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lisa vecchione
New Shows, A.D.
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A.D. The Bible Continues (NBC)

Premieres: Sunday, April 5 at 9/8c

This follow-up to History's smash hit miniseries The Bible picks up where its predecessor left off, chronicling the events that followed the crucifixion of Jesus Christ (Juan Pablo di Pace). And yes, it's debuting on Easter, just like Jesus would have wanted it to.

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American Crime (ABC)

Premieres: Thursday, March 5 at 10/9c 

This gritty event series, written and produced by 12 Years a Slave's John Ridley, examines the effects a brutal crime has on a community. After a young couple is attacked in their home, leaving a war veteran dead and his wife in critical condition, socioeconomic and racial tensions rise during the trial. The series, which is told from multiple characters' points of view, stars Felicity Huffman, Timothy Hutton, Earl Brown, Richard Cabral and Penelope Ann Miller.

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​American Odyssey (NBC)

Premieres: Sunday, April 5at 10/9c

NBC's own mini-Homeland, AmericanOdyssey kicks off with the killing of Al Qaeda's top commander and unravels from there into a Traffic-like international conspiracy thriller involving global politics, corporate espionage and military secrets. Pushing Daisies alum Anna Friel stars as a Special Forces soldier named Odelle who discovers that a major U.S. corporation is funding jihadists, but her entire team is attacked and murdered before she can tell anyone the truth. Peter Facinelli (Nurse Jackie) plays a disillusioned corporate attorney who finds himself working with the company that's funneling money to terrorists, and Jake Robinson (The Carrie Diaries) plays a political activist who befriends a hacker claiming to have unearthed the same conspiracy Odelle stumbled onto. As you might expect, the only way these three strangers can save their country, their families and themselves is by joining forces and blowing the whole thing wide open.

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Aquarius (NBC)

Premieres: Thursday, May 28 at 8/7c

The Summer of Love becomes L.A.'s Season of Weirdos in this period cop drama and limited event series. Set in 1967, Aquarius stars David Duchovny as a cop who's working on a missing persons case with an undercover agent who's posing as a hippie. But as their investigation progresses, they get closer and closer to one of history's most notorious madmen: Charles Manson (Game of Thrones' Gethin Anthony)!

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Battle Creek (CBS)

Premieres: Sunday, Mar. 1 at 10/9c

Before Vince Gilligan created Breaking Bad, he wrote Battle Creek. After the success of Breaking Bad,CBS dusted off Gilligan's 10-year-old script and brought in House mastermind David Shore to run the show. The lighthearted procedural drama features a pair of mismatched detectives — Josh Duhamel's slick FBI agent and Dean Winters' local cop — who fight crime in Michigan on a budget that would make a piggy bank feel hollow. Kal Penn and Janet McTeer also star.

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​Big Time in Hollywood, FL (Comedy Central )

Premieres: Wednesday, March 25at 10:30/9:30c

Comedy Central's newest project is a serialized comedy about a pair of delusional, grown-up brothers who get kicked out of their parents' house. In order to remain financially independent from their ma and pa, they concoct a plan, but guess what? It goes horribly, horribly wrong. Alex Anfanger and Lenny Jacobson star, with Kathy Baker, Steven Tobolowsky, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Keith David making appearances.

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​Billy & Billie (DirecTV)

Premieres:Tuesday, March 3 at 8/7c

Adam Brody and Lisa Joyce star as step-siblings who reconnect after a few years apart — and subsequently fall into bed together — in this drama from Neil LaBute, who apparently thought the Shannon-and-Boone arc from Season 1 of Lost left a lot of terrain unexplored.

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​Bloodline (Netflix)

Premieres: Friday, March 20 at 3 a.m. ET/ midnight PT
From the creators of Damages, Bloodline stars Kyle Chandler (FridayNight Lights), Linda Cardellini (Freaks and Geeks), Norbert Leo Butz (Broadway's Catch Me If You Can) and Ben Mendelsohn (The Dark Knight Rises) as four adult siblings whose secrets and scars are revealed when the black sheep of the family (Mendelsohn) returns to the Florida town they call home. Sissy Spacek and Sam Shepard play their parents, which might make for the best cast in television history.

