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The rising Japanese star may be tiny at 5'1", but with a background in martial arts, she's not to be underestimated.

Doriean Stevenson
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1. Watch out for Miko Otomo and her sword

The Japanese actress stars as Miko in the upcoming NBC miniseries Heroes Reborn. If that sword looks familiar to Heroes fans, then that's because they've seen it before. In the original series, time-traveling wunderkind Hiro Nakamura obtained the sword as part of what he believed to be his destiny.

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2. Nothing stands in her way

Sukezane as Miko starts off in Tokyo searching for her missing father. Armed with a genuine samurai sword and what seem to be Matrix-level martial arts skills, she'll be quite a force to reckon with on NBC's Heroes Reborn.

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3. Sukezane kills with kindness

If the social media accounts for the cast of Heroes Reborn are true, then it seems like Sukezane and the cast are getting along quite well! While that bonding may not reflect the events of the series -- the original Heroes was known for its fair share of villains -- we hope the result means great performances from the lot!

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4. Heroes Reborn isn't her first foray into the otherworldly

Prior to joining the ranks of Zachary Levi, Jack Coleman, and the rest of the NBC sci-fi series cast, Sukezane starred as a gray-haired, animal-eared mischievous creature on the Japanese fantasy series The Yokai King.

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5. She can outcool any hipster

Sukezane appears in the German-Japanese art film Fonotune as the moped-driving, guitar-playing cool chick Bubblegum. The movie, starring a host of actors and musicians from around the world, takes place in a world where everyone wears headphones, cut off from those around them. So, it's basically like the real world!

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6. The sword isn't her only weapon of choice

Courtesy of her epic action demo reel, Sukezane displays her talents not just with the sword and staff but also with nunchucks. Don't mess with a pretty lady in a flower dress armed with danger sticks!

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7. She doesn't need any weapons but her hands

Having starred in such Japanese action films as Death Yankee 2 and Death Yankee 3, Sukezane has plenty of experience kicking butt on screen using just her bare hands.

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8. She slays at comedy

Alongside Japanese comic phenom Rome Kanda and actress Rina Hoshino, Sukezane appeared in the short, Rome's Angels. She's also slated to appear in the Kickstarter-backed doc on the LA indie improv scene, Underground Comedy.