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Game of Thrones Gift Ideas for Sansa Stark Fans

The North remembers this holiday season

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Holiday Gifts Inspired by Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones

Winter is here, which means it's officially time to start planning your holiday shopping list. And if you've got a Game of Thrones fan in your inner circle, there's no better place to look for key gift inspiration than the Lady of Winterfell herself, Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner). Between her savvy styling choices and her many quotable moments, shopping with her tastes in mind makes it easy to find the perfect gift for the Game of Thrones lover on your list this season.

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Jot it down

Since Game of Thrones takes place well outside of the information age, the people in the series put quill to parchment to preserve their thoughts and histories, so celebrating the old school aesthetic of the series can be as simple as a house sigil journal like this one.

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Envelope art

Westerosian communications styles are also a bit simpler -- instead of emails, they rely on super fast ravens to carry their letters to and fro, with a signature wax seal in place to indicate the letter hasn't be tampered with. Adopting a slightly fancier snail mail habit like this can be a clever and simple way to tap back into that world.

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Dial her in

Of course, you can also couple your more updated tech lifestyle with some choice show gear, like this phone wallet that screams Team Sansa loud enough for anyone on your call list to hear.

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Fun with furbabies

Most of the direwolves have since departed (R.I.P. Lady, Grey Wind, Shaggydog and Summer), but that doesn't mean they don't still make cute additions to any Game of Thrones fan's shelf collection.

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Buckle necklace

Sansa's fashion sense was always pretty killer, but she really came into her own after escaping the clutches of Ramsay Bolton, and her black circular chain necklace was instantly iconic.

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Battling the bastards

Sansa has worn a lot of breathtaking gowns and luxurious cloaks throughout the show, but perhaps her most arresting look of all was this emerald velvet design with the delicate direwolf embroidery on the decolletage. Finding a worthy replica of this dress is sure to make any Sansa stan stand just as confident as she did on that battlefield.

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Desk decoration

When in doubt, these ornate action figures of favorite characters -- like this one of Sansa with her bold feathered collar -- make for great stocking stuffers.

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Shelf ready

For the young (at heart), the Funko Pop version of the same stance is also a very bookshelf-friendly option for helping your Game of Thrones fanatic celebrate their favorite character.

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Declare your House

For those fans that are happy to share their love of the series with the world, these House-specific T-shirts can be a great way to get comfortable and declare fealty to whomever one hopes wins the big game in the end.

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Sigil banner

For those that got a warm and fuzzy feeling when House Stark finally defeated the Boltons to reclaim Winterfell and dropped those direwolf sigil banners across the castle walls, these wall decorations can help bring some of that excitement home.

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Leather bound

Even those fans who've read George R.R. Martin's series upon which the show is based will appreciate this higher quality set of the books.

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Never forget

The North remembers, and never was that clearer than when Sansa Stark finally confronted Petyr Baelish about his many betrayals of herself and her family. This quote in particular -- "Thank you for your many lessons, Lord Baelish, I will never forget them" -- cuts like a knife.

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Done and done

Even before Sansa was ready to pass her final judgment on Littlefinger, it was clear she'd grown weary of his manipulations and clever wordsmithing, like when she told him, "No need to seize the last word. I'll assume it was something clever." Who couldn't find a use for such a biting turn of phrase, especially before coffee time is complete?

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A dish best served to the dogs

Absolutely no one deserved what he got more than Ramsay Snow-slash-Bolton, and seeing Sansa Stark arrive as the one who served him that grotesque punishment was especially bittersweet. This puzzle commemorates the exact moment when she sat by, fascinated by the sight of what was happening to him and finally embracing her father's old lessons about passing the sentence and swinging the sword, so to speak.

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Sansa Baby

Of course, it doesn't have to always be about the snippier moments of payback in the series to celebrate Sansa. This clever Christmas sweater commemorates her house sigil without being too serious about it.

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Walk a mile

Sansa may be known for wearing elegant boots herself, but for those in the modern world, these custom flats celebrating all-things-Stark are festive footwear options for fans.

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Civil reunion

Any Game of Thrones fan worth their dragonglass had to experience some heartswelling when Jon Snow and Sansa Stark were finally reunited after so many years apart, and this sweet little handmaid homage to the moment is a small way to commemorate one of the most emotional moments of the entire show.

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Play along

Whether it's war, solitaire, or a drinking game with friends, playing cards with the Game of Thrones characters is pretty much always going to be appropriate and fun.

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Shake it up

What better way to capture the essence of a show whose entire narrative arc is devoted to the arrival of a long winter than a snow globe?

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Fire meets ice

Considering Game of Thrones is based on A Song of Ice and Fire, it's a pretty perfect little image to see this snow white candle with the northern sigil slowly melting under the heat of a flame. The metaphor writes itself, and it's pretty to look at, too.

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Save the page

Sansa's slow but steady self-actualization process has been one of the lowkey best subplots of the series, and it's the kind of moxie any Sansa fan can turn to when in doubt. These handy bookmarks will serve as clever reminders of some of her best moments and quotes, even when reading someone else's story.

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