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TV Towns that Would Be Great Places to Visit

Whyyy aren't these places real?

Amanda Bell
1 of 26 Saeed Adyani/Netflix

25 Fictional TV Towns We Really Want to Visit

When it comes to vacation-planning, there may be cities galore worth visiting in real life. But if we had the chance, we sure would book that next trip to one of these awesome TV towns that are, sadly, just fiction. If only.

2 of 26 Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Stars Hollow, Connecticut

The sleepy little town from Gilmore Girls is about as quaint and perfect as they come. Who wouldn't love to grab a burger at Luke's or take a dance lesson with Miss Patty or taste some of Sookie St. James' yummiest dishes at the Independence Inn? The fact that this place doesn't actually exist makes us grumpier than Lorelai before her fifth cup of coffee.

3 of 26 ABC

Storybrooke, Maine

Imagine getting to visit an entire town filled with your favorite fairy tale characters and nary a Mickey Mouse ear in sight. That's what Once Upon a Time's Storybrooke had to offer. It's be pretty swell to have some sandwiches at Granny's Diner or have a cocktail at Aesop's Tables. Probably best to steer clear of the River of Lost Souls, though.

4 of 26 The CW

Mystic Falls, Virginia

You'd really have to watch your neck around Mystic Falls, but there's a lot of fun to be had in The Vampire Diaries' mythical locale. Not only are they heavy on the history -- dress up time for all those balls would be a treat -- but there's always some kind of excitement going down around town.

5 of 26 HBO

Bon Temps, Louisiana

Blood donation drives take on a whole new meaning in Bon Temps, but the True Blood epicenter still looks like a rip-roaring good time. The safest bet would be to supp on some of that signature catfish at Merlotte's, but for those who are feeling frisky, a trip to Fangtasia would probably be pretty eventful as well.

6 of 26 Seacia Pavao, Hulu

Castle Rock, Maine

This ailing town is basically a combination of all the places Stephen King ever made up, and while its economy is far from flourishing, Castle Rock's titular location would surely hold some creeptastic surprises in store for visitors.

7 of 26 HBO


Of all the places in Game of Thrones' Westeros, Winterfell is where we'd want to be -- looming ice zombie invasion or none -- as long as the Starks were still in charge, at least.

8 of 26 Fox

Wayward Pines, Idaho

We might never be able to leave the eponymous Wayward Pines once we got there, but there'd be excitement aplenty in this deceptively idyllic little town to make it worth the one-way trip.

9 of 26 WB TV

Sunnydale, California

You'd have to be made of brass not to get some thrills and chills in Buffy the Vampire Slayer's "Hellmouth" portal town.

10 of 26 Fox


You might not be able to find Apu at the Kwik-E-Mart anymore, but the rest of the menagerie of crazy characters from The Simpsons are still running around Springfield.

11 of 26 WB TV

Smallville, Kansas

Watching Clark Kent grow into his powers would be reason enough to trek out to Smallville's eponymous locale.

12 of 26 WB TV

Rosewood, Pennsylvania

One would need a pretty snug little sleuthing cap before stepping foot into this Pretty Little Liars town but how fun would it be to help the girls track down the latest anonymous psycho killer taunting everyone with all those gloomy texts?

13 of 26 Fox

Quahog, Rhode Island

Beers at the Drunken Clam would very likely be what Dr. Hartman ordered if you ever paid a visit to Family Guy's Quahog.

14 of 26 NBC

Pawnee, Indiana

The pit might now be a park, but there would still be a lot of local history to take in upon visiting Parks and Recreation's beloved city. Between the ill begotten government murals, the delicious waffles and the many eventful festivals going on, we wouldn't say Knope to seeing this place live and in person.

15 of 26 NBC

The Palisades

As long as there was no age limit on who could dine at the Max, Saved by the Bell's semi-fictional place of residence would be SO EXCITING to see.

16 of 26 WB TV

Tree Hill

Another picture perfect piece of real estate is One Tree Hill's title town, which is cozy and sweet, and who wouldn't want to go there?

17 of 26 Warner Bros TV

Neptune, California

Even if we aren't all 09ers, we'd still gladly pay a visit to Veronica Mars' dreamy coastal California hotspot.

18 of 26 Netflix

Hawkins, Indiana

The demogorgons and Upside-Down tunnels wouldn't scare us away from wanting to see the sights at Stranger Things' Hawkins, Indiana. In a world full of tens, this places is an eleven, har har.

19 of 26 CBS TV

Happiness, Arizona

It'd be a trip -- quite literally speaking -- to see the place where all the madness of The Twilight Zone went down.

20 of 26 Fox

Gotham City

Depending on which baddie was doing his or her worst, a trip to Gotham's Gotham City could be a bit dangerous, but with all the good guys keeping order around the place, we'd still happily book a trip there.

21 of 26 NBC Universal

Dillon, Texas

But of course we'd have to hit up the high school football game if we ever got the chance to visit Friday Night Lights' passionate place. It's canon.

22 of 26 Sony Pictures TV

Capeside, Massachusetts

Dawson's Creek's charming little town may be home to some pretty epic teen drama, but otherwise, it seems like a quiet place to visit. That scenic waterfront is just divine.

23 of 26 NBC, NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Cabot Cove, Maine

Apart from, ya know, all the endless homicides and such that seem to happen here, the town from Murder She Wrote looks quite nice.

24 of 26 The CW

Bluebell, Alabama

This scenic Gulf Coast town from Hart of Dixie is too adorable to pass up.

25 of 26

Twin Peaks, Washington

A visit to the titular Twin Peaks is guaranteed to be a very weird experience, but so long as there's some "damn fine coffee" available, we're down to see oddities this surreal little lumber town has to offer.

26 of 26 NBC, Colleen Hayes/NBC

Michael's neighborhood

Who cares if it's actually the Bad Place? With all the free froyo and flying shrimps, The Good Place's original hangout looks like heaven.