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Gift Ideas for Fans of Michonne From The Walking Dead

Slay that shopping list this year

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25 Holiday Gifts Inspired by Michonne from The Walking Dead

There's a new world order brewing on The Walking Dead's latest season, but if there's one character whose power and poise never seem to waiver, it's Michonne (Danai Gurira), which makes it no wonder she's been a fan-favorite since the very first moment she stepped foot on the show nearly a decade ago. This year, we decided to do a little Michonne-centric shopping to help guide you in the right direction if you've got a Michonne megafan on your nice list, so click through for some key gift ideas for anyone who loves the katana-wielding survivor.

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2 of 26 Gene Page/AMC

Replica katana

Some things may have changed about Michonne over the years, but her weapon of choice never has and probably never will.

Get it: at the AMC store

3 of 26 Gene Page/AMC

Action figure

Any true Michonne fan worth their salt would gladly rock this precisely detailed fight stance action figure on their shelf.

Get it: on Amazon

4 of 26 Gene Page/AMC

Michonne Funko Pop

For those that would rather see the small screen heroine sporting one of her earliest postures, this Funko Pop doll is a fun reminder of when we first got to know and love her in Season 3.

Get it: on Amazon

5 of 26 Gene Page/AMC

Katana bag

Michonne might use her signature one-shouldered bag to tote her signature sword around, but it's also cool enough for everyday wear, even without blade in tow.

Get it: on Amazon

6 of 26 Gene Page/AMC

Leather finger gloves

To add an instant touch of Michonne's unique badassery to any megafan's wardrobe, gift a pair of these slick fingerless gloves that'll give 'em both a confidence boost and some practical use.

Get it: on Amazon

7 of 26 Gene Page/AMC

Michonne comic

For that friend who's only come into their Michonne fandemonium as a result of the show, this comic special featuring her very first appearance in Robert Kirkman's series is a must-have.

Get it: on Amazon

8 of 26 Gene Page/AMC

Comics collective

Kirkman has also released a swanky new 15th anniversary The Walking Dead comics collective that is sure to be a hit with any major Michonne fan.

Get it: on Amazon

9 of 26 Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Katana letter opener

For those fans that might want to bring a little Michonne love to the workplace, this slick katana-style letter opener is sure to be a desktop favorite.

Get it: on Amazon

10 of 26 Gene Page/AMC


Here's a way for the Michonne fan in your life to jot down all their latest thoughts and plans while keeping the character front and center as a constant source of inspiration.

Get it: on Amazon

11 of 26 Gene Page/AMC

Pet zombies

What Walking Dead toy collection is complete without Michonne's first two friends on the show -- we're talking, of course, about her pair of pet zombies that she strolled along with way back in Season 2.

Get it: on Amazon

12 of 26 Gene Page/AMC

Dress the part

Even in the midst of the zombie apocalypse, Michonne always brings her A-game with styling. Sure, she can be a bit understated, but her stylish leather vest never ever misses.

Get it: at LeatherUp

13 of 26 Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Studded brown belt

Michonne also has a knack for ultra imitable styling, as with her consistent integration of a slick studded leather belt.

Get it: at the RealReal

14 of 26 Gene Page/AMC

Cargo pants

Another staple of Michonne's fashion collective is her use of rad utility pants. Not only are they useful for those outdoorsy situations, but her choice of a tapered cut makes her look pretty fabulous and fresh, no matter how banged up she gets in the many undead melees.

Get it: at Forever 21

15 of 26 Gene Page/AMC

Big-time boots

Of all her rad style choices, Michonne's studded foldover boots have to be the most inspired. Who wouldn't feel like they could conquer the world after walking a mile in her shoes?

Get it: at DSW

16 of 26 Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Christmas sweater

For those Walking Dead fans who appreciate a little humor, here's a festive holiday sweater that features the iconic slice-and-dicer's silhouette alongside her best pals, Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon.

Get it: at the AMC store

17 of 26 Gene Page

Tan hooded poncho

She might not wear it much anymore, but Michonne's tan hooded poncho is still canon for the character and makes for a very savvy choice for bundling up.

Get it: at the Loft

18 of 26 Gene Page/AMC

Badass bandana

Not everyone can have Michonne's locks, but the accessory she always wears with them -- her array of colorful, patterned bandanas -- is a look that can easily be achieved by anyone.

Get it: on Amazon

19 of 26 Gene Page/AMC

Sunny stationary

After all the note-giving that commenced (and broke so many hearts) with Carl on The Walking Dead's eighth season earlier this year, Michonne would definitely keep some stationary around just in case someone else needed to jot down a kind word.

Get it: on Amazon

20 of 26 Gene Page/AMC

Survival guides

If you really want to give the Michonne fan in your life something they can use, how about a survival guide or two that can help them muscle through whatever their own real lives throw at them? Remember, Michonne used to be a human rights attorney before she had to learn to make it in a world full of walkers.

Get it: on Amazon, Amazon

21 of 26 Gene Page/AMC

Comic coasters

The whole point of the Alexandrian experiment has been to encourage civilization, and by gosh, that means keeping condensation rings off the furniture, too. You know, between staving off the latest undead army, of course.

Get it: at Etsy

22 of 26 Gene Page/AMC

I love Rick mug

Chances are, Michonne's not the only one who'd gladly rep their love of Rick Grimes, especially now that he's (gulp) no longer appearing on the show.

Get it: at Etsy

23 of 26 Gene Page/AMC

Katana earrings

A slightly subtler way to pay tribute to the fierce warrior is with a pair of these dangly katana earrings. From a distance, they'll look pretty ordinary, but up close, they're bound to earn some attention (and perhaps intimidation).

Get it: at Etsy

24 of 26 Gene Page/AMC

TWD cutting board

Since Michonne fans probably won't ever need to debrain any zombies in the near future (let's hope), they can instead turn their cutlery skills into kitchen fare with this etched carving board.

Get it: at Etsy

25 of 26 Gene Page/AMC

Michonne poster

This Michonne-centric poster design is artistic and creative enough to match most any aesthetic, especially thanks to its creative use of gray scales and that one suggestive splash of red.

Get it: at Etsy

26 of 26 Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

The Walking Dead clue game

This one's fun for the whole fan family, with both Michonne and her prized piece available as playable pieces alongside some other show favorites.

Get it: on Amazon