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90s Movies on Netflix

Nostalgia is just a click away!

Doriean Stevenson
1 of 30 Columbia Pictures


Remember the '90s fondly with great films like Big Daddy. Recall lovingly the first time you heard little Frankenstein say that he wipes his own ass. Then try not to cry.

Looking for something to watch with the kids? Check out the best Netflix originals for the family.

2 of 30 Twentieth Century Fox


Melissa Joan Hart. Adrian Grenier. High school love and hijinks. Oh the memories!

3 of 30 Tristar Pictures


4 of 30 Paramount Pictures


Normally strangers who strike up unprovoked conversations are annoying, but Forrest Gump gets a major pass. Carve out some serious couch time for this award-winning film starring Tom Hanks.

5 of 30 Tristar Pictures


More Tom Hanks? You got it! The definition of romantic comedy, Sleepless in Seattleis ready for your giggles and tears on Netflix.

6 of 30 Touchstone Pictures


Remember when Katherine Heigl was a bratty teen that drove her father (Gerard Depardieu) bonkers and let the whole town believe that he was her abusive lover? Cute, right?

7 of 30 Paramount


Warning: this movie will most assuredly inspire you to take up a pottery class with your beau.

8 of 30 Miramax


Go back to when the bromance between Ben Affleck and Matt Damon went from bro-status to pro-status.

9 of 30 Paramount Pictures


The hilarious SNL skit made famous by Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan took on a new life in this 1998 film.

10 of 30 Paramount Pictures


You're, like, totally buggin' if you don't watch this movie on Netflix, especially considering it just turned 20.

11 of 30 Paramount Pictures


Wait, Wayne's World is on Netflix? We're not worthy!

12 of 30 Twentieth Century Fox


If you're in a Shakespearean mood, go ahead and watch Romeo + Juliet with Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio. As if any of us need a reason to watch this Baz Luhmann classic again.

13 of 30 Twentieth Century Fox


There's no shortage of Leonardo DiCaprio movies on Netflix. And knowing exactly how this story ends (spoiler alert: the boat sinks) won't stop us from watching it over and over.

14 of 30 Paramount Pictures


Craving even more Leo? How about some Johnny Depp as well? What's Eating Gilbert Grape?is an amazing film and completely worth streaming.

15 of 30 Gramercy Pictures


Pour yourself a white Russian and settle in for a viewing with your bowling buddies. Don't spill your drink on the rug, though.

16 of 30 Paramount Pictures


Tommy Boy was released in nineteen-niner-five and now you can watch it on Netflix. Yes, you did catch a "niner" in there.

17 of 30 Columbia Pictures


It's a tough feat, but Natalie Portman has never been cuter than in this action-packed movie. Bonus: Gary Oldman puts on a killer performance.

18 of 30 Miramax


Clerks brought us Jay and Silent Bob, which is a big deal. So if this DVD is missing from your stoner film collection, do yourself a favor and watch it on Netflix right now.

19 of 30 Universal Pictures


Laugh, cry, and then laugh while you're crying with this amazing Robin Williams movie.

20 of 30 Miramax


Love Tarantino flicks? Netflix has you covered. Start with his first big one, Reservoir Dogs and say hello to Mr. Pink.

21 of 30 Miramax


Follow Reservoir Dogs with Pulp Fiction, obviously. Suggestion: this time, have a Royale with cheese with your Netflix instead of pizza.

22 of 30 Miramax


Then get to know Pam Grier as Jackie Brown, a flight attendant stuck between the cops and a drug ring. If you've got a full Tarantino momentum going, you can watch his non-90s movies on Netflix as well.

23 of 30 MTV / Dimension Films


Watch Drew Barrymore, Neve Campbell, and Courteney Cox go up against a creepy killer in a pre-caller ID world in this horror classic.

24 of 30 Miramax


Gwyneth Paltrow took home an Oscar for her role in this movie, making it a must-see.

25 of 30 Paramount Pictures


This coming-of-age movie features three friends reminiscing about their adolescence. They learn about sex and relationships in a way so familiar you'll think you grew up with stars Omar Epps and Taye Diggs.

26 of 30 United Artists / MGM


Is this movie good? Is it so bad it's good? Either way, it's a classic and you can form your own opinions when you watch it on Netflix.

27 of 30 Columbia TriStar


Maybe wait until all of the pizza is gone to watch this one.

28 of 30 Paramount Pictures


Throwback to when Christina Ricci was pint-sized ghoul-child Wednesday Addams.

29 of 30 Buena Vista Pictures


This movie brings us Sandra Bullock at her heartwarming-est. If that's not enough Sandy for you, Forces of Nature is also available to stream.

30 of 30 Nickelodeon / Paramount Pictures


Based on the book series, this movie stars an adorable little Michelle Trachtenberg as Harriet.