but. American businessman Rob (Rob Delaney) and Irish teacher Sharon Morris (Sharon Horgan) hastily become engaged after Sharon discovers she's pregnant from their short-lived whirlwind weekend together. Sweet and unflinchingly real, the series is a refreshing rom-com for the modern age.