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​The Casual Vacancy (HBO)

Premieres: Wednesday, April 29at 8/7c

Love the Harry Potter stories, but wish they had less hocus pocus and more heavy drama? This adaptation of Potter scribe J.K. Rowling's first adult-targeted novel trades kid wizards for the tale of a British village that seems idyllic on the outside, but is teeming with tension and strife on the inside. It's a three-part miniseries that received positive reviews during its debut airing in England. Rory Kinnear, Emily Bevan, Keeley Hawes, and Michael Gambon star.

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​The Comedians (FX)

Premieres: Thursday, April 9 at 10/9c

Billy Crystal stars as an aging comedian who's paired with a younger, edgier comic (Josh Gad) to launch a new late-night talk show. We foresee some conflict, as Gad's character refuses to get off Crystal's character's lawn. And Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry Charles is writing and directing, so the show is already sounding good.

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CSI: Cyber (CBS)

Premieres: Wednesday, Mar. 4 at 10/9c

This ain't your granddaddy's CSI — it's your tech-savvy teenage daughter's CSI! The long-running procedural franchise enters the modern era with this new spin-off specifically focused on crimes of the Internet variety. Computer hackers, identity thieves, blackmailers and, hopefully, spammers will be brought to justice by a new team featuring Patricia Arquette, James Van Der Beek, Peter MacNicol, Bow Wow, and Luke Perry.

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​Dig (USA)

Premieres:Thursday, March 5 at 9/8c

A 10-episode miniseries from Gideon Raff (Homeland) and Tim Kring (Heroes), Dig is set in Jerusalem and stars Jason Isaacs (Awake) as Peter, an archaeologist who uncovers a 2,000-year-old conspiracy that threatens to change history as we know it. Anne Heche plays Peter's boss at the Jerusalem FBI office (who's also his main love interest), and Lauren Ambrose and David Costabile also star.

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​The Dovekeepers (CBS)

Premieres: Tuesday March 31 at 9/8c

Cote de Pablo returns to TV for the first time since leaving NCIS in this two-night, four-hour miniseries from producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett (The Bible). Based on Alice Hoffman's novel of the same name, The Dovekeepers is set in ancient Israel and tells the story of four women, including de Pablo's character, who work together as dovekeepers in the town of Masada. The women share a common bond but also harbor many secrets, and the Romans' months-long siege of Masada will unfurl through their eyes. Rachel Brosnahan, Kathryn Prescott, Diego Boneta, and Sam Neill also star.

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​Grace and Frankie (Netflix)

Premieres: Friday, May 8 at 3 a.m. ET/ midnight PT

Another promising-sounding Netflix series with an all-star cast. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin play two frenemies whose husbands — portrayed by Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston — come out as gay and leave the ladies for each other. Brooklyn Decker, Ethan Embry, June Diane Raphael, and Baron Vaughn also star.

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​Happyish (Showtime)

Premieres: Sunday, April 26 at 9:30/8:30c

A "comedic, soul-searching examination of our pursuit of happiness and why it continues to be so elusive," Happyish was first announced in January 2014 and follows a 44-year-old man whose life is thrown into disarray by a new boss who's two decades younger than he is. Originally slated to star the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, the series has since been redeveloped with British actor Steve Coogan (Neighbors from Hell) in the lead role. Kathryn Hahn and Bradley Whitford also star.

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​iZombie (The CW)

Premieres: Tuesday, March 17 at 9/8c

Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas is behind this TV adaptation of D.C. Comics' iZombie, which follows med-student-turned-zombie-turned-morgue-attendant Liv (Rose McIver), who must eat the brains of the recently deceased in order to stay alive. However, whenever she chows down on a new serving of head jelly, she acquires the memories contained within — and then she uses that info to help solve mysteries. As you do. To put this another way: iZombie is what would happen if Veronica Mars became a zombie, right down to the jaded cynicism and sarcastic voiceovers. Robert Buckley, David Anders, Malcolm Goodwin, and Rahul Kohli also star.

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​The Late Late show with James Corden (CBS)

Premieres: Monday, March 23 at 12:30 a.m./11:30c

Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show successor is English comedian James Corden, but don't fret if his name doesn't sound familiar. Ferguson wasn't a well-known commodity when he started hosting The Late Late Show, remember? And Corden — who some viewers might recognize from the U.K.'s Gavin & Stacey or Hulu's The Wrong MansorInto the Woods — has hired a cool friend to serve as his bandleader: Comedy Bang! Bang!'s hilariously hirsute Reggie Watts will be on hand to provide music and goofy quips.

