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See the new teams competing for teh $1 million grand prize

1 of 12 Cliff Lipson/CBS


The Amazing Race is about to embark on its 23rd sprint around the world, and host Phil Keoghan will welcome 11 new teams on 35,000 mile, $1 million journey. Click ahead to check out the new players!
2 of 12 Cliff Lipson/CBS


Name: Brandon Squyres  Age: 34Hometown: Chico, Calif. Current occupation: Contractor Name: Adam SwitzerAge: 34Hometown: Chico, Calif.Current occupation: Eco-friendly farmer Connection: Childhood friends
3 of 12 Cliff Lipson/CBS


Name: Allison "Ally" Mello Age: 22Hometown: Los AngelesCurrent occupation: The NHL's L.A. Kings Ice Crew GirlName: Ashley Covert Age: 25Hometown: Los AngelesCurrent occupation: The NHL's L.A. Kings Ice Crew GirlConnection: L.A. Kings ice ccew 
4 of 12 Cliff Lipson/CBS


Name: Hoskote VenkateshAge: 60Hometown: Laguna Niguel, Calif. Current occupation: ER DoctorName: Naina VenkateshAge: 27Hometown: Laguna Niguel, Calif.Current occupation: Fitness Instructor  Connection: Father/daughter
5 of 12 Cliff Lipson/CBS


Name: Rowan JosephAge: 56Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.Current occupation: Actor, Producer, Director and Voiceover ArtistName: Shane PartlowAge: 47Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.Current occupation:  Actor/ ProducerConnection: Theater performers. They call themselves the "Queens of Bingo."
6 of 12 Cliff Lipson/CBS


Name: Leo TemoryAge: 26Hometown: Los AngelesCurrent occupation: Entrepreneur/RestaurateurName: Jamal ZadranAge: 26Hometown: Los Angeles Current occupation: CEO/Owner of Z.I.G.(Zadran Investment Group)Connection: Cousins
7 of 12 Cliff Lipson/CBS

The Amazing Race - Former Football Teammates Chester Pitts (left) and Ephraim Salaam (right)

8 of 12 Cliff Lipson/CBS


Name: Jason CaseAge: 33Hometown: Attleboro, Mass. Current occupation: Owner of a Snowplow Company Name: Amy DiazAge: 29Hometown: Providence, R.I.Current occupation: Social Media ManagerConnection: Dating
9 of 12 Cliff Lipson/CBS


Name: Nicole "Nicky" GetzAge: 27Hometown: Splits time between Kansas City and Troy, Mich.Current occupation: Training to be a Pilates Instructor/Baseball Wife (married to Kansas City Royals' Chris Getz)Name: Kim DeJesus Age: 32Hometown: Chicago  Current occupation: Baseball Wife (married to the Tampa Bay Rays' David DeJesusConnection: Baseball Wives
10 of 12 Cliff Lipson/CBS


Name: Timothy SweeneyAge: 32Hometown: Morristown, N.J.Current occupation: Sports Marketing Name: Marie "Reebs" MazzocchiAge: 29Hometown: Morristown, N.J.Current occupation: Fitness Trainer/Gym Owner Connection: Exes
11 of 12 Cliff Lipson/CBS


Name: Tim WiyningerAge: 26Hometown: Cordell, Okla.  Current occupation: Oilfield Plant OperatorName: Daniel "Danny" MerkeyAge: 25Hometown: Cordell, Okla. Current occupation: Oil Field Operator Connection: Best friends
12 of 12 Cliff Lipson/CBS


Name: Nicole JasperAge: 39Hometown: Atlanta, Ga. Current occupation: ER Physician Name: Travis JasperAge: 43Hometown: Atlanta, Ga.  Current occupation: ER PhysicianConnection: Married ER doctors