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The recent TV and movie romps that make us cringe

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As the Zohan, Adam Sandler plays a former Mossad agent who becomes a hairdresser and fluffs more than the coiffs of his old-lady clients in a number of cringe-worthy pairings. What recent sex scenes have also given us the willies We ranked our picks.
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7) John Adams: Though Abigail Adams (Laura Linney) was tender as could be when removing the powdered wig of her husband (Paul Giamatti), their reunion after an eight-year separation quickly turned into a sloppy, Colonial-style gruntfest.
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6) The Wire: This gritty parking lot romp in The Wire's final season featured McNulty (Dominic West) getting his jollies with a drunken floozy - even flashing his badge midway to scare off a passer-by. Guess she was into role play.
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5) Knocked Up: Why have Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen hook up Sure, it's pretty essential to the movie's plot, but it's mostly because Judd Apatow knows that hairy/pudgy dudes showing their asses is hilarious. Kinda ew, but hilarious.
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4) Walk Hard: In truth, it's hard to encapsulate this movie's yuckiness with one scene, considering the film's fearless parade of full-frontal male nudity. Let's just say that mouths and toes were put on opposite ends of the anatomy for a reason.
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3) Californication: This encounter was literally stomach-turning. David Duchovny and Paula Marshall learned the hard way that vomit can be an unfortunate side effect of bumping uglies while stoned. Or in their minds, a hilarious one.
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2) Before the Devil Knows You're Dead: Forget his Oscar-winning performance in Capote - this is by far Philip Seymour Hoffman's best work. How else could you believe that Mr. Frumpy Manboobs is bedding Marissa Tomei Oh, you're right - you can't.
8 of 9 courtesy FX


1) Nip/Tuck: There's plenty to say about this scene, but our lawyers won't allow it. We will say the most frightening part of Rosie and Julian's fling is her constant babbling ("Do you have any mac and cheese"). Let's not even think about the dirty talk.
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Upcoming Unsexy Alert: The Wackness: We shuddered just reading about this on all the blogs. It's not a sex scene, but we're sure this Mary Kate Olsen-Ben Kingsley liplock later this summer will make many uncomfortable. Almost as many as Sir Ben's wig.