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​Lip Sync Battle (Spike)

Premieres: Thursday, April 2 at 10/9c

Singing shows would be great if it weren't for all that singing. Bleh! Ditch the vocal chords, but keep the rock-star attitude with this performance series based on Jimmy Fallon's popular Tonight Show segment, in which celebrities mouth the lyrics to popular songs. (Hint: Drop the mic for bonus points!) Lip Sync Battle was created by producers (and actor friends) John Krasinski and Stephen Merchant, and will be hosted by LL Cool J.

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​The Lizzie Borden Chronicles (Lifetime)

Premieres: Sunday, April 5 at 10/9c

Let me ax you a question: How much did you want the Lifetime movie Lizzie Borden Took an Ax to be expanded into a full-fledged TV series? Depending on your answer, we have good or bad news! Christina Ricci reprises her role from the original movie to once again play the infamous alleged ax murderer, and The Lizzie Borden Chronicles will focus on Borden's life after she was acquitted of chopping her father and stepmother into pieces. Be prepared to see scandal, love affairs, and — surprise! — murder in this sensational, fictional account of real events. Clea Duvall, Jonathan Banks, Cole Hauser, Jessy Schram and John Heard also star.

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​Marvel's Daredevil (Netflix)

Premieres: Friday, April 10 at 3 a.m. ET/ midnight PT

Boardwalk Empire's Charlie Cox stars as Matt Murdock, the blind superhero at the center of Netflix and Marvel's first of five joint efforts. Vincent D'Onofrio also stars as powerful businessman and supervillain Wilson Fisk (aka Kingpin), while Rosario Dawson andTrue Blood's Deborah Ann Woll round out the cast as nurse Claire Temple and Karen Page, respectively — two women who help Murdock in different ways.

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​The Messengers (The CW)

Premieres: Friday, April 17at 9/8c

When a mysterious object crashes onto Earth, a group of five seemingly unconnected strangers die from the energy pulse, but reawaken with extraordinary "gifts." They soon discover that they're now the Angels of the Apocalypse, and they've been assigned the task of preventing the impending rapture. Shantel VanSanten (One Tree Hill), Jon Fletcher (City of Dreams), Sofia Black-D'Elia (Gossip Girl), JD Pardo (Revolution), Joel Courtney (Super 8), Anna Diop (Everybody Hates Chris) and Craig Frank (Mixology) star.

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​Olympus (Syfy)

Premieres: Thursday, April 2 at 10/9c

A mythological drama set in the world of humans, gods and monsters, Syfy's newest series stars Matt Frewer (Orphan Black), Sonita Henry (The Fifth Element), Cas Anvar (Argo) and Graham Shiels (Guardians of the Galaxy), and "captures the dangerous courage of a few brave men and women who banished the gods to the realm of the unconscious," aka the underworld.

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​One Big Happy (NBC)

Premieres: Tuesday, March 17 at 9:30/8:30c

From executive producer Ellen DeGeneres, One Big Happy stars Elisha Cuthbert (Happy Endings; mountain lion bait on 24) as Lizzy, a lesbian who decides to raise a baby with her straight male bestie, Luke (Nick Zano). However, just as Lizzy finds out she's pregnant, Luke announces that he's found — and married — the love of his life, Prudence (Kelly Brook). One Big Happy is a multi-camera sitcom, so be prepared to hear a laugh track whenever a character makes a turkey-baster joke.

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​Powers (PlayStation Network)

Premieres:Tuesday, March 10

Based on the graphic novel of the same name, Powers follows two detectives who are assigned to protect humans and investigate the titular "Powers" — people with superhuman abilities who battle each other above the Earth. (Don't get them confused with Heroes, Alphas, etc!) Sharlto Copley, Susan Heyward, Michelle Forbes and Eddie Izzard star. Scheduling note: The series' first three episodes will launch on Tuesday, March 10, with new episodes debuting each Tuesdaythereafter. The first episode will be available to all PlayStation users; the rest of the season will only be available to subscribers of PlayStation Plus.

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​The Royals (E!)

