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For those growing up in the 1990s, the season involved listening to Christmas music on cassette tape, wearing chunky sweaters and watching these holiday-themed episodes

1 of 15 Nickelodeon

Hey Arnold!: “Arnold’s Christmas”

In this surprisingly powerful episode, Arnold reunites Mr. Hyunh with his daughter as a Secret Santa gift.

2 of 15 Nickelodeon

Rugrats: “A Rugrats Chanukah”

This Chanukah episode stands out as a true classic. The Rugrats gang deciphers the origins of the holiday, with Tommy in the role of Judah.

3 of 15 ABC

Boy Meets World: “A Very Topanga Christmas”

Cory isn't so sure about Topanga's unique yuletide traditions. He is visited by Christmas Carol-style visitors to determine if life with his girlfriend is the right move.

4 of 15 Nickelodeon

Doug: “Doug’s Christmas Story”

One of the best '90s TV dogs, Porkchop, takes center stage in the courtroom for this holiday episode.

5 of 15 ABC

Full House: “Arrest Ye Merry Gentlemen”

Full House has many memorable holiday episodes, and this one from the final season (featuring Mickey Rooney) is a must-watch.

6 of 15 Cartoon Network

Dexter’s Laboratory: “Dexter vs. Santa Claws”

Dexter is grappling with Santa's existence and tries to prove that the man in the red suit is his father in disguise. Spoiler: It turns out his dad is the real Santa!

7 of 15 Nickelodeon

Rocko’s Modern Life: “Rocko’s Modern Christmas”

Rocko shares the holiday spirit by welcoming his new neighbors, who happen to be elves, with a Christmas party.

8 of 15 Warner Bros.

Tiny Toon Adventures: "It's a Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special"

Those more familiar with Buster and Babs Bunny than Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed probably saw this '90s animated episode before the 1946 film that it's based on.

9 of 15 CBS

Charlie Brown: "It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown"

Though it's not as well-known as its 1965 predecessor, this '90s holiday special follows the gang through a series of holiday vignettes. One features Charlie's door-to-door wreath-selling business.

10 of 15 Nickelodeon

The Adventures of Pete and Pete: "O' Christmas Pete"

Little Pete takes on a grumpy garbageman who finds glee in destroying Christmas trees.

11 of 15 Warner Bros.

Batman: The Animated Series: "Christmas With the Joker"

The Joker escapes and wreaks havoc, leaving Batman and Robin to clean up his mess. And who could forget the villain's performance of "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells?"

12 of 15 Warner Home Video

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: “Deck the Halls”

In this holiday episode from the first season of the hit comedy show, Will goes overboard to make sure his little cousin Ashley has the greatest Christmas ever.

13 of 15 Warner Home Video

Pinky and the Brain: "A Pinky and the Brain Christmas"

The Brain plans to use a doll delivered by Santa as a mind control tool. He has a change of heart after discovering his friend Pinky's only Christmas wish was for Brain's happiness.

14 of 15 Disney Television Animation

Recess: "Yes, Mikey, Santa Does Shave"

In this two-part holiday episode, Mikey gets made fun of for still believing in Santa Claus. The joke is on the bullies, however, because Mikey ultimately gets a personal visit from the big man himself.

15 of 15 ABC

My So-Called Life: “So-Called Angels”

This tearjerker episode shows Ricky Vasquez (Wilson Cruz) enduring his father's abuse and facing sudden homelessness during the holiday season.