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With the introduction of fan favorites in Civil War, it's time to look at where Marvel's superheroes rank in the universe.

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20. Doctor Strange

Stephen Strange doesn't make his debut in the MCU until later this year. So we'll just have to imagine how great Benedict Cumberbatch will be as the Sorcerer Supreme.

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19. War Machine

After the early Iron Man films, War Machine got kind of lost in the shuffle. But he made a fun self-deprecating appearance in Age of Ultron that seemed to reestablish Rhodey's place in the comic book universe.

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18. Hawkeye

Yes, he shoots arrows with deadeye accuracy. But he offers little else to the MCU.

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17. Quicksilver

Quicksilver didn't last long in the MCU, but he still left an impact. The protective twin brother of Scarlet Witch moved at superhuman speeds in Age of Ultron, before paying the ultimate price when he shielded Hawkeye from impending doom.

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16. Vision

Vision is an android created in Age of Ultron. He's omnipotent, yet incredibly naive, which gives this character some much-needed complexity. Because he's a superhuman, though, there's an argument to be made that Vision is simply too powerful for the MCU. Although that'll surely come in handy when Thanos is in the picture.

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15. Black Panther

His suit and fighting style are amazing, but we're withholding judgment until we can see more of his story in the MCU.

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14. Falcon

Captain America's BFF has soared into a handful of recent MCU films, but he's a second-tier superhero in the franchise. And it's no wonder: He doesn't even have any superpowers; he just has a winged suit (which is still pretty darn cool).

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13. Gamora

Gamora is one green-skinned badass who should not be messed with. The only problem with this assassin is she just doesn't possess the same wisecracking personality as the other Guardians of the Galaxy, which is why she's the lowest-ranked member of the group.

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12. Drax the Destroyer

At first glance, Drax the Destroyer looks like a single-dimensional character whose only power is his brute strength. But looks can be deceiving. Drax is out for revenge after his family is killed, yet Dave Bautista brings a comical naïveté to the role that helps him secure a higher spot in the rag-tag group of Guardians.

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11. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch's abilities include harnessing magic and engaging in telekinesis. Pretty sweet, right? Well, that's not all. Wanda Maximoff is one of the more interesting characters in the MCU because she's able to delve into the feelings of her fellow superheroes, which is rarely seen in comic book movies. Here's hoping that Quicksilver's twin sister will play an even bigger role in future films in the franchise.

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10. Rocket

Who would've thought a sentient tree and a wisecracking raccoon would steal the show in Guardians of the Galaxy? The foul-mouthed hero, voiced by Bradley Cooper, is extremely complex and emotionally scarred. Rocket exemplifies just how vulnerable a genetically-engineered raccoon can be when he takes exception to being called a "rodent."

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9. Groot

How could anyone root against a walking and talking tree who will loyally defend his friends and allies? And if you don't believe that, he'll stick his ever-growing roots up your nose. So watch out! In fact, he's so loyal that he'll even "die" to protect his allies. Plus, we'd be hard-pressed to find anything cuter in the MCU than dancing Baby Groot.

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8. Ant-Man

He may be Marvel's smallest superhero, but Ant-Man more than makes up for it with his big heart and super strength. This film offers a welcome change-up for comic book fans, as Scott Lang must save his daughter, instead of the entire world. It's hard not to root for Lang, who is trying to create a new life for his family.

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7. Thor

There's no question Thor is one of the most powerful superheroes in the MCU -- he's the freakin' God of Thunder, after all -- but even that doesn't guarantee him a spot in the top five. The son of Odin and heir to Asgard has struggled to find his proper place in the Marvel Universe when he's not trying save his brother Loki. Although he's been misused recently, Thor is a loyal and powerful ally who never backs down from a good fight.

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6. Star-Lord

Guardians of the Galaxy worked because of some perfect casting. The selection of Chris Pratt, who was known for playing a 5-year-old in a 30-year-old's body on Parks and Recreation,as the charming rogue Star-Lord ended up being an inspired choice. Pratt combines Han Solo and Marty McFly into his performance as the half-human, half-alien who transforms his band of misfits into superheroes.

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5. Black Widow

It's never fully revealed what Black Widow's powers are in the MCU, but it's clear that she's a highly-trained operative who could kick your butt. Much of Black Widow's backstory was shrouded in mystery until Age of Ultron, which shows how Natasha Romanoff's past, and the red in her ledger, really affects her.

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4. The Hulk

The Hulk is a crowd favorite when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And it's not just because he'll "Hulk Smash" any- and everything in his way, including Loki in The Avengers. Bruce Banner is a hero who is in a constant inner struggle. As a superpowered Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde figure, Banner is reluctant to use his powers, or get angry, because he knows how truly mighty those powers are. But despite his reluctance, Banner's morality compels him to help others in need.

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3. Spider-Man

Forget about the Sony Spider-Man. Forget him forever. The MCU Spider-Man has so much more going for him than just expressive eyes courtesy of Tony Stark. He's got adorableness. Lots of it. And we can't wait until he gets his own movie.

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2. Iron Man

The first Iron Man officially launched the biggest film franchise to ever hit theaters. And it also brought together a perfect pairing: Robert Downey Jr. and Tony Stark. RDJ channels the swagger of the genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist like few others can. Although Iron Man is filled to the brim with cockiness, beneath his fancy alloy suit is a man who sacrifices for the good of mankind, like when he saved New York in the first Avengers. He's far from perfect, but there wouldn't be a Marvel Cinematic Universe without Iron Man.

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1. Captain America

Captain America has and always will be a symbol. Despite his intimidating stature, Steve Rogers wasn't always Captain America. At first he was the scrawny underdog with a heart of gold. But after an experiment gone right, Rogers was able to use his newfound strength for good. As the first Avenger, Captain America tries to ensure that his fellow superheroes never stray from their path. The shield-wielding hero's biggest weakness is his loyalty, which seemingly causes a rift between the Avengers, which will be further explored in Civil War.