Premieres: Sunday, March 15 at 10/9c

Even if you live in a boring democracy with elected officials, you have to admit that you're obsessed with royal families! Enter E!'s first-ever scripted series, which lathers up the lavish lifestyle of British blue bloods to follow a fictional royal family with a penchant for partying as they deal with prying tabloids and an adoring public. Elizabeth Hurley, who's practically British royalty herself, stars alongside Vincent Regan, William Moseley and Alexandra Park.

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​The Returned (A&E)

Premieres:Monday, March 9 at 10/9c

An (unnecessary) American remake of the excellent French series Les Revenants, The Returned hails from Carlton Cuse and is about a small town that's turned upside-down when several people who've long been presumed dead suddenly reappear without explanation, bringing with them both "positive and detrimental consequences."

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Secrets and Lies (ABC)

Premieres: Sunday, March 1 at 9/8c

Secrets and Lies is about the murder of a young boy and the skeleton-filled closets of the suburban community where he lived and died. The story is told through the eyes of Ryan Phillippe's Ben Crawford, who starts out as the Good Samaritan who found the child's body but is ultimately named the prime suspect in his murder. Don't you just hate it when that happens? No good deed, and all that stuff. Juliette Lewis stars as the lead detective on the case. Secrets and Lies will be a 10-episode, open-and-shut event series, with the central mystery solved by the final episode.

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​Teen Mom OG (MTV)

Premieres: Monday, March 23 at 10/9c

Farrah Abraham, Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood are back, whether you want them to be or not. With a sex tape, domestic abuse charges and a failed music career behind them, the original cast of Teen Mom is returning to your TV screen for a new season of proposals, babies, and plenty of side-eye at Farrah. Oh, and maybe even some parenting too!

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​Texas Rising (History)

Premieres: Monday, May 25

Yeehaw! The same team that brought you Hatfields & McCoys brings you this eight-part miniseries about the Texas Revolution and the birth of the Texas Rangers (the badasses who patrolled the Wild West, not the baseball team). The drama will center on the Texas Revolution and the battles waged with a Santa Ana-led Mexican army, as well as Comanche tribes. The series' all-star cast includes Bill Paxton, Chad Michael Murray, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Ray Liotta, Brendan Fraser, Thomas Jane and more.

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​Wayward Pines (Fox)

Premieres: Thursday, May 14 at 9/8c

When two federal agents go missing in a small Idaho town (yes, that would be the titular Wayward Pines), a Secret Service agent (Matt Dillon) is sent in to investigate. And just in case the town's ominous name isn't enough to tickle your mystery-loving senses, this 10-hour miniseries was produced and directed by The Sixth Sense's M. Night Shyamalan, so be prepared for something twistier than a pretzel in a tornado!

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​Weird Loners (Fox)

Premieres: Tuesday, March 31 at 9/8c

Surprise! The broadcast networks' sitcom factory has churned out yet another show about relationship-challenged 20-somethings. This one follows a quartet of singles sharing a Queens townhouse; looking for love will be Ugly Betty's Becki Newton as a high-strung dental hygienist, Happy Endings' Zachary Knighton as a recently fired Wall Street type who loves the ladies but not for much longer than he needs, Hello Ladies' Nate Torrence as the requisite weirdo, and newcomer Meera Rohit Kumbhani as a free-spirited artist.

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​Wolf Hall (PBS)

Premieres: Sunday, April 5at 10/9c
This six-part miniseries based on Hilary Mantel's Booker Prize-winning novel Wolf Hall and its sequel Bring Up the Bodies follows the rise of Thomas Cromwell in the court of King Henry VIII. Yeah, it sounds stuffy, but PBS is keeping it real with an "unromanticized" take on the historical drama that's aimed at the "modern audience." Tony winner Mark Rylance stars as Cromwell and Homeland's Damian Lewis plays King Henry VIII.

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​Younger (TV Land)

Premieres: Tuesday, March 31 at 10/9c

Tony Award winner and former Bunheads star Sutton Foster headlines this new series from Sex and the City's Darren Star. The actress plays Liza, a 40-year-old newly single mother to Hilary Duff's Kelsey, who gets a makeover from her best friend (Debi Mazar) in order to pass herself off as a 26-year-old so she can get back into the working world. And for real-life reference, Foster turns 40 on March 18, but doesn't look a day over 26 (Duff, for the record, is 27), so we're honestly curious to see what this "makeover" entails.